Traveling around the world has become more challenging in recent months and you have probably been forced to modify your travel and vacation plans. Flights, hotels, resorts, and other travel issues make it more difficult to travel during your preferred time periods.


  1. Difficult times for all, but, good to see you can still get out and about to look around, even if it is more quiet than usual. Just got to go with the flow sometimes…

  2. I was in Iloilo back in February …normally I return once per year to visit but when I left this time, I told my children I would not return until May of 2021 …I thought it was because school would be out, now it seems it will because the virus effects will just be ending. God moves in mysterious ways.

  3. Its a crazy world we live in Rod. Given a choice I THINK I’m glad we’re weathering this storm here in America. Not sure world travel will ever be the same. Thumbs up Rod.

  4. Now if foreigners are over 1 year stay then it’s hard to get out please let me know how to get health certificate if it’s required to board sweeper flights thank you i don’t see any provinces shorten these measures in the near months

  5. These very reasonable tips and are highly appreciated. It is really important and reasonable to be informed properly before embarking on any kind of undertakings or trips (be it just around the corner or from a foreign country or from another town or another island), one must consider logistical considerations and information in these special times.

  6. well we were going to go last Christmas but we dident but we were hoping May but nope that isent happening so probably after Christmas this year we are rebuilding our house and i put a video up very rough posting if people like to see

  7. Rod when you come back to the States for your visit what state are you going to. I guess I’m asking what city or state you’re from LOL. And I’m sure you’ve mentioned it in the past but my memory obviously didn’t retain it

  8. Im off back to the UK on a relief flight on 28th april. Didnt want to go but my insurance company said my health ins would be cancelled if i didnt return to the UK asap.something for people on travel ins to check .

  9. My Plan Got cancelled to Visit 4 countries (Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia).
    I got my passport in January and I planned my trip in march-April total 22 days .I cancelled it now and I don’t know when I can make it.

  10. Good morning Rod. I hope things will get back to some thing like normal soon. I hope to get back to Cebu next year but I will be surprised if that becomes a reality. Stay safe. Best wishes Bob.

  11. Hi Rod, In my country in principle from the 4th of May, the quarantine will be partially changed, the hairdressers and other small local businesses will be able to open, but with very tight rules, such as the mandatory use of a mask and a maximum of two clients inside the establishment, teleworking will be maintained until June for the vast majority of companies, the hotel business will only start working from June, but with very strict rules, I no longer go to work for a month and a half. Stay safe. Greetings.

  12. As for me i just showed them my ACR card with my address told them i didn’t have my “Pass” but when i took my wallet out bunch of other stuff fell out..and one of the military guards was picking them up and he ran across my DOD card from the U.S. military and saw where it is a secret clearance and he jumped to attention and saluted me..told him thank you and saluted him back…maybe my background might have some good still eventhough im retired

  13. Fewer flights. Higher prices. More red tape to deal with. Constantly changing mandates/orders/laws. All with the potential to be among complete strangers and be exposed to a disease that can kill you in less than a week.
    Anyone considering traveling right now for reasons other than medical is completely out of their minds and probably needs to be Darwin’ed out anyways.

  14. Rod,
    I’ve accepted the fact that this a long term situation. The hard truth is nobody really knows how this situation is going to play out. The U.S. Government isn’t being totally transparent with the people. I believe they’re worried about civil unrest. Every time Dr. Fauci, the director of the CDC or any high ranking government agency official gives a report that portrays a dire situation, invariably, at the next briefing they’re back-peddling about their previous remarks.

  15. I had a reservation for August for Davao on Singapore airline From New York. Airline did offer me to rebook without any charges but I didn’t answer them yet because not sure when is going to end. Hoping to visit as soon as possible. Stay safe.

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