Managing Your Dating Choices in the Philippines

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  1. I work near SM. Would have been nice to say Hi! Its not far from where you shot this vid. You did mention you would like network…If interested let me know. Am leaving soon for abroad. Enjoy your vids Henry thats just that.

  2. Yeah it’s crazy Henry, I joined the site Date in Asia even though you said not to join it yet if you aren’t in the Philippines yet lol, but it’s really helping me manage my dating choices already. Since I joined about 2 months ago, I’ve gotten over 1,200 visitors to my profile, mostly Filipinas since I made my heading Filipinas only basically. I’ve found a girl on there who is a good marriage candidate, I’ve found girls on there that just want to have fun with me, and everything in between.

  3. I will be in Cebu again briefly before catching my flight to usa for the holidays soon. Perhaps we could meet for lunch. Easier to reach me on Facebook, search ‘ Reekay ‘.

  4. I don’t care for any of the local Filipino hot dogs, myself. But Monster Franks uses brautwurst and other sausages grilled to order. I usually get all the fixings and a side of tater-tots. Good stuff! Best hot dogs I’ve had here in the PH. In fact, after the video, I chose the Monster Franks. 🙂

  5. Anything, everything you could want.. it’s here. You just look and you’ll find it, and it’s within grasp. It’s really a whole other world here.

  6. With traffic laws.. absolutely. There are no rules when driving here, which is kinda scary. People just drive around with only some attention to staying on the right side of the road. Get pulled over? $5 makes it go away, just be discreet. Gotta go pee really bad?.. just find a wall somewhere. But there are downsides, like no litter laws being enforced means trash almost everywhere. That sucks. Also, lots of exhaust/smog due to no real regulation.

  7. Although I agree with you that Filipinas definitely insist on exclusivity, they know that even an extended stable relationship will not always lead to marraige.

  8. Yes, I’m only speaking in the overall generality. Whatever kind of relationship a person could want, it can be found here. From just a few hours or days with no expectations.. to traditional courting leading to marriage and everything in between. What makes the Philippines stand out is that the women here are, in general, in favor of meeting a foreigner. Which opens up many possibilities for the visiting expat.

  9. Yes, I’m only speaking in the overall generality. Whatever kind of relationship a person could want, it can be found here. From just a few hours or days with no expectations.. to traditional courting leading to marriage and everything in between. What makes the Philippines stand out is that the women here are, in general, in favor of meeting a foreigner. Which opens up many possibilities for the visiting expat.

  10. I will be in Calif for the holidays, but returning at end of February. Add me to your Facebook so we can keep in touch. Search ‘Reekay’ at FB.

  11. Glad to be of help. I have many other useful articles at the main site, just use the link at the end of the video. At the Forum we have guys who can answer travel, Philippines questions as well.

  12. Really enjoyed your apartment video in Loon. My wife , my son, and myself live in Western New York, but we have a house in the San Miguel area of Bohol. I really want to retire there in 11-12 years. Keep making these great videos , they take me back to the place I love !!

  13. Noooo 🙂 you are in the US until February … darn im in Siquijor and Bohol in January and really hoped to meet you in person … But NeXT time then 😉
    Have a nice trip and a nice holiday

  14. An article I found says that according to the US census bureau, the divorce rate of American men to foreign brides is roughly 20%. Meanwhile, it is about 45% for US/US domestic marriages. And 70% divorce rate in California. So.. I’d say that mixed marriages among Filipinas and Foreigners is working out pretty darn good overall.

  15. I little different perspective, Henry, please: In my search for that special lady, I NEVER limit myself to only one.  There are always many choices and I find that the list gets short very quickly.

    Best policy is honesty.  When asked by a young lady if I’m seeing other girls, I ALWAYS answer YES.  I remind her that I have made NO exclusivity decisions and will not make any for many months, as I’m never in a hurry.

    Many girls do not like my brutal, “in your face” honesty, especially in a “save-face” culture.  But, I always get props and respect for my honesty.  She knows exactly where she stands with me at all times and can handle it, if not like it.

    Once you have the ground rules established, it’s relatively easy to which ladies are serious and which are just acting.

  16. Hope & Pray Henry is a OK after the massive typhoon swept through the
    central part of Philippines & my heart goes out to Filipinos families who have
    lost loved ones as well and sadly so soon after the earthquake destroyed the same area.
    God does move in very mysterious ways…..

    Take care 

  17. Understand the northern third of Cebu has been decimated by the hurricane.This
    area of island is just across from Bohol so perhaps things are not looking very good
    for any one caught in this area as well not just because of the hurricane but the huge wall of water that smashed into the these islands some hours afterwards….
    Just hope & pray my worst fears do not materialise ………

    1. Jealousy is high because foreigners are a hot item.  And any Filipina with a Foreigner b/f knows other women will do almost anything to steal you away.

  18. I would like to know your technique for picking up girls at the mall. Like that hottie in the white blouse over your left shoulder. Perhaps that could be an idea for a future video.

    1. My technique is alarmingly simple.  I walk up to her and say, “Good afternoon.  How are you doing?”  Meeting women in the PH is not hard at all, they are very open to speaking with foreigners.  The hard part is separating the scammers out and being patient with big decisions.

  19. The women of the PI are very intense and jealous and want to monopolize your time.  You have to wonder how much is true love and how much do they  see a walking ATM.

    1. Only time will weed out the scammers.  They get impatient and move on to easier prey who hand over money.  We shouldn’t rush into a marriage or love no matter where we live.

  20. I think it is very dangerous to bring a Pinay back to the West if you don’t know her well.  I know a Pinay who is married for 3 years and has her own “I’m single” Facebook page.  She and her GFs on FB are all looking for upgrades now.  Quick romance = Quick divorce!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      I live in Canada and there is a very large number of Filipinos here.  I find that Filipinas are no different than any other woman once they are out of the Philippines. The reason they love foreigners so much is the status…..they want to show off to the other pinay in their city.  Now once you take them out of the Philippines  that “STATUS”  is gone………think long and hard before marrying and bringing over a Filipina……you have much to lose while they risk nothing.

    2. This is why I advise against quick romances or rushed marriages.  Take a year at minimum to know them in person before making a life commitment that big.

    1. i find it interesting that guys who say, “it’s all about the money”.. the more i talk to them, the first thing they do when they try to have a relationship with a filipina is they toss money at her to “keep” her interested.  they make the relationship about money.  these are guys who knew nothing about how to build a healthy relationship before they got on the plane, and are still clueless when they get here.

      they get some attention from women looking for a meal-ticket, begin tossing out money and keep repeating the same mistake over and over again until that’s all they know.  in short, they changed locations, but still have no clue how to win a woman’s heart.

  21. She’ll take you for a ride and take your money, honey. No money … No honey….
    You are not compatible. You don’t know her culture or her customs. Her family doesn’t really like you. They only like your money. You’ll never find a women that’s like you. You family and friends will not accept her. Dude, love’m and leave’m and then go home. No wife for you.

  22. Don’t think that your so handsome: that all girls should be interested with you: 
    Not all fish are the same: so be careful making a video…because not only in Philippines you can find those kind of girls…Think about your country and other country also..

  23. Same goes for China and Korea – especially China. So many gorgeous available women and so many different nationalities it’s impossible to choose.

  24. komusta ka na henry!…i hope you are well and enjoying in pinas…thanks for uploading all your footage as i really enjoy watching them…and i always have a good laugh!!!….as evrything you have said in all the clips i have seen are very TRUE!!!….ONCE AGAIN MARAMING SALAMAT PO!….ingat ka na………..i will be ther in feb coming…..hope to meet you one day!…..

    1. Traveling man did you ever find out the answer to this question? By the way, how much does the Philippines expect you to have in the bank once you try to retire there?

    2. @HonestAbe White for $2k/month you could live just about anywhere in the PH as a single guy, with luxury.  as for ‘choice’.. check out either boracay or palawan or bacolod.

  25. If you want to date lots of girls without having any commitment to them longer term, how do you tell them so that they won’t be unhappy? Is this possible?
    Or will they just say I cannot sleep with them 🙂

    1. @GeekyMicky as for what to ‘tell them’.. you won’t have to say much on the topic.  the kind of women you meet who are into that sort of fleeting connections will be with some other guy a few days or hours later so, there’s not much to really discuss with them on that point.  main thing is.. be sure you are not playing around with a good woman’s heart.

    2. @GeekyMicky it’s more a matter of ‘where’ you meet them.  plenty of girls are into open relationships with no commitment, and you’ll find them at the bars, dance clubs, bikini bars and even nice malls like the Ayala in Cebu.  a good rule of thumb is either women in those places or women who approach you first.  ‘good girls’ who want a real relationship, they will almost never open a conversation with a foreigner.  also, free dating sites like dateinasia are rampant with women looking for fleeting meetups.  but keep in mind, one way or another, however they want to dress it up.. they aren’t into it just for the fun of it.  most will expect at some point to get paid.  the key thing to keep in mind here is to NOT sleep around with ‘good girls’.  that starts a very bad domino effect where they end up broken hearted, their family sees this and then next thing you know.. you are in some deep trouble with her family.  so if a man intends to just ‘play’ around, he needs to stick with like-minded women who are out ‘playing’ as well.  but if he wants a serious relationship, there are many, many good women available.. but they will certainly expect that you are faithful only to them.

  26. “mama mia”  –   what you need to come to terms with is that ‘your’ perspective of what is ‘normal’ is not in line with what has been ‘normal’ for thousands of years. since the time of michealangelo, the old testament even (ruth & boaz), younger women have paired up with older, established men as a majority preference. the idea of same-aged couples is a new concept that barely took hold in the early 1900’s after the industrial age when it was determined that children “under 18” needed to be in school, not working in factories. 

    until then, even as late as the settling of california in the mid 1800’s american girls were getting married at age 14 to 24 year old men who had already established some sort of profession or acquired land. another thing to look at, IF same-age relationships really was what the “laws of nature” required for a successful marriage.. look at how the usa overwhelmingly chooses to keep relationships same-age for the most part.. and yet suffers over a 50% divorce rate. if ‘same-age’ was so optimal, there wouldn’t be such a dismal outcome. 

    meanwhile, in europe and all over asia for thousands of years.. younger women have stayed married to older men. i know more happily married age-gap couples here in the PH and online than I do same-age couples, most of whom are divorced several times. 

     it’s a big world out here, you can stick with your limited perspective, but the majority of the world has a much wider definition of ‘normal’ for a much bigger part of history than your queasiness over difference in age.

  27. Here in Philippines – we have Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao each island have different cultures and traditions.  Here in Cebu Philippines I’ve notice a lot of women married to foreigners.  Just an advice choose a partner that can help you manage your finances.  A partner that has the ability to make your money increase has business ideas.  Most of the time foreigners wasted there money on girls, big houses, luxury cars and when they got sick they have no money to spend on medical and most of the time they sale there big houses and end up broke.  You don’t need big houses and luxury cars here for you to live.  Living in the Philippines your $1 = Php42 ….  CHOOSE A PARTNER THAT CAN HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR FINANCES.

    1. Oh ok thanks, Want to make i have the right phone & camer coz i do not want everybody seeing my with camer or it might make me a target who want to steal from me.

  28. Oh awesome advice your videos and information are very articulate & straightforward. You’re better than many of the top skill reporters here in the New York area.

  29. LOL Henry, pure brilliance on the subliminal analogy of food and women while standing in the food court of a large mall with women walking by. You are truly gifted. 🙂

    1. It is easy for a Filipina to get an American guy. The U.S. has a lack of decent single women over the age of 25 and there is a surplus of men, we have too many men looking for women.

  30. Thank you for the “Heads Up,” as you know being US American can suck at times, especially the dating scene. Knowing that age is not such a big factor in the Philippines is a relief, especially with a possible Foreigner/Filipino relationship.

    Juggling relationships will be difficult too, never could juggle. Interested to know any copping methods you use, or know of. I’ve seen a few of your videos, and being straight forward sounds like the best strategy over all.

    1. being here in the PH since 2012.. there’s only one way to minimize the drama, and that is to be up-front. either have 1 g/f and only her during the relationship or have no g/f and let any filipina you meet know that you only want a companion once in a while. any other approach leads to high drama.

  31. ReeKay as always your advice is spot on! When we were dating and going through the Visa process for eight months, my now wife would almost start hissing like a cat when women would stop and talk to me. And I was just waiting around in the mall as she shopped or picked up something in the store. Great Video!

  32. A question keeps coming to mind, as I watch your videos….. I’d like to ask you, specifically, because I think you’ll give a straight answer. If so many Filipinas marry foreigners, doesn’t that create an imbalance, as in a preponderance of Filipino bachelors? Isn’t this resented? I understand that women, in general, the world over are a pretty mercenary tribe – from what I’ve read and seen, they are moreso there. I reckon, if a guy keeps his perspective on that matter, as we should everywhere, it’s a minor annoyance.

  33. Reekay, you should also mention that different women in Philippines have different standards of men…some Filipinas will date any foreigner and some will only date certain foreigners…..some Filipinas are very selective about the type of foreigners they date….My filipina girlfriend turned down three foreigners before we met….they assumed because they were white foreigner men they could have her….they were sadly mistaken…

    1. yes, not all women want the same type of man. and most women (esp filipinas) do NOT like it when men toss up their money in a prideful way. that’s a huge turn-off for them.

  34. There are a cute philipina at mall however i dont see them as more cut then a young american women at mall. Philina not all skinny ether many are fat ugly like american women. But in general young women come in all sizes looks i dont see philipina has market on attrative women but they will give you time of day as american women wont a man twice her age.

    1. every year i spend december with my family in SoCal, USA. in a month there, i might see a dozen (max) hot girls. usa has an obesity rate at over 30%. (PH is under 9%, but rising) #walmartnation

  35. I had the same issue when I was there and downloaded a dating app. I was only there for a short time and couldn’t decide which girl to hang out with.

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