1. I raised my two sons in the tech industries from South Africa to Hong Kong, all they know is my face as their manager and programming, unfortunately. It’s in my plan to get Hong Kong’s movie production to be where it needs to be with Asia’s first Netflix-type network with a production company. The greatest challenge is not cash, it’s getting Hong Kong people to the level of being dreamers and become goal-orientated in our team culture. For over a decade I have witnessed many tech companies fail in Hong Kong and we still hanging on, because it’s my passion to build the young people of Hong Kong into production. As a foundation, our company funds drama classes in teaching Hong Kong children English with expression. At the end of this long journey, I would like my family’s company to build a production and tech academy in Hong Kong. There are too many universities in Hong Kong and no jobs, hence, there is a need for technical colleges to create young innovators. Not everyone is on the university level, there have to be technical colleges for those who do not make it in schooling.

    Need to add: Asian Boss is too focus on the 1 million protesters than choose to know what is going on with the other over 5 million Hong Kong population blocked out by the menace protest with mainstream media.

  2. Excellent video! I really agree how he says technology is two edged sword and it is up to all us to decide how we use it. If you choose to be negative, that’s what technology will help you do but if you decide to do good, it will also help your spread inspiration to everyone!

  3. hahahahha stephen’s wry smile when asking the downside of overfunding while asian boss seek an ethical way of monetizing.
    i hope asian boss works out and my kid could grow up watching how news reporting should be made.

  4. Twitch and Youtube suck hars with all their stupid regulations. I wish there was more competition on video streaming platform. Maybe PornHub might get into it since they have experience and infrastructure for massive internet traffic

  5. Love your content Asian Boss. Can you please do story about sinking city like Jakarta and Bandung. Create awareness so people in power in Indonesia will do something about the problem.

  6. Justin is so inspiring to listen to. I am so happy for him and his friends who all have created so many amazing things!

    Stephen, you and all Asian Boss are amazing too and I see you walking down a similar path.

  7. Why do I have that impression that young people were so successful with awesome start up ideas until like 2010… now the world is saturated and it’s so much harder to innovate. Or am I missing something ?
    Anyways as a Business postgrad that video helped me lots thanks Stephen and Justin!

  8. “Technologies is like a knife. It’s a tool that you can use to cut yourself accidentally or make some delicious sushi…and It’s up to us to figure out how to use it and best integrate into the society..”

    Justin Kan, 2021

  9. This was one of the most well-balanced and insightful interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening too.

    Thank you for the content Asian Boss 👏

  10. Can you cover something from india? There are so many things going on like farmers issue, increase in prices, new budget, porn ban, indo nepalese relations, unemployment and so many more.

  11. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  12. This is a great vid! Asian Boss never fails to entertain and inform while showing the real words of people, without any bias. Keep making great content Asian Boss 😁

  13. Wow thank you for this. I am learning and getting it. It was awesome to listen to people who achieve what you and because they can guide you correctly on what you are gonna do step by step.

    -From Philippines -🤗

  14. Another example of big companies monopolization. They’d bought up start-up or small companies when they see they have the potential to growth and compete them.

  15. Justin’s voice is so soothing, I was almost upset when the video ended. Something about his voice and the way he expresses himself really clicks with me.

  16. Great content and interview. maybe it’s just me or am i seeing some hints of Justin investing in AsianBoss towards the end of the video? it’d be awesome if it happens in the near future.

  17. Your gift is actually in interviewing, you are always spot on with the questions no matter who you interview. You allow the person to tell their story in such a way where no stone is left unturned. Thank you for your passion, for continuing to bring these amazing people into the light, and just allowing all kinds of wisdom to be shared on your platform by people big and small alike. Your job is my dream job. Wishing you all the success!

  18. I appreciate Justin’s story becoming successful and advise on the pitfalls on having to much money. He seems like a chilled person. Thanks for this content Asian Boss.

  19. I wonder if he would be nice and adopt me as his French Canadian stepmother even though he has a mom.🤔😉🤗. I really wish my 30 year old son would do something positive.

  20. Out of topic Ive had foreign classmates who studied here in the Philippines but these guys are frigin great in english…. I dont know if Stephen grew up in an english speaking country…..
    Thank god you guys are still in operation

  21. Goddamn this person ! … honestly, I don’t care his background nor his fortune … but his words man … that’s a F*ing GOLD ! … if he say he’s a catalyzer, my role 2 step below him, I’m an enhancer. Txs for the words Justin, I began to see how to exploit an organization to it’s full potential. To understand these elements are important.

  22. This was nice to see I love watching live streamers on TWITCH but you sometimes don’t think of the person who initially made these platforms and how much it can transform and shape others life on a local or global scale! I LOVE ASIAN BOSS ❤

  23. Technology is the great amplifier.🔉 You spread more Love or you spread more Hate. The power is also in the viewer. What you watch, you get. AsianBoss💕💗

  24. This is a real great conversation. Seriously. You both give me another step to my own stuck step. Thanks alot @asianboss & Justin! I’d like to wait another conversation between you both.

  25. Excellent video Asian Boss! Justin’s story and advice was actually critical not only for budding entrepreneurs, but for anyone striving to do more with themselves. I really like that he was honest about some of his failures and shortcomings. I’m not sure what it is about millennials and Gen Z, but both generations have bought into this kind of fast success. The truth is that most successful people have failed a dozen times, but they keep on pushing. They learn from every mistake they make. You had some financial setbacks, but I know you guys will make it through Asian Boss!
    This is directly to Stephen Park: sir you need to take full advantage of your platform and reach out others like Justin. I’m not sure how things work in Australia or South Korea, but America has dozens of them. You don’t have to share all of your convos with them on here, but do seek out their advice. You have a wonderful platform the world enjoys. Clearly, people need and want it. We now need to make sure its profitable and sustainable…for the long haul. You got this Stephen!😎

  26. Persons who can really make a good app were so blessed to have intelligent programming skills and I’m jealous that I actually graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science but didn’t take the major subjects about programming seriously.

  27. wow Twitch was created by an Asian!
    now that the whites have it they disrupt it with abrupt and unjustified rules & regulations

  28. I remember watching StarCraft Brood War Esport on South Korean TV restreamed by JustinTV, The pixels were epic, as big as marines but the lag was even worst xD

  29. He doesn’t have to work for the rest of his life, neither does his family or kids…. but people with characteristics/personalities like him tend to keep on wanting to work, create, and innovate.

  30. Mr. Kan mentioned the most irritating question that I think a company can ask and that is “why do you want to work here.” Now that I am retired, I can say I wished I would have reasked this question back to the employer, “why do you want to sell your product or services to other people?” Employers and the entire system tend to forget that individuals are working for the same reason that a company is in business.

  31. Im so happy how asian boss is still on business. When i first started watching youtube they are one of the first channel ive ever subscribe. This is the channel that needs to save and protected. They always have amazing contents. Fighting ASIAN BOSS ✊

  32. Make video about these please

    Medanese people’s opinion on cinemas that never been opened since COVID-19

    Indonesians’ on Microsoft’s research results that Indonesian netizens were impolite

  33. Unfortunately twitch has become so bad after he sold it. It has become soft p*rn, where girls in lingerie talk because people cant stream games anymore because of dmca’s.

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