Million dollar smile from slum kid making pennies.

Khanh AKA Sik Khun is a shy hard working kid toiling away in the slums of Saigon to earn his daily rice. We helped him out with a handy 2 million vnd donation. Dude is not that articulate so he didn’t say much but you know he appreciates it. These shy kids remember every kindness even though they don’t show it on the surface.
Thanks to Dung Le from Norway.

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    1. For the untitled last part they were inviting him in a for a chat / chill but he telling her nah im dipping its kinda late and stuff.. then he doesnt have their number when asked i assumed he got their number and then dipped.

  1. Thanks for another great video Troy.
    I wasnt expecting that you helped both Khanh and the Khue (garbage collecter) from earlier video for the money I dontated.
    I thought my donation wasnt enough and only enough to help just one of them, but you managed to make both of them smile and me as well.
    Great work!

  2. These videos are much appreciated and needed during this difficult time. Your helping the viewers escape thier problems as much as these needy people in the videos .

  3. Amazing.just came across your videos.Your a awesome guy with a big ❤️.keep up the good work.Here we are in New Zealand moaning about the lock down yet here you are out and about helping those who are in need.Where there’s a will There’s a way Kudos to you Take care and stay safe ..Greetings from Auckland New Zealand🇳🇿

  4. Kid will never see that money or the joy from it. Yeah, food for the family, but would have been better to buy him something he wanted like shoes or a bike or something. … Jordans? J/J

    1. @LalallaSN well , I didn’t read your previous post. I read your reply to my comment which only said it can be taken away. I apologize that I didn’t go thru and read all your posts beforehand. And I think you’re being a little dramatic. A bike or some decent shoes, or a decent new outfit isnt the same thing as a gold nugget or gold chain or Rolex or a Mercedes. I never implied something extraordinary. Yes, people can have something nice and not have it stolen….which is what iirc, the donator wanted.

    2. Cardiff Giant now you’re just saying the same thing as I said on the previous post and contradicting yourself. I said he can have it or it can be taken away from him. Give a kid a gold nugget in that kind of neighborhood is like inviting trouble. It’s best to give it to the grownup. With girls part which is a new can of worm…guess no one can tell in the long run…I’m going to stop here…this conversation look like it’s going to go tangent.

    3. @LalallaSN my point is anything can happen to anyone. And you don’t know it will be taken away.

      The girls have their nice bikes still…have those been taken away? No. So boy should be able to get something for himself.

  5. This is exactly how i want donations and charity to be. You can actually see where your money is going. I really hope your channel will blow up in these corona times.

  6. This guy is a RACIST HOMOPHOBE

    He commonly make racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and fat shaming comments on this channel all the time. You hate on Sudanese, you speak negatively on gay marriage, you call the bigger girl in your videos “fattie”, and then publicly shame the same poor people you claim to help. Have you looked in the mirror? Cause you’re about the most busted Asian dude of all time. Get over yourself and stop acting like you are better than EVERYONE. You look like a low level free COD skin

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