Meet Filipina Andy, Ladyboy, in Dumaguete Philippines Old Dog New Tricks September 21 2020

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Meet Filipina Andy, Ladyboy, in Dumaguete Philippines Old Dog New Tricks@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I have a conversation with Andy, a Ladyboy that lives in Dumaguete. We discuss and reveal what some of the challenges that face transgender people

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  1. Very interesting interview Paul you should interview more of them, nice to hear their perspective, I hold no judgements towards them. They are human too.

  2. Glad you finally were able to do this interview Paul! In regards to the men attracted to transwomen – when our mutual friend made the accusation that I was gay because of my relationship, he didn’t realize that he was really slamming my partner. A transwoman is a woman in heart and mind. Yes, a woman with “something extra” but a woman nonetheless. Calling me gay was a double slur and incorrect on both counts.

  3. Hi Paul. This has got to be one of your best interviews. If you get to interview Andy again, could you ask him if he came from a religious family? If he did, did he get any flack because of his orientation from the church his family attended? Thank you.

  4. And seems a lovely genuine person and should be cared for just like any human being. I have experienced a lady boy in Thailand several times over the last few years. I don’t remotely consider myself gay at all. They are unique and all the more sexy for it.

  5. Thanks to you both for doing this video. Good info.

    I’m a straight guy but there have been a couple times I’ve seen someone on OKCupid, in videos on non-relationship subjects, and I thought they were very interesting people and would make a great partner…then later found out they were transgender. It definitely got me to thinking. The women I meet the sex can be great, but everything else…not so interesting. Most women are pretty limited taking on new adventures. But the transgenders were doing interesting things, rational in thought. Makes me wonder.

  6. Well done Paul, that was different and interesting. I see quite a lot of ladyboys in Asia, but have never really spoken to any. Each to their own, and no need for anyone else to judge them. Andy is a nice person, thatโ€™s the most important thing. Good interview Paul, genuine and as always, on the same page as your guests.

  7. She’s a lovely woman. Is a lady reguardless of the genitalia between her legs. Andy has more manners and acts more ladylike then the majority of the biological women in the US. Cuddos Andy

  8. I love when people say the feel โ€œin their heartโ€, reality the heart is treacherous (Jeremiah 10:23). I donโ€™t dislike the guy but hate the unnatural act. Interesting interview Paul.

  9. Good interview Paul next time ask Andy did you ever have a woman? and how did that go? Not sure you ask that question in this interview. Good luck and take care, Paul. Thank you, Mike

  10. Outstanding interview Paul. Andy your very beautiful, your path is your live it to the fullest. Lots of love โค๏ธ to both of you and Mae from Toronto.

  11. Would have never known, but kudos for being courageous, open, honest, not to mention gorgeous, charming & sensitive about the feelings & comments of others. Permit me to say, ‘U go GURL!! (and I mean that in the most supportive way possible). As long as you are up front with the males who approach you, thinking that you are a biological female (not that you are any less a woman), I wish you happiness in a successful relationship – you deserve at least that.

  12. Very interesting conversation, Paul. Thanks. Questions for Andy: Why is she lazy about seeking a job? Is this laziness toward employment typical of ladyboys?

    What becomes of older ladyboys? For example, does Andy know any ladyboys who are your age, Paul? If not, why not?

    The Roman Catholic church is a powerful presence in Filipino culture. Did Andy grow up in the RC church? What does the RC church in the Phils teach about ladyboys? Are they welcomed in churches?

  13. Great work Paul. We here in the west need to set aside our judgemental positions of people that are transgendered and adopt a more open attitude like much of Asia has.

    Thanks for telling us your story here Andy. You are beautiful both inside and out.

  14. ๐Ÿ‘ Hey there Paul. Good little interview with an interesting guest! Some Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines are far more accepting and tolerant of ladyboys than are many Western countries. Being an exceptionally boring heterosexual male, I cannot speak from much experience but I have met one or two very witty ladyboys who are very funny to chat with. Some ladyboys are fine and some can be aggressive (especially if drunk or on drugs) so theyโ€™re remarkably similar to the rest of the general population. Itโ€™s much better to judge individual people on their character rather than their sexual persuasion or orientation or their preference for a certain type of clothing and makeup. ๐ŸŒŸ.

  15. Interesting video Paul. You touched on certain points I would amplify. A gay man wants a male who is male in looks, a straight male is attracted to feminine looks be though a male who has transitioned into a female. If she looks the part he can be attracted to that person. Many videos here amplify this point and am speaking from experience, no way am I attracted to men but Ladyboys are different you could check this channel for more information

  16. Congratulations Paul on showing some of the diversity of the human nature. I truly love that even though you personally have problems in understanding the reasons someone identify as a ladyboy. You have kept an open mind and have interviewed Andy exactly the same as when you interview a filipina or filipino or westerner. This is why so many people subscribe to the old dog. And Andy I commend you for your bravery in keeping true to who you are no matter how much you were bullied or having to deal with people who don’t understand that we don’t choose whether we like men or women, blonde or brunette, but we all just know inside that we are attracted to certain types of people. Like old dog finds baby mae a filipina attractive. And baby mae finds the old dog, a westerner attractive… Andy stay true and stay beautiful….
    1st question.
    My question to Andy is like some other filipina does she find herself more attracted to filipino guys or westerner guys. And also Andy are you more attracted to younger guys around your age or like some other filipina do you prefer the older men, because they may be more mature…
    2nd question.
    Andy when you were young and first started to realise you felt you identified as a woman, when you were getting bullied or looked down on, and your parents didn’t understand did you feel you wanted to hide the way you felt so you would be accepted, or did you always want to show your feminine personality and hope that everyone around you would just accept you for who you are ?
    Wolf man…

  17. It’s her life to live the way she wants to we are not here to judge one another you have touched on the subject that is controversial not only in the world but even there in Southeast Asia where it is more prominent and has been for many many years

  18. Nice interview with a nice person. I donโ€™t know anything about it. I think straight guy who would be in a relationship or even a quickie are bi or gay. In denial.
    My grandfather, for the past few years of his life couldnโ€™t breathe very well and sit to pee. He said โ€œgoddamnit I gotta piss like a Frenchmanโ€ and he hated the idea of gay, or anything. He was near 100 though.

  19. Hi Paul and Andy, great topic to cover. I’m open to however you want to lead your life. I never put down ladyboys or gay males. good luck to both of you. Paul keep up the good work I watch all of your videos and hopefully will be in the PH next yr.๐Ÿ˜Š

  20. tremendous interview despite the noisy backdrop Paul, and Im sure that Andy will get a lot of moral support from a lot of u tubers. She is to be complimented on her honesty and guts for telling her life story to everyone here, which surely is not an easy thing to do. Hope Andy finds real happiness in the form of an honest partner. As for you Paul, for goodness sake get some lip balm cream!!…..only joking……good work my friend hope to meet you for coffee one day . Tom from England. stay safe.

  21. Paul a great video. I work with transgenders in the field of addiction. Sadly, some resort to alcohol and drugs due to the public criticism and not being able to pay for surgery. Very sad but we must always remember they are HUMANS too. Thanks for sharing this video on a important topic.

  22. Dog your subject selection is very interesting. I commend you for following your curiosity where ever it leads. The vlog is becoming a source of information. I wish Andi the best in her travels.

  23. Wow Paul fantastic interview!!! I’ve never talked to a lady boy, as for Andy your courage to pursue who you are is awesome. I think you are genuine and honest and friends like that are difficult to find. I hope your dreams come true,and you find the person that makes you happy

  24. I think that many straight Filipino men are not disgusted with ladyboys. From my observations, straight Filipino men do not want to be seen, hang out or be associated with lady boys because of being judged that: 1) they might be mistaken to be gay themselves, and 2) that they might be scrounging money from the ladyboys. For the latter reason, for most Filipino gay men, they prefer to have relationships with straight men and straight men enter into this type of relationship because some, if not most, Filipino gay men are very generous to their straight partners.

  25. Well Paul itโ€™s good to see that you are not afraid of uncharted waters ! Now, I will do the same and say that which Iโ€™ve never said before, Andy sure is pretty! There we are even.
    I see more of a problem of people that cannot understand him, than him accepting who he is. What he has done is his choice based on feelings he has had since the age of 6. He is not asking any man to change him, he is asking them to accept him. I see no problem in that. It is his choice to be who and what he is, and it is up to others to accept him or not. Hopefully he will find who he is looking for who will accept him and enjoy their life together!

  26. Maybe I am naive but I would be curious; are they then only Catchers and not Pictures? also….Do Ladyboys feel it is appropriate to LET the male Know that she is fact a Ladyboy Before intimacy so there are no Surprises…. (anger/disappointment) THAT is my or would be my concern. Confused about seemingly a lack of motivation to have a job and so….how does she make a living? Am I again naive… I am respectful of Andy which also makes me wonder…Why Andy… it not normal to take a Ladies name…Ex. Andrea

  27. Paul….it great that you have the upfront honestly….we have to respect every individual…if Andy persues, a career in life, you just can’t be lazy at it….so if she ends up being, say a dentist, as long as she is qualify to work on my teeth…it doesn’t bother me….what she does outside the job…it is her own perogaritive, it doesn’t bother me! Enjoy life!

  28. If she thinks and feels as a woman , and is attracted to men does that make a person gay or straight ?
    Would a gay guy be attracted to a ladyboy ?
    Confused here Paul ..

  29. There is actually a person who thinks that she is a cat, but it still doesn’t make her a cat.
    However, Andy is entitled to his opinion and to believe whatever himself to be.
    So am I, and I believe Andy is still a he.

  30. Funny, today I saw a video featuring a Ladyboy who must be famous now. Popular vlogger Harald Baldr did a video about a laundry. and a very gregarious Ladyboy kind of photo bombed him. Today’s vlogger revisited the same place, same gregarious Ladyboy. Neither gentlemen talked with the lass. I thought I’d seek her out and interview her. Given she’s pretty famous on YouTube now I thought it only fair to chat with her, let the YouTube world hear her story. The whole idea made me nervous. So I acquiesce to Daddy Paul. You kind of did it for me. Nice Paul very compassionate.

  31. Paul great interview! Respectfully done.paul like you I always considered men who want lady boys to be gay? On one hand sounded like she meant they gay, but some conderdiction. Unclear this distinction, maybe ask her more second interview. Learned allot, like idea each live as they are in their hearts! Who are we to judge. To each their own. Good to understand more.

  32. I’ve met a few ladyboys here in Thailand who have made me think about things differently. I haven’t had any sexual experiences with them, but my previously held prejudices have really been altered. Seeing them as people and not as “perverts” makes a big difference. I wish Andy all the best.

  33. Everyone has a story .It was a good interview and it must be difficult being excepted in human societies, sad but true.Wish her the best and thanks for the good interviews.

  34. That is bullshit… A straight man is not attracted to a gay man or a lady boy or anything like that .. it does not matter if you are a pitcher or a catcher, you are a ballplayer……. And it’s sick and I don’t care who that offends

  35. Paul you handled this interview very well given the subject matter. I have seen interviews of other ladyboys and the all seem to say the same things. They knew that the were different around the age of 5 or 6 and they were bullied. I look foreword to the second half of this interview

  36. Hey Paul, great interview, The young person was very open and what I liked most was that she decided not to go the hormone surgery route she said she prefers to be Natural and wants a man who can accept her as she is. I’m a gay man and do not find any attraction to ladyboys. I can admire their beauty but cocks in frocks just don’t attract me. M

  37. Glad to see you went outside the box with this video. I hope she has a happy life. We should not judge. I’d rather be with her than a Walmart lady near my age. Cheers.

  38. I cringed when you would say gay. In her heart and mind she is a woman. I watched documentaries on transgeder and it was heart breaking hearing of the torture some went through in their early lives.

  39. Good for you Andy !!!… You seem like a very good person. I wish you all the happiness in life and hope you find someone who will love you for the person that you are. Thank you Paul for giving Andy a voice.

  40. Thank you for doing this interview. I can’t even begin to imagine the courage it must take for a person like this to overcome the adversity they face throughout their lives. Anyone who can find happiness within themselves and keep a positive attitude towards life has my greatest admiration. I wish Andy a fantastic future.

  41. Great Interview. Met a filipino LB in Bahrain when I lived there. We became great friends and regularly came to London to Visit. I had my wife and she had her BF. But boy did we get some looks when I took my wife and her to the Irish society dinners in Manila . The center of attention was not the word.

  42. Well,,I am a big dumb straight country boy…now I am a confused big dumb country boy,,thanks Paul ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‚
    She is a very beautiful and nice person.. after I arrive meeting and talking to a ladyboy is on my bucket list.. thanks for another good and interesting video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿบ๐Ÿป๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‚

  43. What my straight Filipino guy friends tell me is that they don’t consider ladyboys to be women, they’re bakla (gay). Unfortunately because of the dyer economic situation that many Filipinos are in I’ve heard story after story of straight guys who will go to a bakla and allow oral sex to be performed on them in order to receive money and other financial support. It really was sad but unbelievably eye opening to hear them tell me what they had to do in order to survive. For some reason gays in the Philippines tend to be more financially well off and it’s very easy for them to get good looking straight guys. But as far as relationships, they have to be very rich in order for a relationship with a straight guy to last for a long time, and ultimately in the end the straight guy will always choose to be with a woman because money cannot trump biology!!!

  44. She was awesome I say donโ€™t let people judge you sheโ€™s very pretty hope she has a great future being a woman I hope when this virus is finally gone I hope to find a ladey boy for a relationship

  45. Good interview Paul. I should not have to say this but thanks for having the courage to do this interview. My uncle was gay and so I had some conversations with him in the ’80’s (before he died of AIDS). He knew he was gay when he was 5 years old. So it is just something you are born with. Just part of God’s plan. My female Thai masseuse in Hawaii’s best friend is a Ladyboy (she lives in Maui also) whom I met also. She told me that in Thailand they determine if they are Ladyboys in elementary school and is it totally acceptable. We have a lot of homophobia in the US. Too bad.

  46. Great interview!! Personal liberties for all. If you want to be straight, be straight… be gay….transgender be transgender….etc. etc. Who am I to judge???

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