Maricel Helps With Feeding The Milkfish

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  1. Maricel said she’s fat, huh! If that face and that leg is any indication- she’s just cute that’s all anyone see’s

  2. Have you ever thought of the milkfish farm as a tourist attraction? Boat trip out to the pens, feeding the milkfish, snorkling with the milkfish and going back to shore to a milkfish bake (they would get to catch their own) under a rustic wood fire.

  3. Up here locally in Pangasinan, the mobile vendors are selling bangus 4 per kg.
    Price is 160 per kilo.
    Just for information!
    The is fish pen operator an hour from me, supposed to be producing 60 tons a day. Has got 760 pens tho lol.
    Is in place called Sual. Very large sheltered bay and good quality water etc!

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