Meet Elmie, Filipina Orphan, Mistreated, Abused, and Accused , Old Dog New Tricks July 6, 2020

Meet Elmie, Filipina Orphan, Mistreated, Abused, and Accused , Old Dog New Tricks July 6, 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. Goodness this is a sad story from someone so young. But she has survived it so far and seems to have a positive outlook. We can only hope she finds peace and some success because she has a very heavy burden to carry through her adult life. I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of the interview – its certainly not ‘entertainment’. Does she have a ‘go fund me’ page or something similar?

  2. Paul l am a grown man of 65 and I almost started to cry 😢 for this beautiful sweet young lady. What a hellish upbringing to go thru. And God bless the lady that took her in. I pray she has a VERY SUCCESSFUL LIFE!

  3. Elmie, I am super touched by your life story. I am 56 years old and I believe you have lived through worse hardships at the age of 19, than I have in all my time on earth. I can’t even begin to believe that I can empathize with your circumstance, but what I have learned in my years on this planet, is that our God will not permit anything to happen to you that he has not equipped you to come through. Your 19 years of resiliency will take you to incredible places in your future. Trust in God’s word and promise and there will be no limits to what you are able to accomplish. You have a fan in Texas and Paul, Thank you for introducing Elmie to the world. I don’t believe there is anything that can be thrown at her that she can’t overcome.

  4. What an amazing young lady to overcome so much and move forward. I wish her the best. I know she will find her own definition of success.

  5. Pretty powerful story Paul, lots of unfairness and sadness in this world, but life can always turn around … she has I am sure all e ncouragements and positif vibes of people watching this video today that itself will reach in her strength determination and opportunities ….

  6. Lil Mama always be blessed not stressed, let God take care of the rest, keep the faith always, be patient, trust the process and as long you believe you will receive in Jesus Christ name AMEN AMEN AMEN

  7. Elmie, just watched your story and it is sad, but you know what? You are still young and have a long life ahead of you. Continue with school, graduate and get yourself a good job. And most of all don’t think that any of what happened to you in the past is your fault. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

  8. I hope she keeps help for plans-future…as she seems fragile and obviously precious. Hope she KEEPS a mentor or two… Structure with positive life habits…
    and dare ?I say….Be wary of Men and the boyz. Wishing for her and…all others like her.. the very best… in caution but have fun to connect the dots of success.

  9. It amazes me how resistant the Filipino people are what adversity they face on a daily basis I can’t wait to get back had to cancel my trip in September and put it off till the first of February

  10. Wow such determination and fortitude!! Elmie my new hero, I hope your future happiness will be greater than all the strife you have been through. And Paul we will need a follow-up of her progress for sure. Bless the woman who is helping her. Also I would like to know about the brother and sister. Thank you!!

  11. The heartache and struggle to survive is etched on this young lady’s face. Real tears from deep emotions. How her previous employer could have seen an opportunity to exploit her and abuse her is utterly disgusting. It is remarkable that through all of that she saw her education as her saviour. Bless the lady who has taken her in, with her support and a decent environment to focus on her future I hope she can now finish her education and secure a decent job. Well done Paul for your sympathetic questioning.

  12. This is really touching 🙏❤🙏❤. Daaamn what a strong wonderfull woman you are. What you’ve been through make a you really really really beautyfull 🙏 I mean … You have all my respect and admiration … I feel like a stupid spoiled child at 51 and even if I consider I went through some difficult stuff. You are amazing ! I’m sure you gonna get more than what you expect for being so resilient n strong . never let anyone take advantage or abusing you. You deserve a looooooooot ! 🙏❤🙏

  13. What a strong young lady. I can see the pain in her face. May God bless her in the future. I hope her every dream and wish comes true.

  14. My God what a strong young woman. She may be broken inside but that will fade as her life goes on. But she will never forget.
    I wish her all the best for her bright future.

    Excellent content Paul, not since your early videos (especially the one you referred to) have I felt such inspiration. Thank you.

  15. Heart wrenching story,of this beautiful ,and strong willed young lady Paul,seeing her tears roll down those cheek’s,brought me too tears to,give our thank’s to the nice lady,who is looking after her now,and helping her to live a more normal life,without more added stresses to her young life,i am sure she will reach her goals in life,and just like most of us subs,would like you too keep us informed ,on her progression over the next few years.thank you.Paul.

  16. Paul, can you provide an address or a bank address and a special account number to deposit funds to help her to all your fans so we can help her reach her goals. I am an American married to a filipina living in us and Philippines. We are retired and will be moving to Philippines permanently after the virus is over. I am sure there are many who would help her. Kept up the good work Paul.

  17. My heart goes out to Elmie. To lose your Mother & Father at such a young age, both so tragically. I hope that Elmie finds peace & a protector. God Bless you Elmie.

  18. Listening to this really put me on an emotional rollercoaster. Sadness, empathy, respect, anger, admiration and everything in between. I wish you much success in your future endeavours, Elmie! Hope to see you running for public office some day.

    I’m going to go out and hug a puppy now. *sigh*

  19. Well Paul Just after I thought you couldn’t do a better story than the sweet ballet dancer, you bring on Elmie. I don’t know what to say but I was using Kleenex for the same reason she was. What a strong girl to go through all that keep her sanity, and make something of her self and want to finish her schooling. And get a good job. God Bless her ❤️ heart. She is amazing, and stronger than I think I am or could be !! 🙏👍

  20. I am equal parts sad and impressed with Elmie’s story. It is horrific to think that some people can be so abusive to a young girl in such circumstances. However I’m very happy that’s she’s found a stable situation to work and hopefully get through college. I hope she can turn her past adversity into hope, determination and success in her future – she seems like a wonderful young woman who thoroughly deserves it together with fulfillment of her dreams.

  21. Paul, Emlie is a courageous young woman who has truly touched my heart with her story. Please tell her that she is a inspiration to so many people

  22. God bless this young lady she has been through so much. She is remarkable and I wish her all the best. Thanks to the other lady and her husband for assisting her.

  23. This kind of story seems to be more common than what we would like to think in this day and age. I have recently befriended a young woman, and she shared her story with me…….this young woman is a domestic helper, a live in maid. Her wages are 9000 pesos a month, which is 180 dollars a month, $6 USD a day, and she works anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day…….for 300 pesos a day……and she sends her money for her 3 kids……..
    This young woman on your show is a beautiful, inspiring young lady and I hope she achieves all she wants…… but there are many similar stories there in the Philippines that are the same. It is shameful that there are people in this world that treat people this way

  24. My heart goes out to you. You can become a wonderful woman. I believe in you . So you can believe in yourself and become what every you want.

  25. Good video Paul. You got a way with em bro. Touched my heart. Not unlike Mae’s story bro. Wanna help all of them but can’t. You should start a foundation. Let somebody else run it lol. Your retired haha.

  26. Thank God that Elmie now has found her way into the life of your friend. Now I’m confident that nothing will stop this lovely young woman from realizing her dream.

  27. A great video again! Videos like this one may be exactly what a person needs when they feel that they are the bottom of a deep pit with no way out. Paul, you are correct, the easier thing to do is to simply quit and “check-out”. But while that option is the easier option, if taken, the person will have quit in abject defeat. On the other hand, if that same person can find the inner-strength, just one more time, they can escape that deep pit and then be able to have the hope of achieving their most sought after goal, whatever that is, but of course whether or not they end up finally reaching their goal is entirely another matter, but the hope is there! As a ‘side-thought’, unless someone has been down in that ‘deep-pit’ themselves, they will never comprehend how supremely difficult it is to summon up the courage and will to choose to continue on.

  28. Paul , a very touching story. If I wanted to send a little something to help her would I send it to you on patron or maybe to her on Western Union. I would like to see her succeed. Eric.

  29. She is truly an amazing beautiful young lady. She obviously has determination and drive to overcome everything she has. I wish her all the best in life and hope that she dreams big because dreams do come true for survivors like she is.

  30. Well well well what a beautiful story and a beautiful person she has a lot of inner strength and now that everything is behind her I think it’s nothing but positive times ahead of her she can reach her goals of whatever she wants unfortunately this has been played out through many girls and

  31. Hi Paul good interview very sad, and how vulnerable her situation, you show a lot of empathy you make clear why you’re asking a personal or sensitive question anyone watching would have to feel for Elmie she is fortunate with this lady now who’s taken her under her wing and can identify with Elmie it will be a tough road ahead of her, if on her own, she understands what she needs to do and is young enough to pull herself up and out on her own. Life is tough but made easier by the people we meet along the way, if she is determined and committed to study and personal development there are a lot of people out here watching including myself that could help this young girl with her College Fees

  32. By the way, I used to feel the same way about Suicide..
    For more than. 20 years.
    I thought how can that person do that to me..
    The pain is only for the living left behind..
    I was being selfish and not understanding that person pain..
    It wasn’t about me.

  33. What an amazing young woman to persevere after such tragedy. When you see a story like this, you realize the stability so many of us take for granted. Special thanks to her translator for being so kind.
    You were right, this channel has power, but that can be a tremendous asset when used to help others.

  34. Elmie is so brave for sharing her story. It would crush most people to lose both parents at such an early age then be falsely accused of theft. Thankfully, there are also kind people in the world such as the lady off screen (the mother of Bjo, the 7 year old ballerina 🩰 from Paul’s previous video) 👍👍✅

  35. A really great video. When we things are bad for ourselves. This video really brought me back to reality. A very nice girl with a great future.

  36. Elmie, you have the heart and mind to be all that you want to be. The next time I see you cry tears you will be crying joyful tears celebrating the end of college. Stay safe and healthy 🙏 ☺️

  37. What an incredible young woman!! her story brought a river of tears to my eyes! I know she will find her passion in life and she will be very successful!

  38. Very human episode Paul. Elmie is amazing and so focused on completing here studies. I love her trying to achieve her version of the Filipino Dream. So down to Earth, that it made me want to cry. She’s gonna make it man. Yam yam is so cool in taking her under her wing. Thanks guys.

  39. Some of the most beautiful and dignified women on the planet, and some of the saddest stories, heartbreaking, but thanks for sharing. I am sure that she will survive and move forward with her life, she has already proved that. Best wishes to her, stay strong, focus on having a successful future.❤️

  40. May God Bless her for many years to come, It would be nice if you could sit down with her again as a father/friend figure, and possibly read Psalm 23 to her which will keep her strengthen forever.”

  41. Elmie,

    You are an amazing young woman! While I am sad that your earlier life had so many challenges, I know that brighter days are ahead, and that you will be very successful in whatever you do. Please know that you are in my prayers now and in the future.

  42. My lord. Inspiring start to the day. A beautiful young lady who has already lived a full life. So happy. She is finally with the right family.

  43. Paul,

    Several people have asked about sending a gift to Elmie to make her school expenses less burdensome. Without trying to shift that burden to you, is there a way that you could set up a PayPal account for her so that we could contribute? If there is another way to do this, please let us know. I am sure many of us were touched by her story and would love to make her life and studies a bit easier. THANK YOU!

  44. Elmie, you seem like a very sweet beautiful young woman. God has so many beautiful things planned for you. Life will always contain Highs and Lows. Please remember, when you’re Low, there’s always an exciting mountain to climb and adventure to begin. And when you’re High, it may not last but the ride down can be great fun. God bless you Elmie and your beautiful guardians. God bless you too, Paul and Mae.

  45. GREAT INTERVIEW Paul. We know she didn’t ask for anything , many of us would love to help her drive for her dreams. Why not people helped me all through my life. No shame in it .

  46. A beautiful soul, who deserves nothing but the best, but just want to complete her studies to have a good job. I see great things in store for her and wish her nothing but happiness now and in the future.

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