Mixing And Feeding Azolla To The Pigs

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  1. I thought using a wheel barrow too! It looks like the azolla initiative is beginning to bear fruit. I wonder if your dogs would eat it in a mix too?

  2. It’s great the pigs are loving the azolla. Do you make a slurry out of it with adding water? (Brian, at 13:37, I could swear that looked and sounded like Consing you were talking to, not Ippy .. you called her Ippy, but the camera didn’t get a close enough shot at her for me to tell for sure .. maybe I just need stronger reading glasses). 😁

  3. 24g protein at100g fresh azzola have ,,,,,,,,,and make good at digestion pigs and ecologic food ,have more magnesium and iron ,,,,,iron are good for blood and magnesium for good function sistem nervous and muscle not blocked ////protein good for take weight piglets fast ,,,,,,,,,inspection personal food ,eat pigs situation for that you make BRIAN profit now of food direct…….you offer 30minutes time for offer food organise but win money,,,,,,food esence farm ,now keep pigs what make more piglets

  4. when you have all field wirh azzola importance are birth ine pig 11-14 piglets and sell at 60kg and sistem take fast into weight out idea . NOW importance are control food pigs day on day measure ,inspection take food pigs ,after situatuation pigs emotionali after take food …….THIS JOB BRIAN creation for you capital for continue work at line azzola ,,,,,,,after companies for drill at 100meter deep after water more for alimentation lacke with fresh water and tilapia eat azzola ,after in lacke can keep you tilapia free //////azzola good for fish on ocean ,make round circle pipe and at middle put azzola and fish eat but when they have middle old time 15cm dimension fish milk take for put into water separatio for feed test with azzola experiment

  5. If they love the azolla, they’ll love the bilang-bikang weed even more.
    If they have the time to harvest it, give it a try

  6. Better intro music. Good to see you use the mixer for more than concrete. I use mine to mix concrete, feed, and garden soil. Watched a video where they made a barrel shape out of square wire cage/fence material attached to metal hoops which are in turn attached to the drum of the mixer creating a rock and soil separator as dirt thrown into attached wire cage.

  7. The pigs love it because they think that you are treating them to banana leaves, don’t let them know the truth because they still wouldn’t believe you. lol

  8. Chickens love Azolla too. Then you’ll have green eggs and ham…. πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ at least by the looks of that sow.

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