Making a blind woman’s day better.

We bought a couple of fans from this pleasant blind woman near the lake.



  1. check out the chicken at the end of her cart, it cant believe its just met THE troy vietnam (star struck), either that or its a blowup companion for a rooster. fancy giving the musician some money just to take the day off?

  2. good work Troy l like you video bot l am sorry l help my girlfrend and her children in thailand special now wher she hav lost her job in hotel because og this covid19 bot l realy like what you duing and you video from anton from denmark

  3. Cheers mate, you are part of the good and lovely in this world! I sometimes wonder why people like you dont get enough attention on youtube.

  4. Next Time, ask her how much for all of her stuff. Buy it all. Then hand out to little kids after u test them on their English. just an idea. peace.

  5. Cool little toys there! I would have bought the Doraemon figure and the chicken sex-toy..,..just for, you know….educational reasons.

  6. A Vietnamese blind, old woman has much more strength, honesty and dignity than these lazy asses BLM protestors.

    Nothing is free. Life is suffering.

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