Mae Hong Son Thailand Motorbike Tour Starts Tomorrow

#MaeHongSon #Thailand #ChiangMai
I’m leaving Bangkok to start a new epic motorbike tour across North Thailand.

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  1. How do you like the inflight announcements? Sounds like the lady is on quaaludes or from a phonesex line. My wife and I laugh everytime. Its like a big sigh with words coming out.

  2. Two things. One, it rains a lot there, you got rust on the rotors, two and the more important one, Go by Small world in the bar area where they have the muy Thai, and also the other tourist place, Reggae bar. Great music at Reggae bar, and small world is a kick in the ass. They have a little person thats funny as hell, get him to break dance and then the girls will play you games to try and get money from you. I go along with them within a budget .

  3. Finally! Lol! Don’t forget your gloves and long sleeves top. I heard it gets quite cold in some places; especially at Don Inthanon. Bon Voyage!

  4. Mate Pai is my town.Its going to be hot this time of year but its so beautiful.
    Places to eat are endless ,hot springs
    Cafe Cito isy hangover feed
    Spa exotica is the best hot spring

  5. I cracked up when you said that the helmet stinks. I know what you mean. I would buy a new one too. Chad, you travelled nearly entire Thailand. Is there a city there were you would live or more: what is your favourite city and why?

  6. So excited for this tour. PAi is an amazing city with lots to see and do. Awesome night market with great food. Your gonna LOVE the road into PAi, smart choice on getting a new bike with better brakes….your gonna need em!!!🤪🤪🤪🙏

  7. You ride through on the inner rail between trucks and cars. Squeaky brakes no problem. This mountain journey will be exciting.Just be careful these roads are very winding.

  8. I show ya some places on the map to get a good map. Local places. Add me on fb andy mitchell, got pic of me and my wife doing a traditional wedding in esan profile pic.

  9. Chad always gets left and right wrong, and now we see he doesn’t know West from East. No wonder he always gets lost lol! Have a great trip dude! Keep up the great content!

  10. Good luck Chad!
    You’re getting closer to realizing motorcycles are not the way to travel.
    Hopefully it wont cost you your life.
    God speed…

  11. I did this loop about 20 years ago in a Suzuki Jimny, I think that I must have very nearly worn 1st gear out. Would love to go back and do it on a bike. Actually did it the other way round. Doi Inthanon, Hot, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Song, Pai and back to CM. You’ll love it mate.

  12. I like the cinema verite part of your channel Chad, it’s not the “village of the happy people.”

    To paraphrase some old European: “the first casualty of your Thai vacation is the vacation plan.” 🤣

  13. “The tyres wernt working with each other” you should check the pressures yourself Chad. They’ll put 50psi in them “because last long time”.

  14. Ive just finished 6 days around the northern section, 90% offroad. Even found myself in a different country a few times. Go back and get a CRF250, ill show you where the good contents at! 😉

  15. I miss my fiance & son my new home in Thailand, im in Melbourne Australia 4 months so far & still in lock down, you bring Thailand to me and for that i say Thank you very much Chad..really looking forward to this trip you are on….safe travels…

  16. Hi Chad
    I did the MHS loop in March on the blue you now have. Its a bit beat up but went great and never missed a beat. You’re right about the helmets. I did the loop clockwise and spent more time in Pia🇦🇺😀

  17. I’ve seen some of the helmets you have worn, and what other youtubers where. I think I would just order a quality helmet like an Arai so I would know it’s only been my nugget that has been in that helmet! My $0.02. Love your channel! Stay safe! Don’t become a “new papa” on this trip!! lol

  18. Mate- you should have rented a Honda CRF 250l from POP motors. Ideal bike for that loop. Done it a few times Check out Pichai Guesthouse in Pai. Two doors down from Aussie Pub , near Police station.
    Look for Na’s kitchen,
    Check out waterfalls, Pai Gorge and Hot Spring, and climb up to White Budda
    In Mae Hong Song stay at Boondee Guesthouse.Go down to market on lake. Go up to temple on hill with great view
    Best retraurant in Pai is Blue Ox
    Cheers, Drew, now stuck in Western Australia
    I have a Honda 250 in Thailand

  19. Great video work…enjoy your content all the time. Im living for 10 years in Chiang Mai. If you have some questions how is it to live here than let me know. I’m also can show you some lokal shops and a lot more. Good luck for your trip and don’t worry about the rain. It would be stop soon…this reaning season have not a lot of rain in C.M.

  20. Hey Chad.. been following all your posts and am especially interested in this trip as I’m planning to do it myself by car in the next couple weeks. I’m an American expat in BKK, and also a classic car guy .. keep the stories coming!

  21. I have been on that road! So many hairpin curves I had to stop for a break because it was making me sick. It was fun though and would like to do it again. Lots of hippies in Pai!

  22. Enjoy mate but go easy. Some of those bends have loose gravel if it’s been raining.
    Highly recommend you take the sleeper train back to Bangkok – the new one is quite nice

  23. The sleeper train is a fun way to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, stupid cheap too. You might like to try that one some other time you head North. Looking forward to your next video. Have a safe trip.

  24. The way I would describe it would be a rollercoaster of a road, I have rode it 3 times now and it’s awesome, I usually get my bike from Pop rental, you can get a Versys 650 or a V-storm at a really good price, good luck and ride safe Brad.

  25. Hopefully the like and subscribe is enough. We are stocking up in the States right now for “the situation” , and also stocking up for the unrest as well! Really enjoy your videos, thanks for what your doing!

  26. Chiang Mai is one of my favourite cities in Thailand. Watching your video this morning brought back so many good memories! Looking forward to following this trip through the Golden Triangle!

  27. Why would you want to wear a helmet from rental company? How do you know if it has been smashed before or not? Go buy a good helmet and keep it for each time you go for a ride as its the most important part of your gear

  28. Great vid. Thanks again for the illustrative maps. They really help. My first experience into Thailand was flying into Chaing Mai. I stayed for about 7 days before getting hooked up in Pattaya by a freind of a freind from my hometown in NY. Not knowing much at that time (renting bikes, getting around) I hung near the ancient wall area. Unfortunately I did not venture very far. I still remember the names of the owner and servers of my favorite restaurant there, Bow and Ice.. I wish I saw this video before I got there. It would have been very helpful. Thanks for the tip about the correct helmet on the open road. Last summer when I was bombing around the city of Pattaya, I brought with me a helmet I bought 5 years earlier in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for $12. A leather covered German shaped helmet. It was good enough for the city but by your advice, i would not use it on the open road. Safe travels bud.

  29. Checking tire pressure means they put in 80lbs. -100lbs.
    That leaves you with about 2 square centimeters of contact patch.
    I always adjust afterwards with my own gauge.

  30. This is insane… But I rode the Mae Hong son loop 2 years ago and rode the exact same bike, exact same color,. I got mine at Mr. Mechanic shop #1. Wish I could send you a Pic. Love your content. I watch every one.

  31. First time watching with captions on because im in a loud surround and cant hear shit. All his kapkhunkap turns into sumting funny. “Drop your papa” lmao

  32. There are so many interesting places to visit in Mae Hong Son loop that are very popular for locals. You should spend some nights at home stay up in the mountain such Ban Ja Bo, Ban Ruk Thai, Doi Mae Ukor etc. Have fun and safe trip!

  33. On your way back try joy guest house on Thapae 5, thapae gate, just behind McDonald’s thapae gate, Pauly and Ginny run it, cheap and great location

  34. My friend managed to buy a standard dull silver aerox, without doubt the worst colour, you’re blue and grey looks awesome compared to his ,lol.

  35. You only get one head invest in a quality helmet and paint it up, it will look cool. Even a good second hand one will do just great.

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