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  2. We’re getting amazed by the action scenes in every movie, we didn’t know to appreciate those persons behind it. Kudos to this martial artist. Salute to you, Sir!

  3. Kang Cecep said “Pencak Silat is the martial arts of Nusantara”. He didn’t refer Nusantara to Indonesia only. According to history, Nusantara is the “Southeast Asian Archipelago”, that comprises Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, a few parts of Thailand, a few parts of the Phillippines and East Timor.

    Anyway Kang Cecep memang aktor panutan karena sifatnya yg tetap sopan & tdk jemawa meski namanya sudah besar sampai ke luar negeri. Semoga Kang Cecep sehat selalu & semakin sukses.

  4. ❤️❤️ Save Asian boss that’should be our main motive. After all they have been the source of information for each and everyone of us .❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. i first saw this dude in the raid trilogy and im so happy when they announced he’ll be in john wick 3. hes so badass! theyre fighting scene is awesome!

  6. i know silat but dang this guy makes it super cool…… glad to see asian boss still being a boss and pumps videos best wishes to you guys and good luck 😊👍

  7. I became of fan of Master Cecep Arif Rahman when I watched The Raid 2 with Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian….
    Glad a lot of them are keeping their traditional martial arts alive, like what Filipino’s are doing with “Kali” or eskrima….

  8. Thank you Asian Boss For showing that Indonesian martial arts hasn’t been forgotten. I am not Indonesian but I know that most country has forgotten the most important side of their culture and history.

  9. This is much better than last interview with miss moron Indonesia who helps foreign refugees instead local and ashamed to speak national language with fellow Indonesian in her own country.

  10. MY boss: Malaysia disapprove!!!!! Silat is original from Malaysia.
    Secretary: Boss, whole world knew this is from Indonesia.
    MY boss: Let’s ban “The Raid” in msia. Problem solved.

  11. Big thanks to Gareth Evans.
    His past works have pr0duced s0me talentd stars. The main act0rs that have “grduated” from both ‘The Raid’ m0vies are now actors in intrnati0nal stage, like: Yayan Ruhian, Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim, Cecep Arif, etc.

  12. For those who dont know, he also play in japanese movie, i forgot the tiltle but just as u expect from japan.
    The movie is really absurb, while im glad cecep got more screentime and showing his skill more than in John wick, the movie it self is. . .
    sharknado is better.

  13. But the way he punches without actually punching the opponent is very cool. I mean, how much muscle you need to isolate to have such control over such a fast movement..

  14. This man is so down to the earth, the way he talk to the Asian Boss guy is so calm and polite. Although he older than the Asian Boss guy.. respect..

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  16. Oh man, your guys are kudos Indonesian Actors! It was a shame for Kathleen Kennedy who removed most of your scenes from the StarWars. Anyway those 3 Trilogy are crap anyway.
    Proud of your guys !!

  17. Already monetized again? Congraaats!. 3:12 Btw Nusantara is not only Indonesia, it includes Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines and Thailand. The martial arts (Silat) in these regions are basically same, with some different styles

  18. Cecep’s son has so much potential , kinda weird because he looks a lot like Iko Uwais when they did the movie Merantau, but yes so much potential this boy hope he starts getting film roles just like his father

  19. Yall don’t want to talk about Asian American experience and wonder why the bridge of culture is furthering. Lack of imagination. Keanu Reeves. Consider the guy, great actor but what about asian Americans. Seeeeemss like pandering, lol

  20. I always love all kind of martial arts since I was kid. But my mom never get me joined to one of them. In the future If i have kids. I definitely will take a martial arts for my kids.

  21. I met him several times back when the movie 3 (Alif Lam Mim), the son was still young back then. Cecep is so calm and humble. If i am not mistaken, he is also a school teacher back in his home town.

  22. Son:”Dad what did you remember in your life is there the most important memory?”
    Him: “I fought John Wick”
    Son: 👁👄👁

  23. eventhough im malaysian, i still feel proud of him! showing pencak silat to the world, which is both a popular traditional martial arts in malaysia and indonesia

  24. Mad Dog from The Raid is one of the coolest villains in any story I’ve ever seen!! This is such an awesome interview get!! Thanks, Asian Boss!

  25. OMG i remember having Pencak Silat Extracurricular on Elementary School and i always ditched em ! These moves are sick!!!!! come throuu sir

  26. I’m not sure if it comes across in the English translation, but in Indonesian language, his choice of words and way of speaking are very humble despite his achievement. It’s very calming yet inspiring to hear him explaining about Pencak Silat and his experience getting involved in blockbuster movies.

  27. I hope Asian boss will be able to stay running! It is one of the best and most reliable sources for information and news In Asia! My favorite videos are your baby box and North Korean defectors videos! ✊🏻fighting ✊🏻

  28. Its cool how I watched Yayan in the RAID like 2 days before watching John Wick 3: Parabellum. And during Yayan’s and Arifs sequence, I ended up cheering for him.

  29. If you haven’t watched The Raid movies, please do. Some of the grittiest fight scenes on film. This actor was in the 2nd one and his fight scene at the end of the film is even better than JW3.

  30. Could you please give us an update on Madame Yoo? The pandemic must be devastating (on multiple levels) for the already struggling elderly living in poverty.

  31. Been a martial artist for years, never used it even once in my life, thank god. Although i did not been attack physically, even though I am an easy target as i am short, I am being attack mentally and verbally more than I can count. Also, physical abuse are mostly protect by law but verbal attack? Here…. not much.. I no longer practice martial art as much as before. For me, martial art as a self defense is useless in current world.

  32. That is crazy, Bc I remember seeing this guy in John Wick and he didn’t even have much Prominence but here you see a different side . Coool!!!

  33. Honestly i am so thankful for Asian Boss channel. Being a korean living abroad, I’ve always been a foreigner. even in my own country, south korea. There has never been a great chance to learn about my own culture and heritage. Asians are definitely minorities in many non-asian countries. I am so thankful for Asian Boss channel for using their platform to inform people of our beautiful and precious culture. This feeling of being ‘represented’ hits very different. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will keep on supporting this channel as always.

  34. Way to go Dafi – I’m sure it’s every other guy’s fantasy to “role play” in martial art fighting sequences, and you got to do it during the interview 🙂

  35. Woah it’s so bizzare to see a martial art I’ve only known as the strange extension to my sports classes in this way. I’ve always loved my Pencak silat class, but my classmates don’t like it as much because they’re embarrassed of performing in front of other people.
    I’m going to show them this video so they can see how cool the moves are with the right form and attitude.

  36. With all due respect, the english subs translation for NUSANTARA is not very valid. NUSANTARA refers to the Malay archipelago, namely the modern day Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, part of Thailand & The Philippines specially the southern part of it. Where Pencak Silat just as exist as in Indonesia. Great content nevertheless 🤘🏽

  37. Finally I’m seing an interview of him ,I’m huge fun 🤩,I watched all his movies ,including the Indonesian one with Iko Uwais. ONE LOVE FROM ANGOLA 🇦🇴

  38. Aaaahhh I remember seeing Parabellum in Bali and legit everyone in the studio gasped when they saw him! He truly is a great martial artist, and a great actor as well. Love the content, Asian Boss, Keep up the good work and I hope the GoFundMe goes well!

  39. 9:50 “It’s not about what’s attacking us, but about how we overcome the problem”. Beautiful. Problems are inevitable/normal. Everyone should think about this 💜

  40. Wow, Cecep is amazing. I would literally move to Indonesia if he can mentor me to fight like him. He’s such a badarse! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💁🏿‍♀️

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