Masskara Festival of Bacolod City

Masskara Festival 09If you are planning to pay a visit to the Philippines, then it would be much fun if you would schedule it during the Masskara Festival of Bacolod City. The Masskara Festival is celebrated each year in the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod City, Philippines during every third week of October. Bacolod City is the Capital of the Negros Occidental Island in Visayas region. Masskara is named by the late artist Ely Santiago and is taken from two words. “Maas” meaning crowd and “Cara” meaning face or many faces and this is pertaining to a multitude of people. The word Masskara is also a Filipino word which means “mask”, that is the main feature of the festival, usually by participants and dancers.

This festival began in 1980 during the time when the City was facing dark and tragic moments and it serves as an opportunity to pull away from the tragic events that happened in the City. This festival serves as a mark that whatever challenges may come to the City, they will still face it with heads up, fight with strength and courage, survive and commit victory. It is also a celebration of Bacolod’s charter Day anniversary. When the month of October is already fast approaching, the City will plan and prepare everything that needs to be in order for the upcoming festival and the people are starting to get excited for the upcoming events and activities.

This festival is packed with much-awaited activities that people should not miss. Tourists, people from nearby islands make reservations ahead of time so that they can travel and participate in the fun and exciting celebration of the year. The festival features Masskara street dance competition, which is composed of participants from different schools and Barangays in Bacolod City. You would see them in colorful costumes, attractive, unique and well-designed masks dancing to the tune of Latin musical beat. The masks I am talking about will always be eye-catching and will always carry a smile which is the trademark of the City. Each group of participants has prepared for their presentation months before the said festival. During the competition, you would truly see that mastery, coordination and perseverance will be very evident from their performances. Other events and activities would include carnivals, beauty pageant, bugle corps competition, food festival, drum competition, musical concert, sports event, garden show, light shows, fireworks display and a lot more. All this activity would truly make you define how fun and exciting is Masskara festival.

The festival would usually start on the 1st of October and will last for three weeks. Yes, you have read it right, three weeks of non-stop partying that you should truly experience. What you will experience will truly meet all your expectations. This is a festival that would truly display creativity, cooperation and uniqueness. Masskara Festival of Bacolod City should be part of your “Must experience list,” and this is one of the things and events that would never make you feel regret. In fact, you would always want to experience the festival every year.

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