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In line with having one of the world’s strongest economies in terms of GDP, South Korea’s capital city Seoul also has one of the highest expenses in terms of groceries across Asia. But as a result, hunger is becoming an increasingly problematic social issue for those of low socioeconomic status. And it is having serious consequences on the physical and social development of young children. One man, however, has dedicated his life to ensuring that no child goes hungry in Korea. As the owner of the successful Real Pasta (진짜 파스타) restaurant in Seoul, Oh Tae-in has long been giving out free pasta meals to hungry children. And having recently established his Good Influence Program (선한영향력), Oh is now encouraging other small businesses across Seoul to provide food and basic necessities to children in need to ensure Korea’s future. In this video, we meet Oh to see just how he operates his restaurant, and to witness just how great an impact he is having on the people in his community.

Special thanks to HOHO MYOLL for providing the location for us.

Chang Hyun (Reporter)
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  1. CORRECTION: There are 330,000 registered starving children in Korea, not 33,000 as suggested in the subtitles. Sorry for the typo, everybody! Thanks for watching and stay safe out there!

    1. @blackvalley007 south, 3800 children, women & men die in north korea each year bc of lack of medical needs and foods bc of sanctions put forth by the US

    2. @Su Myat they can come to the restaurant with their org sticker on its door. Those kids wouldn’t have money to pay rite ? So they can identified either when those kids explain about their condition or they just noticed it by they characteristics.

      (Im sorry for my bad english)

  2. My heart swells with happiness when I hear about people doing this… this is just incredible. I know some people who have so much money but are very greedy. People like him quite truly deserve a medal.

  3. He’s from that group of people who make me want to believe in humanity again 🙂 this uncle deserves great admiration and respect!

  4. Beautifull humans are still on earth and that makes me so happy…. I call them earth angels that lighten up hearts by the help they give… U all and thank U..

  5. Builder of nations; a longer sustainability legacy. The young will remember the kindness bestow and pass it forward, and the world can be a less colder place

  6. I hope he is rewarded in some aspect of his life for his good deeds, especially because he does them without expecting anything in return. 💯💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😌

  7. 안녕하세요 ~ You could use the rest. As a school when it’s not open to the public at the weekend. Invite teachers and professors from colleges? Beautiful what you are doing ~ 호아팅!

  8. Support his business – His rest is called 진짜 파스타 real pasta – 64 Wausan-ro, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

    1. @La luna ok im just home from my walk.. i can answer properly.. he has a twitter and instagram – zinjja_pasta you can message there ☺️

  9. He is amazing…
    We see SO much about boy bands, K dramas, K cosmetics…
    it’s refreshing to see some of what’s actually taking
    place in reality…and that others are not only exposing
    it but actually doing something life-changing…perhaps
    life-saving! Existing is every beautiful city, are those
    who are hurt & struggling…yes, even in Seoul.

    As a previous English teacher to Korea and as someone who
    has Korean friends…I am so glad to know there are kind
    and loving “aunts”, “uncles”, “grandmothers” and “grandfathers”
    helping those who cannot help themselves. God bless & protect!
    Hoping he is not one of the MANY restaurants that have been
    forced to close due to the coronavirus…TT TT TT.

  10. This guy and the many other restaurants looking out for starving children are one of the few amazing people out there. I hope all of them look after themselves as well and keep doing what they’re doing.

  11. asian boss, can you please make a video about nth room?? I think it is horrible that these things are still going on in Korea and I think it needs international attention!

  12. So that businesses don’t have to sacrifice their own profits, I think it’s better if they include in menus to “buy a meal for starving children”, which can be put towards the next child’s meal, and their education fund. Say $5 option paying forward for that child’s meal, and $10 option towards a meal and school supplies. $20 for that and put a deposit fund to raise money for their education, and help the restaurant expand the Kind Influence operations. The gov. Can help by offering tax breaks for businesses that are audited first and annually and join the program.

  13. 어차피 한글댓이라 묻히겠지만, asian boss의 많은 영상들 중에 한국 관련 영상들이 조회수가 많이 나오는 것 같음

  14. Thanks for your beautiful mind
    it’s the essential virtue for human
    More do Capitalism go through, Less People looks around the poors and even family, friends.

  15. Thank you Asian Boss for bringing to light such inspirational stories like this one. God bless this chef, his wife and his business. Please guard his heart and give him strength to continue his wonderful crusade. 👏🏻

  16. This guys heart is so phenomenal. He literally didn’t want any accolades. Just for kids to not go hungry. I hope his business is always well!!

  17. This is a surely very inspiring and beautiful story. Seeing many people here around the world are willing to help him is great but I have to question with a bit of concern that Asian Boss not use this guy’s sincerity or interviews as for the sake of making an episode. I don’t really see the efforts not even a single link or a way to connect to these people doing amazing jobs and help them. I see many people here keep asking how to help and support people from the video. If this channel is really meaning to reach the great story to people, it shouldn’t end on just making a video. I hope to see something more active involvement of Asian Boss.

  18. Wow, he is truly a blessing to the community. I pray that his business will prosper greatly now and in the future. He has a big heart because he knows what it is like to be one of those kids.

  19. I love how he doesn’t see what he does as anything special! He’s really in it to help the kids and not get special treatment for it, awesome

  20. What I love the most about this is his use of the VIP card. He doesn’t single the kids out as different than any other paying customer. Instead he gives them the opportunity to comfortably enjoy a delicious meal just like everyone else who is there.

  21. 진짜 멋지십니다.. 이런분들은 혼내줘야 합니다
    우르르 몰려가서 파스타 왕창 주문해서 바쁘게 만들어주는걸로 벌을 내립시다!

  22. his face looks like that one from Knowing Bros… and tq for his effort to help! in my religion,those who give something to others, will always get something in returned !!

  23. His food looks good. I don’t know if this is an accurate observation, but, most of the Asian Americans I affiliated with in college do some kind of philanthropic work, or, give to charities. I find it very Noble when people want to give of their time, and, resources. My family encouraged me not to do that sort of thing. I’m not really able, right now, but, maybe in the future. I feel like people were put on Earth to serve, and, help others. 💚

  24. I heard of a restaurant in Canada that has a “button” system. When people go they can choose to “buy” a button, or more than one if they want. A button is worth a certain amount of money, let’s say each is a $1. (I’ve never been there personally so I don’t know the exact amount). They keep the jar of buttons at the front and if someone comes in and for whatever reason can’t afford to eat they can use the buttons to pay for their meal, no questions asked. That way the business isn’t necessarily losing money in helping people but for those who are struggling they can come in and get a good meal. Now of course people would see you using the buttons so I like this guys idea of the VIP cards. I think that’s a great way to help those who might feel embarrassed, especially with kids. But it must be hard on their business to provide so many meals for free. But their generosity is beautiful and will certainly redound on them.

  25. With all the kpop money and k dramas you’d think they’d feed their people and house them. Guess Korea is just as corrupt as America. Glad to see this guy make a difference.

  26. The level of his concern, consideration and compassion is shown in the little details. He even thought to give the starving children anonymity by use of his subtle business cards.

  27. This video is really inspiring for me as an Korean who lives in the US I really hope more Koreans wud be more willing to help geniually instead of looking down on poor people. also when they were interviewing the girl with glasses there was IU love poem in the backround

  28. I love the part where they thought about how the normal cards would label children and allow others to easily identify this children as the “starving” ones so they gave one that looks the same to their normal coupons. I’ve heard stories from other countries of people living in food stamps and how they get discriminated or bullied for it. This point they made is so touching because not only are there to help, but they’re also protecting and boosting the morale of the people in need. So lovely, I hope we can have funding to further his interests and his project even more.

  29. I love this video and that you focused on a man who is doing so much to give back. Also, for BTS fans, at 0:48 you can briefly hear Dionysus playing for like 10 seconds in the background

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