MARRIAGE IN THE PHILIPPINES – Funny, I Don’t Actually Feel Any Different…..

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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at

All our videos are taken using a Samsung S7, GoPro Hero 2 or Sony Cybershot DSC-WX300.

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  1. Congratulations, Ned!! I tied the knot with my Filipina princess on February 5th and took on two teenagers at the same time. Instant family, and it definitely feels different! I can relate with the ring issues. My wife suggests a silicone ring to keep the metal ring in place. Congrats Bro!

  2. the fatality rate for COVID-19 is 100x worse than the flu. It is a pandemic now because people thought it was no harmful than the flu and did not take the proper precautions. It has spread to 50 countries. Good luck on your flight.

  3. I’ve watched almost Every Video Ned. I noticed the rainbow in the back with a Unicorn.Very very Happy for You and Her. But, I’m glad You finally get Your rainbows

  4. Moisten a cotton bud, thoroughly whit the fish oil ( yes, wd40 is fish oil) !
    And slide it on the rubber round the windows of the car.
    Then it doesn’t turn into a bit mess.

    Cant believe you ran off whit my future wife, life is just sooooo unfair.
    Joking buddy, all the best to you guys, I wish you all the best.

  5. I just went thru that with a philipina, asking me to take a pic of me nd my friend,,I’m like what..nawww I’m not doing that..I nip that in the bud quick…trust issues on Her behalf…cant do it

  6. Hi Ned congratulations to you both. About WD 40, not the best stuff to use on window channels. I recently bought a Dodge Journey Station Wagon here in New Zealand. The drivers window was very squeaky both up and down. Took it to the car windscreen place Smith & Smith who sprayed the track with CRC Next Generation, SYNTEX Synthetic oil spray. Amazing stuff Ned, stopped the squeak
    immediately. WD 40 is ok for lubricating metal fittings as it is an oil. Not an expert, just saying. Bob NZ.

  7. Speaking of pronouncing words correctly, I work with lots of silicone products and I’ve never heard anyone pronouce silicone they way you did. I always pronouced it and heard others pronounce it silicone, the cone as in ice cream cone, you pronounce it con as in a con game, a ex-con, I have never heard it pronounced that way.

  8. Concerned hello, I enjoy your content. It must be a stressful time for you now. Find ways to “de-stress” before it becomes intolerable. You probably think wtf what would I know, and why should I even care right? I just see your new life as an opportunity to start fresh, and be learning effective coping stratagies for your own well being and that of the others around you.As a YouTube watcher, not maker yet, we sit in awe of people like you living the dream and compare our own shitty lives with yours. We get caught up in the fantasy that maybe, just maybe it will be possible one day for people like us to obtain a similar lifestyle to what you have, just by what you have shown us through your content. If you want to live in a quiet place, do it. If negative people annoy you, lose them. If you are feeling stressed, try to relax. Look for the comedy in life, its everywhere everyday.

  9. Very possessive because once they sink their teeth in, there is no letting up. It’s not love. They have a long term plan. They see a walking atm and its down hill from there for you. Just curious, I notice ur American. So many if you are choosing thus 3rd world country. I guess you get more for your buck over there

  10. FYI I was in the Philippines for 3 months and then was in Korea for 10 days. I just got home to Los Angeles this past week and had no issues at the airport.

  11. N95 mask don’t do anything against the virus..jus be clean in your personal hygiene ….cos it’s not air borne….take care there, be safe, great video!

  12. Your rambling is enjoyable and you can even say entertaining. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed listening to you rambling and even learned some things. Keep it up!

  13. Havent watched in awhile, i see things have changed for you in a big way. Congrats on the new life style change. Wish you guys all the best.

  14. Wearing an N95 mask does the wearer no good unless the wearer is the person already infected; meaning that the person infected is prevented, via the mask, from coughing or spreading the virus.

  15. Correction, you married the tribe… now beware your the victim now and the minority,and easily disposable… you better behave now or you could lose the house and all you have worked hard for…. good luck… 😁 ps. Protect your wallet…

  16. we should never marry someone until you had a big knock-down-drag-out fight until then you really don’t know how the other person reacts to real anger. That being said good luck and congratulations.

  17. I saw your video on your experience with Lazada scammers. Do you mind sharing with me what happened afterwards? Same thing happened to me and now I have an on going case with Lazada. Thanks!

  18. I wear my wedding ring on a necklace because I have weird fingers where the length between the knuckle and webbing is too short. I even tried a thin women’s ring. The necklace and ring is clearly visible 95% of the time …. unless you buy a really long necklace. Oh I almost forgot congratulations

  19. congrats buddy as long as your both happy fuck them iam here in the uk with a 27 year old wife 18 months son iam 55 lol i just ignore it thay just jelous got no life you have a life live it

  20. small world, am Ned too, my Filipina gave me this link, she is a lot younger too, 22 years, we have not met yet, just on line stuff so far, this virus thing has hampered our travels which is frustrating, she is in Singapore yours truly in Dallas, in any event congratulations on your marriage

  21. Going to open my opinionated big mouth. You have never heard from me but iv watched all your stuff for 3-4 years now. No idea how your mind ticks, but the day after I got married in CDO I started to freak in my head and wanted to try to undo it all. I wanted to go to solicitor and see can I say I was pressured into it or anything, I was pressing a self-destruct button. Anyway 3 years on I will be honest, I’m happily married to her and she is wonderful, but the 1st year I kept trying to think my way out of it. I knew I had to change, to control the chaos, and I did change and it came from somewhere I would have never believed possible. My diet, I went carnivore after watching DR Ken D Berry a family MD from Tennessee and how antinututions from plants can screw up our bodies and brain. And no joke, 3 months later I’m a new man and my wife won’t let me eat any carbs now. One size doesn’t fit all, but if it fits you, then the f#%ked up thinking and moods melt away. Up to you to think what you want about it !!. BTW Congrats. It can be amazing. 🇮🇪

  22. I thought I recognized you and then the name Ned rang a bell. Living in Cebu forum. Dirty kitchen, when you first arrived here in Philippines. One bicep a little bigger than the other, just like mine. You hadn’t noticed until I pointed it out. How you doing, Ned? Looks like you’re still doing ok. Still in Cebu? After our move from Cebu about the time you got here, I spent the next 7 years in Northern Mindanao, then a huge move and road trip up to Luzon where we currently are just outside NCR. Like it here a lot more, one big reason is the electric never goes down. I see you got married, congratulations. I finally got that bit of paper officially done here too in 2017. About time as we’ve been together since 2011. – siuk

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