1. I really love this video, thank you Stephen. Nice to see Hiroko back on team. You may have to revolutionalized many aspect of your life for your dream stephen, but its no longger just the dream, its your life journey after all. Success, mistakes, repents, and become better human.May you have easier way ahead

  2. This is such a great idea for both entertainment and cleaning their city. Hopefully Trash Cleaning Samurai can spread across Japan. Sure there’s the usual trash collecting and recycling companies across Japan, but those people only take away the collected trash and not necessarily trash that’s left on the streets.

  3. For sure “crying because a Trash Cleaning Samurai has cancer” was not on my list today but I’ll take it anyway. Thank you for your service and thanks Asian Boss for another incredible video

  4. This is actually really beautiful. “Samurai” comes from a word that means to serve, and they’re cleaning up the litter than can flood city streets and kill innocent ocean life, so these guys are doing a great service to others and the world. 💖

  5. This is by far one of my favourite episodes. They’re incredibly inspiring, and the performance is very mesmerising to watch.
    I wish them well, especially for the founder (Mr. Ikki Goto) I pray that he will always be in good health, able to be fully recovered from the cancer. 🙏💛

  6. This is so cool! I live in Spain, and people are pretty rude over here (generally speaking). I don’t think a measure like this would work here, where the problem is much more broad and intensified.
    I worked for some Town Halls during my time in politics and we used to create a sort of ”moral/civic” agent in small towns, who pursued people to pick up their dog’s excrements from the ground and throw them on the trash. Quite similar measure (street ‘performers’ persuading people to be respectful) but with a lesser problem which is the pet’s excrements. Used to work

  7. At the last big matsuri, Obon I think, in my town, our local taiko group did such a neat show of cleaning up that it makes you feel ashamed to drop litter in that area.

  8. Actually been tearing up my eyes,for I’m a bit too much sensitive in the inside.
    1.the fact that they were doing it voluntary.
    2.raise awareness
    3.doesnt get paid
    4.they themselves didn’t really think about their future(work, relationship,a better meal)
    And then came their sensei Goto with cancer.
    Few more teardrop fall in silent. I might can’t do anything,but i can only hope the best for them.
    Omg i actually being weak in public hahaha,aah i don’t wanna care anymore. Thank u good hearts

  9. This is such a noble thing to do. I was a little overwhelmed towards the end when he said he just had his colon cancer surgery and the two are crazy to do this and he is grateful. Hope more students join him. This is such a nice feel good video ❤️

  10. I was there at the start of the pandemic and everything was eerily normal, everyone back home was locked down but there they were still talking about the Olympics coming up. Felt strange watching the news

  11. I hope he can heal from the cancer. He is so positive and accepting about it. They are such good, kind, and motivational people for doing this. I will think of them when I see and pick up some litter!!

  12. OH MY GOD can someone PLEASE tell me what the shield thing that they’re wearing is called, I’d rather wear that than a face mask, I can’t take face masks anymore 😭

  13. Really inspiring to see them collect litter across their city. I wish more people would do so, but more importantly, people would stop littering. In Switzerland, even though seen as clean as well, littering is a big problem just like in Japan (especially cigarette butts). I have commited myself to picking up all trash I come across when I’m out in nature and the street in front of my house. I really wish them all the best and hope that their action will encourage more people across the world to stop littering and start pickung up litter for a cleaner and healthier world!

  14. A huge thanks and a lot of respect towards the Asian Boss cast, and the Trash Cleaning Samurai’s !
    My sincere gratitude for volunteering to clean the streets and bring brightness in people’s days !
    Cheers from France

  15. Imagine Samurai’s presence globally & if they had license to kill people who don’t care for Mother Nature and animals ; earth would be like a different place

  16. So cool that they dedicate their time to helping society while also preserving the samurai culture! The world needs more people like them. Thank you Asian Boss for this video ❤️

  17. Love the idea of what they’re doing!! I LOVE your channel Asian Boss and wish all of you still there all the best ♥️ Hang in there 🙋💕👏👏

  18. At start looks like 2 crazy japanese guys who don’t know what to do with his onw life but at the end you can see 2 guys who don’t hurt anyone and doing a good thing for his community and a good example & spectacle for the kids

  19. Wow they are modern samurai, The sword was a very elegant weapon in the days of the samurai. You had honor and chivalry much like the knights, and yet it was a gruesome and horrific weapon 😎😎😎

  20. Yesterday I read about korean chicken restaurant owner that post about handwritten letter from a boy that he feeds before. The boy is 16 years old and that time his little brother wants to eat chicken but he only had 5000 won. He went to few restaurants to let them buy chicken at 5000 won cost (usually they sell whole chicken in korean I think, not per piece). No one accept them until this restaurant owner who see the boy outside holding his 5000 won & try to cheer up his little brother. The owner even gave them the usual portion and don’t let them pay for the chicken. Maybe asian boss should interview this chicken restaurant owner for the next everyday boss series.

    The chicken restaurant isn’t got much sale going on in the pandemic but the owner still give them chicken for free. And because the owner post the boy handwritten letter many koreans orders the chicken from this shop but they told the owner just keep the money without sending the chicken. The owner then wants to reach out to the child to give them money and start fundraising for them.

  21. There are a lot of samurais in the world. Some of them protect cities, others pick trash. But after the day, if they have Bushido in them, they are a samurai afterall.

  22. OMG…Hiroko is the most adorable person! I love how she’s always game to take on new challenges. She’s got a great journalistic style, as well. Asks interesting & insightful questions and puts her subjects at ease, making it feel safe for them to be honest & candid in their responses.

  23. I just recently subscribed to this channel and I have only watched a few videos but out of every video Ive ever watched this is my favorite I hope that Asian Boss Lives on for centuries to come and this video inspires me to take initiative in cleaning up the environment around me and maybe one day I can join there Trio. Thank you Again Boss for putting videos like this out into the world they are truly education and inspiring

  24. This sounds so good hearted but also pretty outlandish and over the top 😅
    I would never think of this.
    I hope they’re able to make a living from this, it’s a good cause.

  25. Well i’ll call it now… this is the beginning of an amazing Manga Story even the title is so good already “The Samurai Trash Collectors”, cleaning/cleansing Japan/world of Yokai… or of actual trash to make it more realistic… how it grew from the beginning to an Enterprise!! Awesome video Asian Boss Keep up the good work! 🙂

  26. Innovative and useful, I love how they dedicate their time to pick the trashes. Best way to contribute to the community. Also keeping the Japanese tradition like samurai culture.

  27. I’m seeing so few comments about the cancer, I’m guessing most people aren’t watching all the way through. Which is sad, because old mate is a great guy and very inspiring.

    Thanks for the video Asian Boss! I hope the difficult time will pass for you guys soon as well.

  28. No matter how insignificant their actions maybe to the eyes of others, there are still some who appreciate their efforts for the environment…

  29. unfortunately it’ll take an environmental special forces unit and a few environmental carpet bombings instead of the samurai to help with the littering issue in the US

  30. High respect for them. Hope for their success future and the health of Goto-san too. The world needs more people like you.
    And respect for Hiroko-san too. She successfully make me laugh during her pick-up trash training. She is hilarious.

  31. So awesome i am always curious what the new video will bring and u guys always impressed me the story that u guys bring from different regions of asia so happy to be a Asian 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  32. Yes I love this group and this concept, needs to teach this to Americans. Also Love Asian Boss ❤ We are routing for you! In America they would need hundreds of these guys 😛

  33. I think most people might think its stupid act to do such a performance alongside with trash picking. I personally felt their moves and heart really what inspires them to do so. It is not easy, who wants to pick trash? let alone doing actions like samurai moves etc. I think their actions goes far more than a performance, it is also to ask others to be more compassionate as a society to stop tossing trash wherver they go, and be responsible for their actions.

  34. I would love this here in China! How cute. Like a Taiji master collecting trash. Definitely a great way to get the younger generation interested in beautification and cleaning up the environment.

  35. 😍👌👍👏👏👏👏
    Mi esposo y yo no somos ninjas 🥷 ni tan artistas, pero empezamos también a juntar basura con esos bastones.
    Buen ejemplo y buena entrevista 👍👍
    Saludos desde Holanda 👋😃🌷🇳🇱

  36. Thanks to those guys who’s dedication and passion for their arts, hope you inspire more people 👍👍👍👍👍👍 and thanks to all people of asian boss.

  37. Unfortunately this method wouldn’t be practical in my neighborhood. We are so overrun with trash, I actually used a snow shovel to scoop up trash today. And I’ve been picking up trash in my neighborhood since 2019. People just don’t care -_-

  38. Japan has some of the most cleaned streets. Even the streets that are considered dirty, is more cleaned than the streets we have in my country.

  39. Japanese ppl are amazing creatures. Unlike any other on this world. And plus.. the interviewer is horiko🥰.. i see hiroko.. i click.. 😎

  40. Can you please interview Japanese people on vaccination? Do they accept or refuse the mass vaccination? Is there punishment in Japan for refusing vaccination?

  41. First asian boss love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏😍😍❤️❤️🙏 love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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