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  2. You can tell from her story that she was a very driven and determined person both before and after the accident, becoming disabled didn’t change who she is, it just highlighted who she is to the people around her even further. I’m really glad that he group members and agency supported her it getting back to the work she loves. Many times, people who become disabled tend to be dropped by their work and friends, either all at once or bit by bit and that is honestly one of the hardest parts/worst things to deal with.

  3. Imagine how many little girls who are in a wheel chair look up to her. She’s creating dreams for so many kids who probably though they never could because of their disability.

  4. Very happy for her! But not everyone has a team behind them to push them through. Some are fortunate enough to have just family, even then there’s only so much they can do…..

  5. This is nostalgic! Was a fan of the group when it started up.I remember hearing the news and being stunned. Her strength is really amazing. Also, I met her before and she is super genuine and great to talk to.

  6. I find it really strange, fans of Japanese idol groups are mostly adult men, predominantly. Unlike, in KPop groups fans are mostly the youth. I really wonder why???

  7. it’s so heartwarming to see that Tomoka hasn’t let her accident effect her greatly she’s still the bubbly positive girl she was before.

    *her positivity Despite great adversity is admirable 🥲❤*

  8. Okay, she is really awesome! I’m so glad she had so many people that never doubted her, and she is so strong for going through that and coming out and achieving her dreams. I bet she’s a big inspiration for many.

  9. Beautiful story, sometimes we overlook what positivity and being confident can bring to you and the people around you, myself included. So happy to know that we’ll get to see Asian Boss again 🙂

  10. Wow she’s so cool. I wanted to be a singer too and seeing her not giving up makes me want to try again. btw let’s watch the ads at the end 🙂

  11. You have a big fan from Kazakhstan.

    Please cover stories in Central Asia please, Asian Boss. We’d like to hear more from it.

  12. That’s amazing. We really have a lot to appreciate.

    Anyway, when will Asian Boss start to make a video questioning whenever West Asians are considered Asians?

  13. When she said she loves morning musume I’m like yasss because as a kpop Stan I also love morning musume(モーニング娘) because they have some really catchy songs

  14. i was already crying a bit but when you interviewed Hiroshi I just started bawling. Representation is so important. Tomoka has absolutely made a fan out of me.

  15. That title is poorly worded, “wheelchair idol”. The idol is a person in a wheelchair. Also, it’s not like all the other idol shows have multiple alternately abled contestants; the singularity is unnecessary sensationalism. There are better was to get clicks. “Japanese idol inspires with stellar performance. Uplifting and memorable.” Just saying.

  16. This was very inspirational to watch and I am so happy her teammates came together and didn’t judge her at all. They supported her through her toughest moments and I hope Tomoka continues to grow in popularity! Id love to see her and her group live someday 🙂

  17. Really amazed that she’s still chasing her dreams even after all the things she has experienced, and I feel like it’s similar with how AB right now. They’re in a difficult situation, but they’re keep chasing what they want to do (dreams and being an inspiration for her. Keep spreading the truth and inspirational things for AB).

    I hope everyone could help AB in any way they could in this situation, just like her friends and company that keep supporting her after she got to that accident! I really hope AB could keep spreading the truth and inspirations!

  18. That’s very awesome! You know, most people would quit their jobs or passions with an accident like that. Just imagine a bigass billboard falling on you. You just had to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Then it breaks your spine so for the rest of your life you can’t move half of your body anymore. Can’t fault anyone for just giving up after that. But this lady continued on and actually succeeded. She’s very wonderful!

    If not for Asian Boss, I wouldn’t know stories or situations like this. If I had a couple millions of dollars I’d donate millions to them to continue this kind of show. This kind of show is something I believe is important to be seen by people around the world. It’s a show that focuses on people. It’s very educational and eye-opening as well. When people from other parts of the world see the stories featured here, they gain important insight that we are all humans and we face the same challenges, hardships, and happiness. It’s a great way to bring people to love each other and appreciate different cultures and lifestyles. I hope in the future, there would be other variants of Asian Boss that focuses on people on other parts of the world. English Boss. US Boss. Whatever Boss lol! There are many different issues and stories that need to be highlighted and shared, I sure hope it happens someday.

  19. Big fan of Kamen Joshi, and as sad and tragic this accident was, she always stayed positive. I’m glad to see how supportive the group is, and she is never portrayed as superior or inferior to the other members. She’s treated as she should be, a great member of Kamen Joshi. I’m sure she alone must have inspired many others.

  20. it’s both amazing and touching to see wheelchair-bound fans sympathize with her inspiring “ganbatte” spirit that’s embedded in their culture.

  21. She’s gunna get so many more fans from this as well as the group as a whole. I can’t imagine having to change aspects of your life just overnight like that but I love how she could stay in the group and they worked around her so she’d still be seen! I loved how she had fans in wheelchairs, it was kinda cute

  22. This was a great piece! Unfortunately, I really disliked the energy Winnie had…..I assume she is nervous. Considering JP isn’t her first language. (頑張ってね!ウィンイエさん!)I really miss Hiromi.

  23. Thank you for sharing, Asian Boss!

    When visiting Japan in 2017 as a wheelchair user (not bound), I had trouble as Japan isn’t a wheelchair friendly country. I couldn’t find any elevators, ramps or wheelchair accessible hotel rooms.

    Her story is very inspiring!

  24. Thats amazing and super inspiring. If only more people would be like her. Shes such a strong individual and its great that Japan allows her to be in the group. Every place i know of would never allow it. Japanese people must be as kind as people say.

  25. I always say a prayer in my heart when I see someone with any sort of disability, god bless them and keep them safe because I already struggle with health issues mainly related to heart and panic attacks / anxiety and wish it to no one. Please take care of your health, it is everything 🙏❤️

  26. so glad she still is performing! she didn’t let that get in her way
    God bless her in Jesus name!
    she has been blessed to remain Joyful!
    also love how everyone is there for her and has been of great encouragement and comfort! such great friendships/ sisterhood

  27. With so many horror stories about the idol world being so focused on perfection, this is a nice refreshing story. I’m glad that her agency and fellow idols accommodated and encouraged her to continue. She’s a bright and talented woman, very inspiring!

  28. She is so strong and determined! I’m glad her fellow group members all support her and made accommodations. She is an inspiration. Thank you for interviewing her Asian Boss. I love this channel!

  29. She doesn’t let her disability effect her dreams of pursuing to becoming an idol and even be part of Kamen Joshi. If you have the opportunity and support from the one that loves you, everything is possible.

  30. 優しい人ですね。すごく悲しい出来事だけどいま一生懸命パフォーマンスをやったり他の車椅子で暮らす人たちをインスパイアしたりすることで私は感動しました。

  31. This needs to be said.
    After viewing the comment section of quite a few of your guys videos, there seems to be quite a bit of racism, prejudice, xenophobia, etc. going on. I feel like you guys need to say something about this.

  32. It’s really sweet that her group and fans continue to support her. But yeah, when you think about it, there’s no reason why someone on a wheelchair should not be entertainers or performers.

  33. I’m glad her company didn’t just drop her! The choreography for the one dance was excellent for incorporating her chair. It was like she was the center of the flower! Now I will follow this group to cheer her on.

  34. Maybe I just lost faith with all the fake PR people do, but to me it’s amazing that she was able to continue being an idol instead of a company building a group for someone with a disability

  35. I’ve been following Igari Tomoka for some time and I can barely find any interviews she does that have English subtitles so thank you for this video and for helping spread her story.

  36. I’m glad she never let go of her dream to become an idol. If I had an accident like that, I would most likely quit that job and look for another that fits my handicap. She’s so strong.

  37. The enthusiasm that this interviewer shows with her facial expressions while listening is through the roof LMAO.

    Nevertheless, thank you for covering this AB!

  38. Overall I have great respect for Japanese culture, but as with everything, noting is perfect.
    I have heard in much of Asia, the disabled are look down on far too much.

  39. Wait a minute so Billboards actually falling onto people is an actual thing that can happen?! Then again I can’t be too surprised since Japan is full of billboard advertisements.😰😨

  40. What a coincidence. I was actually coming up with an idea for a character in a series of mine Who is actually An idol in the same position as the Idol in this video. Nice timing Asian boss.

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