Maricel’s First Look At The New Well

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  1. Brian, I remember last time you played Mad Scientist, you were getting some pretty funky results with not much difference between things you knew should be different. Check the reagent bottles for expiration dates. They could be old and no longer good. As to the Litmus paper for Ph, I’ve had it last for years and years as long as the humidity didn’t get to it.

  2. Why not try growing Kang Kong or watercrest it filter and keep the water underneath clean and clear. Besides this plants are good for human and animal consumption.

  3. Brian looking real good , remember way back after your put in your first two pitts i suggested that you build the rectangular frame of bamboo to hold grade and also prevent the tarp from falling in and with cave in like you had it before. Save you time to put them up and will last alot longer. I think you are on the right track with water quality that it has to be flowing so it wont build up the nitrate. Keep up the good work. I stead of tarp Brian have you though about using a tick plastic that is used for construction. Comes in rolls and we always used like a 6mm for basement floors we put down under the concrete. Save u a ton of money and just put a.good layer of ricehull on the bottom to protect the plastic its so cheap even if you double it up it will last

  4. Just wondering because something new that happened was epoxy on the pipes and tarp just something to cross off the list as well as the new water from the well with lime in it does it need complete flushed out of all pits.

  5. lol she sees two big ears of corn and she was ready to boil them up. She could have gone down to pit one, gotten a few tilapia and lunch is set.

  6. 1st ๐Ÿ˜œ Brian I was thinking ๐Ÿค”. What if you made the water catchment pond as deep as possible for a large tarp. And also send the water from the road into it so you can catch and store more water for pumping up to the garden and plants later. Cheers ๐Ÿป

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