Manila Becomes HotSpot For Cases, Reduces International Flights – Philippines

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  2. Got a flight March 31st USA to Manila with wife. Can we switch to Cebu? Bureau of immigration has failed to clarify upcoming rules on March 20th

  3. I did the math everyone. out of 265,000 in Manila cases and only 4,883 deaths. This Covid 19 thing is less then .02% vi 0.01842641509, give and take a number! and the common FLU deaths are 1.1% per one million, so if you take 1,000,000 covid cases at 0.01842641509%, you come out with 0.04883% vs 265,000 of FLU cases of FLU death very years in Manila is 5 times greater then this BS!!!!

  4. This country I do not understand it. Japan america and all big economy countries did not close businesses but this little poor country over act and they think they are doing great things. LOL.idiots

  5. saw the travel advisory yesterday. but thanks for the new ino. i would bet that the vaccine redistribution didn’t make the outlying regions very happy.

  6. What a mess! The economic impact on the Philippines is probably off the charts. Makes u wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel??

  7. I wonder if testing/screening are as prevalent in the providences. Do more tests in the capital, get more positive cases, get move vaccines in the capital. In the providences, fewer tests, fewer people can go to the doctor, fewer “official” cases, no vaccines needed…

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