Meet The Man With The Best Memory In Japan | EVERYDAY BOSSES #53

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  1. Reminds me of the dorama Dragonzakura, where one of the teachers explained that technique of making up a story from keywords so that it’s easier to remember.

  2. If I attain memory power like him maybe Biology will become a lot easier for me, I am passionate about biology but not very good in memory, I am good but not best, in simple words not that good.

  3. I watched his performance in the International IQ China Show The Brain 最强大脑。 He is indeed a very formidable opponent, although I’d like to see him step up and challenge the Chinese competitors again in future seasons.

  4. Excellent episode. If you’re looking for a book to train your memory, get “How To Memorize Anything” by Aditi Singhal. The book has memory tricks & challenges, helped me a ton. Or try any other memory book, use your memory or lose it, not just the body, training the mind helps too. All the best on your memory training journey.

  5. Excellent work. I really enjoyed this vid. I remember reading about memorisation techniques like this about 10 years ago in Derren Brown’s book. Very good.

  6. I remember him showed up in chinese talent show “Super Brain”. He was lost to his chinese rival but he did such a great job. The problem is the chinese was just to quick to solve the puzzle. It’s like his rival have this natural talent of photographic memory. U should watch it.

  7. I had this same idea he had about the same time maybe before. Open a tutoring place to employ this idea for students. I thought that it’d create a bigger divide between scores in schools.

  8. There are two types of memory:
    1.Short term memory and
    2.Long term memory
    In short term the memory doesn’t last long because our brain deletes it after a certain period of because it is useless. And in long term the memory will remain for your whole life because it passes the stage of conscious mind and enter to the sub conscious mind.
    If you want to memorise something for a long period of time then you have to tell yourself that why it is so important to you. If the reason of “Why” satisfy your brain then mission passed.

  9. 09:13 I learned this memorization tip in my psychology class in uni. It’s called your memory palace. By associating new information with prior memories, you’re utilizing established neural pathways in the mind. It’s like hiking on a well beaten path. It’s easier to walk a designated path than creating a new one.

  10. Rather than having a strong memory, it’s more about of having good ability to create mnemonics. I believe none of those people have any special talent (and I’m not trying to be offensive), anyone can create mnemonics, lol. I wouldn’t pay an academy to do so. Just keeping your mnemonics as short and concrete as possible are the way to memorize lots of things in short spaces of time such as the boy that got all 52 cards right in 28 seconds of memorizing. Knowing that they just use mnemonics puts me a bit off to think “oh they’re geniuses what a memory they have!”

  11. The human brain is not a recording camera with unlimited playback ability.
    Short-term photographic memory in many many many regular people can be very impressive. Not to mention the weird ones with certain rare condition. This is nothing.

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  13. But imagine if you encounter something bad and want to forget about it but can’t..

    It’s good to have extraordinary memories but I think I am happy enough with myself right now, a little note book will always help this forgetful person 😅

  14. Ah, he appeared in a China program called Suoer Brain and competed against a Chinese player! I’ll try to use this as my reference so I can remember my school stuff haha

  15. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a good memory.
    Personally speaking, I was able to finish a law degree without my heart being into it.
    On the downside, I remember the slightest of slights or the minutest of details of an adverse circumstance better left to oblivion.

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