Mail Call: What About Henry’s Personal Dating Life? – Philippines

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  1. When my ex/gf told me, “Looks like you’re going to be famous on Bohol.”.. I told her, no.. I don’t want to be famous, I like my privacy. In the States I could go in and out of a city and nobody would know I was there. Here, it seems someone is always watching and taking note. Mostly in a harmless/gossip fashion. But even so, you gotta work at keeping a private life here. It just comes with the territory.

  2. Your personal dating life is just that: yours. Anybody that thinks they know what you’re up to, based on your public musings, will be sadly mistaken. That’s especially true if they think you’re just cutting a wide swath through every woman in your path.

    Henry really likes women as people. Some of them, he dates. The rest have to deal with unrequited love. Period.

  3. You got death threats? Gotta be a child as a real man controls his anger and his tongue…Only a child trying to prove he’s a man will threaten another human being…I like your videos and I think you’re a cool guy…

  4. hey henry love your vids buddy keep up the great work!! 🙂
    henry’s private life is exactly that… HIS not yours, so get a life guys and stop threatening him/being sarcastic.
    we are privileged that henry takes the time out of his day to create these vids for us and share the philippines experience with us! thanks henry, some of us really appreciate what your doing for us even tho you have those few that are j@ckasses!

  5. I agree. One threat I got was from an American expat who spends only part of his time in the PH. His problems is that he’s an extreme control-freak, very extreme. The other threats were from Filipino men who seem to have a hatred for any foreigner “taking their women”. Apparently their hatred blinds them to the fact that by and large we Expats usually improve the quality of life for the Filipinas we marry, along with helping to meet their parent’s needs.

  6. Thanks, man.. I appreciate the support and kudos. Once in a great while I get kinda sketchy and paranoid if I notice some Filipino looking at me side-ways, but so far I’ve had no problems in daily life. As a bit of a side-note, the original Filipina I was dating when I came here, she and I broke up back in March and, while still on good terms, we’ve each moved on. Lately I’ve been seeing a new girl, but been taking that very slow. I’m not looking to settle down just yet.

  7. About 17 years ago I dated a woman for three months only to find out she had manic-bipolar disorder and she refused medication. She made my life a living hell by the time I figured out what the source of her craziness was. The level of complete irrationality some people have can be totally off the charts. They feel completely rationalized, almost duty-bound to inflict pain on others because it all makes sense “in their head”. Ever since then, I don’t put anything past anybody.

  8. Good one. I’ve learned to be a little thick-skinned if the need arises over the years, prior to coming here. Yesterday I ran into a neighbor at the mall (an elderly woman, chismosa/gossip) She said, “What? You have no companion today?” I can handle that. It’s the crazy people looking to take you outta the game I’ve got my eyes peeled for. But most days, things are cool and I enjoy life. I just keep my ‘bat-cave’ unknown to anyone in town I don’t know.

  9. Thanks. My guess is that these crackpots begin from a position of hatred and then just ignore the content of what I say. From the emails I got, they obviously did not understand a single point I made. Who knows, maybe some d-bag expat screwed over their sister.. that’s not my fault. Three Filipinos tried to mug me in Cebu, I don’t blame every Filipino I meet because of it. But that’s how ignorant these haters are, they’re looking for a person to lash out on.

  10. Yah, that one guy was about 25 years old.. he came to PH for a while, moved a bar-girl into his apartment and got royally scammed. So as he’s dragging his butt back to the US with his tail between his legs he’s been posting to every expat venue that hasn’t blocked him already, pissing and moaning about how the PH is such a terrible place. I’m glad he left the PH, he doesn’t have the brains, heart or maturity to survive out here.

  11. Now that I’ve been here a year, it’s been an interesting shift in perspective for me. It’s like being at the buffet with nothing else planned for the day. There’s no ‘rush’ to ‘get some’.. every ten minutes is a new opportunity to meet some lovely young lady. So, I just take it easy.. evaluate my options and I even often avoid “starting something” because I already know the follow-up can involved requests for money, that whole song and dance. A shift from ‘quantity’ to ‘Quality’.

  12. Yeah, Henry, you’re handling your private life perfectly. Why does anyone need to know what Pinay you’re hanging with? Why does another Pinay need to know who you’re with? Hell, why choose just one when you can remain single and enjoy them all!

    I see these guys posting pics of their wives/girl friends/ flavor of the week, etc. Why? The lower the profile you keep as a stranger in a strange land, the better. The less people know of you and about you, the less of a target you are.

  13. There is no reason to send someone death threats. Your channel is very informative and entertaining and positive. There is no need for anyone to go that far with you Henry.

  14. oh they get that picture plenty clear Henry, and they feel threatened by seemingly rich foreigners buying the best of their world from around them-including their beautiful women!!!

  15. I just did a set of videos on those complainer-type expats. They give the rest of us a bad reputation. One Filipina told me that when she sees a foreigner she will cross the street to avoid him. That is the effect bad-apples have on the rest of us.

  16. They do it not based on anything I said, but because they are filled with hatred and just looking for an excuse. Such people do not understand Life.

  17. Yes, it is sheer Envy and Jealousy at work. If there were zero foreigners here and all the lovely Filipinas were marrying rich Filipinos with careers.. they’d be hating them instead.

  18. Sure thing.. just waiting for these storms to stop, been kinda overcast even when it’s not raining lately. I’m planning a return to Alona Beach during the evening on a weekend. Also the fishing wharf at sunrise, which is when all the action happens. 🙂

  19. Don’t mind the haters Henry. You are doing an a good job and is being tactful and balance in your opinion. Well, just be careful with some specific information but then you know that. Take care.

  20. Ya know… I’ve watched just about a googolplex of videos and close to that many articles in preparation for my move to the Philippines. Education about the culture and day to day living being the objective. Your videos and articles are the most informative I’ve come across. I especially like the video series you did for filipinas. Every filipina should watch those.

  21. Henry:
    I’ve been following you for quite sometime. I live in Colorado & have gf in Davao. Did you make it okay on Friday with Haiyan hitting so close?
    Best Regards,

  22. Good for you Henry, keep your personal life private, any reasonable person needs to understand this,especially after seeing this video. Thanks again for your informative videos, best wishes for a great new year, and take care

  23.     Henry , what I’ve found out,  is that  people who feel completely trapped in their lives  hate seeing  people who are  free.  It makes them  aware that they don’t have the courage to change .    And as you said ,  “They don’t realize that it is their own attachment  to things is what  keeps them trapped .  ”    They see you as the one who put them in the corner – ridiculous , I know,  but I think that is what it is .
         You are living a dream Henry ,   I’ve been watching your videos after waiting for months for the courage to break away from my life  and spend a month in Cebu . 
         Anyway , I cheer your courage,  enthusiasm , and great view of the world !
    Thanks for sharing ! 

  24. I had scarcely thought of the Philippines until a diving trip there 4 months ago.  I started researching living there after that and thought it far too risky.  Having seen many of your videos, I am getting a sense that the risk can be managed.  I think most of us feel like we know you as a friend, and just have a personal curiosity in your romantic life, as my friends and employees have about mine.  But, we are really strangers, and you are totally right about the “lunatic fringe”. 

    Your sight is classy, informative, and should offend no one.  Keep up the good work.

  25. i caught a vid where you wisely suggest dating, marrying, only a girl recommended by a mutual friend (not a friend who is a RELATIVE of the girl, family-scam); a friend who’s known the girl for a LONG time, a character-ref; great idea; but i won’t have any filipino, or any, contacts; any ideas on how i could est filipino friendships when i arrive?  

  26. Sounds like it was an immature dude regardless of his age. Go to the PHps dating sites and you will find the real women. Way off the topic. My concern long term and I am thinking about the PH that way is when the next downturn hits. Have looked at how crucial remittances are to the economy, 14% of GDP. Whan all those filippinas sending money back home get sent home…that economy is going to suffer…and unemployment rise drastically. I think you have to look at the real PH economy and plan. Tourism is another 5%, then exports they all get hit.

  27. So sorry that there is crazy people on your site with death treats.I have been to Philippines many many times,and my dream is to retire Philippines if i can.Your site is a very big help to me Thank you Steve Moore

  28. Gee Reekay….death threats… WTF? ..if anything you have done a very good helpful service to both the ex-pat community and intending ex-pats such as myself.
    I get a lot of positive vibes from watching your videos and listening to your pod casts…and so have come to see that you are very careful not to offend anyone person or group.
    I know you have mentioned your personal dating experiences, less and less, as time has progressed,.. this I understand has been more to protect innocent people, that otherwise may come to harm and the hands of the ever present “Lunatic Fringe”.
    At the same time, you trigger much laughter within me, as I both hear and see some of your comments usually on mundane things. Its uncanny that my own thoughts and expressions have been very similar to yours, whilst I have been visiting Philippines.
    I certainly hope these extreme threats against you, are idle..and that you will continue to produce more entertaining videos and pod casts..
    And you should take comfort in the fact, that there are thousands more subscribers on your side that both like your persona and love what you do…than the minority of snarling, trolling Stool samples.

    1. some people only hear what they want to hear, to justify their pre-judgments on others. they don’t deal with reality as it is, much less hear what is actually being said. i have no time for nutjobs like that. they can take their crazy-show down the road.

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