Lunchtime at Jollibee’s! – Bohol, Philippines (ICM Mall)

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  1. I think we are all responsible for the decisions in our life. Sometimes they may not be the best.. But hindsight is 20-20 right? Although for you as an outsider think you are right to judge, really?? I personally am looking forward to living in the Philippines as I have family there. Whatever decision we make either good or back, we as humans make the best of it and I believe Henry truly has. Who are you to judge?? Perhaps get a life and enjoy your crazy American grind. Enjoy..

  2. Wow dude… I’d take Henry’s life over your safe little padded cubicle. He is out there exploring, being adventurous, meeting new people, and living a life to the fullest which many do not or are scared to even try. Even though I have never met or even talked to Henry, he’s been an inspiration to me and many others out there in the world.

  3. Like many others, I am one of those who had been inspired by Henry’s story and adventurous spirit. Leaving away the all too familiar life and stepping into the unknown. Your truly living a life that others can only envy. I am a Filipino who now work in San Francisco, and living a rat race life here. I still have many working years ahead of me here, but I am looking forward to retiring in Philippines. Perhaps just enjoy street food like; BBQ, lugaw , balut, and most of all a cold bottle of SMB.

  4. Henry, my unit in Azure Urban Beach Resort will be turned over to me by early next year. I know you have never been to Manila, but if you’re up to it, you are welcome to stay there for a week or two plus free airfare. Just so you can experience life in Manila. Once the place is ready, we can talk more about it. Cheers!

  5. I wanted to see the food … You can’t talk about JB and not show us the foods … Lol . I don’t think your living in hell .. Just the opposite . People will always try and rain on your parade . But that’s life . Great vid as always .

  6. If anything, you are making this a racial issue. The number of people in poverty are highest among Blacks and Hispanics, not just Blacks. Now is the continent of Africa the highest in murders? Yes, but are they all caused by Blacks? Absolutely not. You failed to mention some of those countries with high murder rates are Black and/or Arab. You are limiting yourself from the richness of diversity by “avoiding” some people based on race. I choose to indulge myself into those differences.

  7. It always put a smile on my face when ignorant people quote percentages (that is completely fabricated or misinterpreted) in order to make their argument seem more valid. For instance I may say 98% of homeless men ride bicycles therefore it if you ride a bicycle you must be homeless. Now I just pulled that percentage out of my ass to make my argument point seem valid. If left unchallenged then most people may drink the kool-aide I am serving.

  8. But should that prevent one from exploring the world and experiencing its vast beauty? I think not. There are ways and means to reduce the risks. Anyhoot my racist friend you dont need to say controversial things to get people to visit your site (I am quite sure you have your own youtube page and you are trying to gain traffic by being controversial… i maybe wrong but i doubt it).

  9. Take care and God bless youInformationDeposit … Oh did you know Jesus was of dark complexion? I am not a Christian, but its in your bible. So I guess if you saw him on the street you would avoid him too…lolol.. interesting…. I always get a chuckle from you people who call yourselves christians and yet filled with so much hatred for your own mankind… too funny. Even the devil have more love than you people.

  10. It’s basically like the Teriyaki Burger at Carl’s Jr., only not as good. Some pineapple, teriyaki sauce and bamm.. you have a Jollibee Aloha Burger. ha!

  11. Sounds awesome, man. Thanks for the invite. You can reach me on Facebook at; ” henry.velez “. Have backpack, will travel. Tipping a few San Miguel’s will be in order to celebrate your place. 🙂

  12. Yah, when some d*ckweed claims they are “..outside the Synagogue of Satan” and then acts like a hostile Ass, they are so far into their juvenile mindset to even bother responding to. Lost cause. He can have the hell-hole he clings to. Me.. I’m planning more trips to the beach. 🙂

  13. See..? It’s this kind of 13-year old mindset I have no time or energy for. Life is too short to waste it on self-destructive losers like this “info-dump” character who, apparently lives a crappy life and hating every minute of it. Kinda karmic though that he’ll likely spend the rest of his days angry at other people who live happier lives. If he was really all-so-spiritual, he’d not be talking like a complete ass.

  14. Absolutely. Real joy is not found in ‘things’.. it’s found in solid relationships with quality people who have some sense and a decent enough heart. ‘Stuff’ comes and goes, it wears out and we eventually toss it in the trash. The only valuables I have are the solid relationships in my life. 🙂 Look forward to meeting you sometime John when you’re in the area so we can tip a few SM’s.

  15. I deleted “infodump”‘s ignorant comments. If he wants to live his life spreading strife, he can do it somewhere else. Life’s too short to try and re-hab guys like him. ha!

  16. Good advice. I go very casual in most places unless I’ll be in the nicer malls. I never wear jewelry anyway. With my brown skin I ‘kinda-sorta’ blend into the crowd at first glance. ha!

  17. Exactly.. people get the life they fight for. If they use their actions to fight for having a crappy life they can whine over.. that’s what they get. Nature has an aversion to 2 things; a Void and Cowards. But for those willing to assess the risks, make a solid plan and ‘go for it’.. even at the very worst they can say they tried and begin working on Plan B to reach their goals.

  18. I’m astounded anyone in this day and age can be this oblivious to the fact that there are both Pros and Cons to just about anything in life.

  19. Really? Then how do we account for this guy being the exact OPPOSITE of any virtue Jesus ever taught or expressed? Proof is in the pudding. Perhaps this guy skipped this verse in Corinthians; “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” This guy is no expert in anything other than being a douchebag.

  20. Yes.. it’s all a ‘conspiracy’ that there is crime in the PH. Because there is no crime in the US or any other country. Geez, what a dim bulb.

  21. I agree. I blocked both of the usernames he’s used so far and I’ll continue to do so. I left enough of his comments to let people see just what an ego-centric, self-righteous prick he is and why he got blocked from my channel. The one thing hateful people cannot stand is to see other people happy. They figure since they are miserable, everyone else should be as well. I’d almost pity him if he weren’t such an ass.

  22. btw.. guys like him are why I mentioned specifically in another video that it’s nut-jobs like him, from outside the PH even, that I strive to maintain privacy on my personal life as much as possible. He can say all he wants about how bad Filipinas are (smarter than him though, apparently since they conned him).. but it doesn’t change the lunacy he exudes from his own twisted soul. He’s no better.

  23. Name-calling, slurs and threats. And in the same breath.. this guy presents himself as a reader of the Bible.. a witness for God (as he puts it). Yah.. nice try but.. he’s only managed to fool himself.

  24. Where to begin? First, blocked him for being a common Troll. Second, I’m not Mexican. Third, the richest person on the planet is not Bill Gates, it’s a Mexican man. Fourth, he keeps promising he’s “done” and “not going to return” and yet, he re-vomits himself where he’s obviously not wanted. You’d think after getting blocked from so many other sites, him being intelligent and all.. he’d get a clue.

  25. Yes, and your stench gives you away each time. Your racist rants are every bit as ignorant as the slurs you vomit about. I’m so glad I’m not you.

  26. Wow, It took me longer to wade through all the comments to see what the heck is going on than it did to watch the video. I just wanted to say, “thumbs up!” on Jollibee’s, it is the first place I ate at in 1999 when I arrived in Manila (breakfast of longanisa and rice, yum!), and keep on keeping on, Henry. Love your videos!

  27. I agree, and I do like their breakfast much more than their main menu of burgers or spaghetti. The fried chicken is decent, but KFC still has them beat. A really good place for breakfast, franchise, is called something like Sinalog Station. They’re open 24/7 and only make breakfast so it’s great after a night out drinking, or anytime, to get a good breakfast for about 90P.

  28. Exactly.. and not only to explore, but to build positive and good things. Good marriages, good families, good friends and communities. Guys like this David person are self-absorbed and contribute nothing. Even worse, they are the foul stench in any nation they visit.

  29. I agree. I only hit up a Jollibee’s maybe once every 6 weeks. You’ll find me in the alleys at the merkado surrounded by Filipinos wondering what I’m doing there for lunch. ha! Roadside bbq’s and a small, family-run resto have been my latest eating places. All the good stuff is off the beaten path. 🙂

  30. Yes the tindahan are great. When i was there i loved to see the faces of the pinoy when they saw a white guy sitting at the counter eating sinigang or adobo. Jollibee is olso very good fast food most of the time, im saying that becuse at one place in cebu i got a food poisoning after eating at a jollibee but that was just a insolated incident. Over all jollibee are great. 🙂

  31. I worked with McDonalds in Manila at nights when I was in college roughly 23 yrs ago. Breakfast meal was probably P15. That was a lot then compared to P90 of today. The McDo Filipino short term here in the US is a sham. Takes them too long to feed 5 customers.

    TAPSILOG shortcut for “tapa”-beef, “sinangag”-fried rice and “itlog”-egg.
    LONGSILOG shortcut for “longganisa” rice and egg. Cost P5 in a roadside kitchenette or family bistro. Today probably cost P30?

    1. I had that a few days ago.. a ‘decent’ fast-food burger for the PH.  But doesn’t compare to the artery-clogging burgers at Carl’s Jr.   🙂

  32. Nothin beats Cali’s very own in n out! The burgers at jolliebee are not that good, but I do like their spaghetti and chicken. I wish in n out would franchise their restaurants and I’d be the first one in the Philippines 😀

  33. Wow Henry, you live in a pretty modern place. We don’t have anything like Jollibees, in fact, no one has heard of MacDonalds. Shopping malls? Are unknown here. Supermarkets are something you have heard about and hope one will appear. We do have a movie theater. For a city of 600,000 with no roads leading to it, our Iquitos, Peru is a very rustic version of your paradise with lots of friendly people, motorbikes, pretty women and fried chicken.

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