Meet Andy, Deaf, Mute, Determined, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks July 6, 2020

Meet Andy, Deaf, Mute, Determined, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks July 6, 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. Paul, really nice to see you doing these types of interviews. You always amaze me with all the different types of interviews you do! Always very professional, informational… and touching. Being a vlogger in the Philippines too, you are an inspiration for us novice vloggers just starting out! I think you def do what you love! awesome job!

  2. Paul….love your channel and showing people that overcome adversity is uplifting. We all should be thankful for what we have and these people are inspiring. With that said, please interview some girls in bikinis!! Lol….still love ya Paul!

  3. 10:22. Paul: “I’m 65 and still trying to figure out what I want to do” Lol. So true though about life. Never stop learning. Three very inspirational young people (in these last three interviews). Thanks Paul for sharing their stories!

  4. Congratulations to Andy! I wish him more success in his life! He could start a Youtube channel about his life or his training and slowly but surely he would have lot of subscribers.

  5. An Amazing young man who wont let challenges stop him. Stay focused on your studies and your karate. Education is the key to your future. Continue being a person that other children with challenges can look up to. You are blessed to have parents who care. I know we will hear about your successes. I worked as an interpreter for the deaf in college and as a therapist with the deaf. There are many amazing deaf who have, and continue to be role models!! NEVER FORGET HOW AMAZING YOU ARE!!

  6. Andy you are already a bright inspirational Star. Continue what you’re doing so that people can look up to you. You will encourage others to reach their goals. Good Luck with your future.

  7. Paul, thanks so much for this series. I have studied Chinese martial arts for 40+ years (and I know that Andy’s style is Okinawan) and I have to say that Andy’s performance was exceptional! He has a great future in martial arts ahead of him and I wish him and his family all the best!

  8. Awesome Young Man. I look forward to seeing him in the future with many more awards as well as teaching others through sign language 🀟 how to learn martial arts and give them the confidence and self worth the he has. Great Video πŸ‘

  9. Yeah we’re nice outstanding young man he is and his mother and father as well. Thanks Paul for all the inspiring stories this week……

  10. Paul, another great interview…I think at 65 you are finally finding your groove! Thank you for sharing Andy and his story with all of us. Definitely a courageous young man. Congratulations to him on his successes so far, and wishing him continued success on the path to his dream of having a positive impact on the lives of others.

  11. Anyone who can survive much less excel in today’s cruel world with a disability is exceptional. And cheers to the parents for their strength and encouragement

  12. Andy is awesome. My daughter is in Taekwondo at age 6. She Loves it. Good luck Andy. Mom is Very awesome too for being supportive. Kudos old dog.

  13. I’ve taken martial arts since 91 and that was very good he was very solid crisp very strong form that was so much fun to watch

  14. Thanks Paul for introducing to Andy. Andy you are a great young man you are smart, hardworking and a humble young man. I think if you keep applying yourself you will do great things in your life.

  15. Well Paul here you go again with another one. Andy Brian I think his mom said, I leaned today that measles while pregnant can cause deafness. So you are teaching us. Has has GREAT FORM I can see how he won medals.

  16. Awesome, Paul. I would love to meet them some day. I had deaf friends growing up and I feel a special bond with them. Take care and be safe.

  17. Dear God your videos this week have taken my heart and put it through a cheese grater !! its opened my mind to what we as westerners can do for people if we decide to come to the Philippines, i know i want to help these kinds of people, so god bless you all, well done old man lol great interviews and something refreshing to see on you tube, i take my hat off to you sir!! Gizmo UK.

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