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Did you know that living in manga cafes is a thing in Japan? We talked to one of these “residents” to understand why this is happening and to see what their living conditions are like.

Special thanks to Hagi for sharing his story.
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  1. Any place and space beats the street!

    This place is warm, has showers, toilets, canteen, and he is able to sleep sufficiently well to do it for over half a decade.

  2. People are sheep thinking living in cramped spaces with minimal sunlight with many shared services are good and okay it just screams depression and pandemics places like this should be looked down I dont get why this “small spaced living” is a trend, it shouldnt be its a massive problem in society that needs to be addressed a great example is new york look how fast that covid 19 took over new york and my god the amount of suicides and crime.

  3. I cannot ever get over how clean the entire country is over there! We could all learn something. Naw, that’ll never happen here. 😢

  4. I have rented rooms in other people’s houses, because my commute was 3 hours one way. I would have liked this more.

    1. @Marie Katherine I’m pretty sure you get the $1200 no matter what. It will take longer if you haven’t filed taxes, but you still get it. Even people on SSI.

    2. Exact same here, except we three tenants were informed on March 11 that we had to be out, our stuff included, by noon on March 13. Fortunately, I had somewhere to go, my eldetly parents’ home three and a half hours away. I heard the one guy managed to get a flight back to Turkey, but the girl from China was living in her çar, last I heard. I guess the guy we rented from needs the room because his ex couldn’t their two kids and his one daughter came back from college after they went to all on-line. He’s not working, got laid off. I’m not working, my sister, either. Lost our jobs including med. ins. I’m not eligible for unemployment and won’t be getting $1200. Nothing. I’m 97K dollars in debt from last year’s surprise medical bill. The insurance I no longer have thought I was supposed to wake up from an unconscious state and inform the hospital that their surgical team was out of network. At age 59, there’s no getting rehired for a similar job. Can’t do it, but I’m also denied disability. At this point, I really don’t care if I get the lousy virus.

  5. I would have chosen to live in one when I was at a certain job. I’d only go home to sleep, shower, and return to work. It seemed like a waste of time to go back and forth when you live alone.

  6. Visited Tokyo for a month last summer and its a BIG city for sure with everything you could imagine. Smiled when they talked about the prostitute when Japan in the same time is the biggest producer of manga porn. Warm and cold sake on every restaurang to the food. 😀 Visit that country at least once. Its for sure worth it.

  7. Is it possible to know the name of the backpack that he is using at 00:35 ? I have seen the same backpack in another video about Japan ..I am interested in buying it .

  8. We used to have little cage room hotels like that in Chicago,the only one left is across from the metropolitan correctional facility downtown, but I heard the bedbugs there enjoy you as a meal 🤣🤗😋

  9. it’s very sad in fact when he said none of his colleague knew he is staying here, unless it’s someone who’s close enough that he would hang out for a drink. it just depicts how self-centred and ignorant japanese society has become. in my office, we easily have 30 staff at a time, and we know where each other stays, who are they staying with, and car pooling each others sometimes especially for those who live along same route to work, those who use bike or walk to office when it’s a rainy days

  10. Soo….Manga Kissas are for depressed people to lock themselves away and deal with their own recovery from sadness.. On their own 🤔…. It’s weird he says that after a while of being isolated… the person.. listens to ambient noises around them and it energizes them to do better…. is that what really happens?
    Is that what happened to him?…I really wish she could ask the hard questions…but in this culture .. women aren’t allowed to be so rude…they call it…
    His concerns abt the virus are real… but he seems not truly concerned because he is a survivor I see….he appears to be so unaffected makes me wonder is he a case study?

  11. Hmmm….. why do sent he just read on the train for 2 hours to go to and from work and live in his own house? Those 2 hours he loses commuting is valuable to him, what about the 12 hours sitting in a cubicle instead?

    I just don’t get it. Dude just doesn’t want to go home.

  12. This proves how japanese people are super workaholic, I mean if you are here in the Philippines, the 2 hrs roundtrip going to work is not a big deal.

  13. When he said CORONAVIRUS I went Nani!!!? Wtf I thought this was from centuries ago. But I understand him we are people who are happy with very few things. a bed, our Computer, perhaps it’s like never growing up that’s why of the mangas, we have an innocent and good heart, for us looking good or rich is not a priority, like I said I understand him, he is in a moment of his where he just wants to feel free and comfortable but it shouldn’t be forever

  14. I live in NYC and i have always dreamed of a place like this. Not so much to sleep, but I would pay good money to spend my lunch breaks in a place like this. Quiet, away from everyone, you could nap, eat. In Manhattan your options are eating at your desk, work cafeteria where you have to make small talk with coworkers or enduring super crowded restaurants.

  15. Japan is so weird country….. I would love to visit it some day. So alien and exotic with all the weirdness there !!!

  16. “I don’t like to waste 2 hours a day to commute”
    Interviewer: “Oh, and what do you do with these extra 2 hours a day?”

    “I watch tentacle porn”

  17. This happened in the industrial revolutions.
    As industrial cities developed, so did the lack of space for citizens، Governments and homeowners have put pressure on the poor to earn their taxes and income. Simply put, we are modern slavery.

  18. This man has it made! I really like the people of Japan that visit Hawaii as they are entertained by everything and taking many pics. They love Hawaii, esp for their weddings as I see MANY of their wedding planners bringing the couples to the beach I frequent in Waikiki. Let’s not forget the girl tourists who are outstanding and fun. My favorite to talk with. This man is FREE to do whatever he wants and even has girls knocking at his door. I would imagine sex is possible in the cafe if you are quiet. He is low key and mellow and thrives in that environment. All the best to him.

  19. Well I think this is great thing for tourists. My big wish is to visit Japan. But I don’t want to be regular tourist who stays at hotels, have organized tours, dinners, etc. I don’t like that. I wanna explore entire Japan. Travel by train, go to different cities, places, see not only regular siteseeing locations, but to feel actual life as average ppl there. To feel all parts of Tokio, not only tourist trap places, but small streets, small towns, nature, culture, small restaurants, fast food, markets, etc. This kissa thing is great because you don’t pay much for sleep and shower, and have more time and money that you can spend on exploring the country, traveling, food, and all the diversity of Japanese everyday life. Sort of freelancer tourism, with a simple point: minimum planing. Someday I will make it happen. 😃

  20. I can actually see myself living like this. I want to be a responsible adult in the future but I also want to enjoy life by doing the stuff I love. Unlimited manga, books, anime, the internet and a decent job at my disposal? That’s paradise right there >o< I take things slow in life and I’m fine with having just a few close friends I can hang out with. Personally, I think this kind of lifestyle would be great. I think I would only stop doing this when it is time for me to have someone I love and start a family.

  21. UPDATE: Due to corona virus, they closed all the manga/internet cafes. So many of these people lost their homes. Supposedly, the government is giving them support to stay in hotels…

  22. I’m actually quite impressed by his… normalness ? I thought only creepy or lost people lived in this kinds of things. Thank you for showing me once again how generalization hit me too

  23. A reading room with shower service? Japan sure is an interesting country.

    I could never do the manga kissa thing for more than a few days. I’d feel way too claustrophobic, and there’s such little privacy. I wouldn’t be able to relax in one like Hagi apparently can, especially having to use a public shower. Must not be very safe for women. The only woman he encountered in one of these places was a prostitute. Enough said.

    I wonder if he eventually intends to buy his own place. Even if he doesn’t want to get married and have kids, this doesn’t seem like an arrangement that a middle-aged person would want unless they really can’t afford anything else. He seems to have a good job so hopefully he’s saving up for something better. Even though he wants to open his own manga kissa, it doesn’t mean he needs to live in one forever.

  24. This guy is very smart and also very practical. You can see that he’s actually thriving with his way of life. Very impressive!! He also has absolutely adorable dimples , lol.

  25. I usually comute 1.5 hours every damn day its 3 hours a day but really i rather comute to my home and sleep like a baby in soft comfy bed than sleep in sitting position and public like this.

  26. He is content. Seems chipper too. So I would say nothing wrong with it. I mean heck if there was a way to filtrate air between booths it would resolve illness transfers. If that occurred I doubt he would really have any issue with it

  27. An in-depth investigation with thorough understanding, while still respecting human values.. this report is top class compared to mainstream media

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