Meet A Karaoke Taxi Driver In Korea | EVERYDAY BOSSES #45

Taxi drivers often have a bad reputation for being unkind to customers. One taxi driver, however, is attempting to change this image by having transformed his ride to a noraebang taxi. We take a look at the state of the taxi industry here in Seoul, why it’s struggling (especially during COVID-19) , and why this driver took such drastic measures to appease his customers. Special thanks to Lee Hwa-Bok for doing the interview with us.

Lee Hwa-Bok
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Lee MiRae
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Tina (Host)
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  1. Oh wow that is so awesome! I bet that would be fun to do! 🎤🎼 🚕. Hope he continue to do well and stays on his feet through the virus!🙏

  2. This is actually a smart business model. Just imagine going over a bad breakup and asking the taxi driver to take you somewhere far. Just singing your heart out and the taxi driver making profit.
    Needless to say, if I were to sing, it would be so atrocious that I would feel bad for the taxi driver. Doesn’t help that I will release some gas in the air too. D:

  3. I’m so glad you did this video! I hope it helps him to get many more customers he really cares about making people happy! It’s so neat what he does.

  4. Funny, didn’t noticed about the noraebang taxi during my last trip in Seoul last year…. Cool…. I wanna do a BTS song in a taxi….hahahaha!!! Something to cheer up with all the doom and gloom nowadays..

  5. Mr. Lee is so humble and hard working. I love how he goes the extra mile to give a great experience for his customers. I’d like to make a reservation some day. I love Karaoke! I hope things improve in regards to the salary cap of $40K. He works 18 hours a day and he’s 61! Thank you for interviewing Mr. Lee. I wish him the best!

  6. Lol, the government restricts their annual salary to 40k a year when most of them are barely scraping by? I don’t get why certain drivers would refuse service and cherry pick customers if they need the money, especially when they’re competing with rideshare apps like Uber. He should charge a premium for his karaoke taxi. I’m sure many would be still willing to pay.

  7. Absolutely ridiculous? How can the government cap people’s earning at 40k?? This is why governments need to have their control minimised. Absolutely crazy!

  8. When she broke out with Ms Jackson, I swear I lost it. lmaoooo
    Tina really wiling out. Yall sure this story wasnt just an excuse for Tina to break it down? Shes having way too much fun lmaoo

  9. What would’ve happened if there were only 1 million people alive on Earth today? With only 50 nations worldwide(including Japan, Korea, China, UK, France, Spain, USA, Canada, etc.) and 20,000 people in each nation? And if the population have remained that way for thousands of years? How would the world have looked like? What would’ve changed? And how would history have played out?

  10. Drove truck for a while.. just 22 years.. dude thats not a while.. anyway i am ashamed at how this guy is willing to improve despite his age.. i should work harder too..

  11. 9:24 honey. You are wrong. If you appointed the destination as Suwon, you should pay Seoul-Suwon charge. That poor taxi driver had to go back to Seoul on his way to Suwon without any passenger because you got off in the middle. Then you didn’t pay him the whole charge?? WTF

  12. These masks make me wonder how pretty these people are, cause there manners and courtesy is beautiful.

    Meaning, they’re already beautiful in my eyes. Just curious.

  13. Korean people are passionate about karaoke, is part of their socializing. We Westerners, just have a karaoke singing machine at home🤷‍♀️
    However, it’ll be so cool to rent Mr. Lee’s taxi and travel South Korea countryside.

  14. This is great. Very unique I never hear about this before sound so fun. Taking a taxi and singing I would definitely do it! After a really stressful day at work it would be the best .

  15. I have experience something like this in my country. I have rode 2 different taxi’s with the same concept as this one. It’s really fun if your with you’re friends. ❤

  16. I think it’s pretty cool what this taxi driver is doing. I hope the best for him. Also, I think it’s messed up that South Korea puts such a strict limit on how much taxi drivers can earn. But what’s stopping them from accepting cash so there’s no paper trail to tax?

  17. This is legit the coolest taxi I’ve ever seen!!! I mean admittedly that might not be a high bar, but I’d take this taxi before I’d take a limo!!!

  18. As he mentioned in the film at night most of the taxi drivers are not willing to pick up any customers unless it’s a long-way trip or the destination close to their house. It’s no doubt that many people have to wait for 1 or 2 hours to get a cab which is so unreasonable and unfair. This should be changed asap

  19. This ‘uncle’ (Most Asian would agree with me that every men old enough to be our dad is immediately called an uncle, hahah) deserves all the love for what he believes in. Hope he gets more passengers after this.

  20. Why cant you feature people like this in the Philippines. In your country you always feature the lighter side. KOREA is not the capitol of asia. Stop being racist to other countries.

  21. The max $40k is frustrating to hear they have a max amount. He put many upgrades and benefits for his customers. I hope he gets lots of reservations. I know Japan does not tip but do Koreans do?

  22. 택시 기사님들 얼마나 얼심히 일 하는지 대부분 모르는거 같습니다. 이 기사님은 61세에 먹고 살라고 메일 18시간 이나 일 하는데 월급도 작고, 일도 힘든데.. 이렇게 고생하시는거 보니까 마음이 너무나 아프네요. 이렇게 열심히 일 하시는 분들을 인터뷰해서 이야기를 전 세계에 알려주셔서 감사합니다. 댓글이 좀 엉터리면 죄송합니다 ㅋㅋㅋ 미국에서 거의 평생 사서 좀 부족한거 같아요

  23. He should get more recognition so that he can spread his message and and make the world a little better to live in.

    Thank you Asian boss for bringing such things to light in these tough times.

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