Midori Residences1 Bedroom Condo Mandaue City Cebu

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Midori Residences1 Bedroom Condo Mandaue City Cebu

Midori Residences:
A. S. Fortuna St
Mandaue City
6014 Cebu
Phone: (032) 260 7118

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  1. Thanks for the video. In reality that condo is worth 40,000 US. If that’s 100000 then our house in the province is worth 300000. It seems renting might be a better option or find a pre construction priced condo. We looked at the Marco polo properties last year and i almost jumped out the window when they told is the prices. We were thinking of buying and just renting out the unit but it would take years to turn a profit. Good luck with your search Chris.

  2. Hey Chris, good info video. There are much cheaper, larger, nice US style Houses on their own lot for sale in that area. My wife spots them occasionally. If you can live a little farther away from Mandaue you can also get a new townhouse for a low price. 50 SQ Meter Two bedroom Two story. We are waiting for our’s to be completed $38,000.us with in house financing. Look around, good deals are out there. Hope you find something Great!

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