1. Thank you Asian Boss for the support. We are really grateful for everything. It was lovely talking to you and sharing our story. 🙂

  2. As an Asian myself, I have been wanting to buy Korean foundation for a while now, but could never find my shade. What she is doing is truly awesome. I cannot wait to check out her products. Thank you for interviewing her 🤗.

  3. I absolutely love the concept but as far as the product goes, I think the finish is a little too shiny. Black women tend to have very oily skin already so matte or matte finish with a little shimmer goes a long way. I wish you the best of luck with your products💜

  4. Dear Asian Boss, Bangladesh is also in Asia. Can you please cover more stories from Bangladesh too? I feel like you just ignore this small country very much.

  5. 6:22 that’s my best friend right there!!!!! so fun to see her shine like the sunshine she is in this video! I think this company is a great initiative for black people and people with a more tan skin color, since I reckon it’s difficult to find beauty products for their skin color in Korea and other East-Asian countries!

  6. If she needs investment, let’s make it happen. This will be good even for Koreans! Not all Koreans are fair. She can be the Rhianna of Korea. Ever heard of Fenty?

  7. Grace good luck with your business! I think that’s such a great idea, and I hope that this video will help with promoting your business!

  8. You have a lot of potential customers Ma’am. I like kbeauty because it is just right for asian type of skin, but its usually always for fair skinned people. There are tanned asians too (southeast asians) as well as people who actually prefer darker skin tones (beach lovers!)

  9. A lot of black, Latino, south Asian and other darker skin-toned women in America might really love these products. I hope this is an option for many years to come. Well done!

  10. Wonderful story of breaching cultural differences, perseverance, chasing your dreams, standing up to prejudices and negative assumptions, embracing each other, innovation and just so much more kick ass awesomeness!
    Grace you rock BGM! 🥳💃🏿🎉

  11. 10:23 2010 world cup should already be able to open the eye of the world about what africa looks like. Why are there still people who think like that?

  12. I always thought it made no sense to not have darker shades in Kbeauty. Not only for very dark skinned people but also for Koreans too! They’re not as pale as TV makes them to be. I’ve seen lots of people with white faces and dark arms/legs (no, not because of tanning) and I’m like “do they really like looking like mismatched clowns?”

  13. This is not only an excellent idea, but it realistically fills a much needed market in k-beauty. Kudos to her and her company! I hope she succeeds and continues to be a trailblazer in the industry. You go girl!

  14. She is not black , who call her black those people are black 🙏, she is dark brown in skin colour not black okay asian change your title 🙄

  15. I’m sending you good vibes 💜 your brand will succeed!!! Asians have darker skin too, close to africans. Your brand can touch a lot of people. Keep the good work! 🥰💞

  16. 12:40 me thinking of the same thing .I don’t want to die🤣🤣but like this time about how hard I should study to get accepted in medical uni in South Korea.But if I work hard maybe some day I’ll be there😭

  17. OMG. So good. I have tried korean foundation and everything but it doesn’t suit me skin because I have a yellow undertone. Their skin care products are amazing but for makeup it kinda doesn’t work on darker shades. Or maybe I am one of those sufferers of buying online products all the way from India. But can’t deny their skin care products. It’s just out of the world!!!

  18. This is amazing!! Creating inclusivity within the k beauty industry and hopefully these will be available globally. Without a doubt it’s going to grow so much and become quite popular internationally since there really aren’t any options for k beauty for people with dark skin tones.

  19. Great video ~ wish I had that product when I was back in Korea. Btw the make-up artist in the video is my sister!!! Check out her page on Instagram @chammi._ and @x.sugarland.x

  20. Millions of outsiders are flocking in Korea At dis rate Korea will become mixed race country within next decade. It already surpassed Japan for foreign travellers. The way Asians are getting harrassed on the streets due to covid in the West & other countries I hope Koreans will not meet the same faith when they bcme minorities in their own country Korea😭. If You think Asians wuld be able to control other races like whites even in Asia you all are delusional. Blacked Korea.😀. No one respects/fear Asians.

  21. You guys should do a video on bullying in South Korea! With all of the allegations and such coming out with celebrities, it would be interesting to see what regular youth think about it, how they think about bullying in general, what Korea thinks about it, etc.

  22. Finally. Us, darker girls like looking good too and we love kbeauty. Let’s be honest. We all want the Korean dewy skin. We want their secrets.

  23. As a dark skin South Asian(Nepali) who loves Kbeauty especially cushion foundations, this is such a heartfelt moment. I can finally have a shade that matches me😁😁

  24. Amazing. EDIT: the title was updated! Thank you!!!
    Before edit: But for journalism standards, stop using clickbait headlines when we know she isn’t the first black startup founder in Korea..don’t give half facts, have some integrity. The headline diminishes all other black startups.

  25. Make up is a lucrative business. I have always wanted to try KBeauty products but they never have makeup in my shade. Now I have the opportunity to do so. Great job, sis. Keep at it. Also, ride on the promotion Asian Boss has provided. If not for this program I wouldn’t have known your company exist. Thanks Asian Boss.

  26. What she is doing is not just for the benefit of African people but all the dark skin people around the world who like K-beauty especially dark skin Koreans within Korea. This is an empowerment movement here!💖

  27. I’ve heard and seen Grace on the black experience japan channel as well! Love her drive and passion. Side note – all of the models were beautiful but the darkskin model with the purple braids is absolutely gorgeous my jaw dropped… wow.

  28. This is amazing. Hay bastante tecnología, expertos en la industria de maquillaje, cuidado de la piel en Corea del Sur. Es realmente un proyecto que tiene un futuro prometedor. En el mundo hay un montón de personas con piel oscura en diferentes tonalidades.
    Me gustaría verlo en Perú. Éxitos para que esté proyecto siga creciendo y no pare ❤️

  29. She found the niche!!! You are amazing, keep doing you, and hopefully I visit Nigeria and eat some OG Jollof rice sometime in the future 😀

  30. If she goes back home(Nigeria), she would make a lot of money because they would like Korean products especially with the rise of K-wave.

  31. So cool. Laneige and other products have added more shades in these past years. But it is still very limited. I would order the darkest one as a medium tan Latina. But my black friends didn’t have any options. This is a great and needed idea.

  32. WOW! She’s smart: utilising the reputation of the Korean cosmetics and catering for the dark skinned customers. I hope she becomes global!

  33. This is really smart. It’s not just black people who could benefit from having korean beauty products in their skin tone, but lots of dark skinned Asians exist too. (South Asians, Southeast Asians, even some East Asians have very dark skin tones that society generally doesn’t make beauty products for.) And K beauty is at the forefront of beauty research and tech rn so it’s a great idea to start that business in korea. I’m really excited for her, and it just reminds me of the time some friends and I were discussing kbeauty and an indian friend wanted to try it, and we had to tell her they just… didn’t make things for her skin shade. Hopefully that won’t have to happen anymore 😊

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  35. This is amazing. Now people with darker skin tones can purchase their shade and the shade range in korea can be inspired to expand! Because I see some black creators who live in Korea and have to go online to buy foundation or they would visit the U.S and get their supply there, which is inconvenient.

  36. I would like to be part of a franchise (investor) for her brand. There is a huge demand for beauty products for us people of color in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. I see you do not have her website link… I will Google it.

  37. Wow this is very interesting as a Korean hehe
    I love the term ‘Black K-Beauty’❤
    It sounds very cool!
    I hope everything goes well with her business👍

  38. What an amazing story and I pray that her business will be a huge success. Unfortunately, people are extremely ignorant. People view all of Africa as one country, even though it’s a continent with 54 individual countries with individual economies with various levels of development. The ignorance is really astounding, even for people who are “educated.”

  39. talk about a crossover! this is so incredibly smart as kbeauty has not yet tapped into the black market, bet her investors know that too 🇳🇬x 🇰🇷 all the best in the future!

  40. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what race you are. Whether you’re a renowned company or a startup, as long as you have a good purpose and a moral business model, we should praise you for that instead.

  41. OK you sit there with a PM2 Mask and the other one they do nothing absolutely Nothing.
    The Mask is just to keep on giving you the Impression something is very wrong and a Submission Tool

  42. I hope their product comes to the Philippines too. The shade range companies release here still aren’t enough. A lot of them are still lighter than Filipino skin.

  43. Ngl, when I first clicked on this video, I was thinking “so what?”
    But, this is actually quite an interesting social situation to cover, good stuff as usual Asian Boss!

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