1. Dude it looks amazing there.The water is crystal.I cant wait to move from Thailand.I dive/snorkel,so I think I’m gonna be in Paradise.And then u throw in the ladies.If I can find one,anywhere near as even tempered as your lady,I will be blessed.

  2. You should open the so that the smell will not stay inside the house and it cause smell in your clothes as well enjoy your lunch and have a good appetite….

  3. caught yur statement where we think you just hand yur wallet to Chrissy,,when im in the philippines if its U.S dollar I will hold it,,when it changes to pesos I atutomatically hand it to my fiancee Rizza and she does all the handling,very good system that works the best. Great to see you let Chrissy handle the money them girls really enjoy that,,oh how i miss the wonderful life in the philippinnes

  4. My wife family were farmers and were raised on corn which is very similar to rice but much cheaper.. The price of rice has doubled in 10yrs

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  6. My kind of people…I follow Fox regularly too but most of mine is on YouTube…that way I can see the important without the unneeded

  7. Great video, I want to thank you, for being so loving and kind to your lady, keep giving the love, to her, she seems so happy. When she smile’s it’s like a ray sunshine, surrounds you both.

  8. New subscriber here from USA. I’m a Filipina married to an American. Tin is a beautiful Filipina and a sweetheart 😊 and she’s beautiful pregnant women 😊

  9. First time watching. I used to live all over Asia back in the day, now I’m living in MX. I was surprised that you enjoy the same hot sauces and the rainbow flip flops, ha! My gf also handles my wallet for the buying. I also like Fox News and football! Enjoy!

  10. Cristy smile make u smile too hehehe.love this couple anyway😍😍😍 by next yr i meeting my american fiancee after 1 1/2 yr of long distance relationship ..coz im still working in malaysia

  11. I love the way u are tim…u have a big heart for your filipina gf…hope to see u soon! Im also from leyte…i love watching ur vlog after u meet harald.

  12. Christy is so simple and shy I can tell, reminds me of me haha that was a long time ago, now I’m a grandma πŸ‘΅ Christy I’m From Bato Leyte and I just got back here in US September 17 couple months ago, you are blooming while pregnant, don’t forget foreigners or Americans they always want to hear, THANK YOU AND PLEASE, or EXCUSE ME, tawag nila ana MAGIC WORDS, ing ana ko nimo ka payat niadtu 1978 hahaha karon 110 lbs, na ko, you’ll be a good wife in a future, and a good mother to your kids, I love your video or a Vlog pareho ta taga Leyte ug duol pa jud,

  13. I would love to find a nice girl like Christy and vlog. But I would do it alot different. I would take her to all the countries with me because it adds to the videos.

  14. I just subscribed and have started watching your videos I enjoy them very much. I feel as though I am an expert in the field of relationships with ladies. I’m 72 years old and I’ve had many fine ladies in my life so here’s some free advice to you with your beautiful lady carrying your baby. Filipina ladies are very jealous and you have to be very careful about giving too much attention as they see it to the other young women around you. I see your lady’s face at times and it looks like it’s bothering her the attention you are giving to the other young ladies. I believe it’s all honest but I believe she is getting her feelings hurt at times. So this cost you nothing. I just think I see something that maybe you don’t see. I wish you much luck and your future adventures and Endeavors I wish you nothing but peace and blessings for you and your lady and your baby soon to come. God bless.

  15. Make sure Chrissy eats good, since she pregnant.. you too Tim… Take good care of her. I understand about you holding the camera so she pays. Makes sense to me. Simple life is good. you live on a beautiful island and have a beautiful gf.

  16. “If someone wants to enjoy his travel to other countries, he should leave his own culture behind….and if he can’t do it, he might better stay home.”

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    πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώβš”οΈπŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ

  18. Love your videos, seeing the beautiful land and people of the Philippines. But do you guys ever eat vegetables? Do they have them there? Meat and white rice is not a complete diet.

  19. Congratulations to the mommy to be and the daddy to be hope all the best for you and the little one to be πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  20. I loved living in Ph, Luzon most Leyte ..Ormoc not so much. I went there talking too much, not listening enough. After about 3 months you learn that Americans are quick to assume, slow to think . This over talk pegs a person as a rich, dumb, mark . Better to ask more open ended questions, let her think find the English and talk than to run over her. There are so many cultural nuances ans misunderstandings, esp in poorer areas where they have no life experience outside of their area, all they can do is smile..a lot. Many Americans underestimate severely the importance of family there and the women esp will sacrifice everything for their families. The poverty and lack of affordable medical there is overwhelming and most Americans won’t understand how this shapes them so much.

  21. Nice, the baby will be spinning with the TUNA! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… Drink lots of water you guys, don’t get dehydrated. You need like 2-3 liters per day.

  22. Woo oh did she put lots of butter? Nope not eating that difinitely gonna have a heart burnt for sure please use an Olive Oil next time it’s healthy guaranteed lol

  23. say whats up bro hanna fits the descrition im hitting u up fro northern cali i have a crush on hanna dont get me both of them r beautiful i’ll b in makati next month lookoing for a beautiful philipina i’mn a disabled iraq war vetran im 47 i’m 6′ 198lbs. carmel brown skin

  24. nice lunch, same ingredients as i make, although vastly different in the making. thank you an christy for that, i enjoyed your video. nice place too. i loved the place i stayed in my first trip in 1989, 26 paces from the bed, to knee deep in the water.


  26. Tim… go to the grocery and get “turmeric..garlic..horse radish..raw honey..onions…apple cider vinegar…one bottle…mix in blender and drink one cup…it cure your infection.

  27. Hey Tim I was thinking of going to Leyte also Tacloban I’m coming from California what do you suggest would be the best time to go where the weather is not too hot and not too crazy love the channel man

  28. I thought before Kristine is from here surigao.. ❀❀❀😘 hi kristine,hi Tim k,

    Just say hello both of you,
    Greetings from tandag surigao city

  29. Nice videos Tim, you got yourself a great woman, congratulations.

    A constructive comment about your videos:

    You ask too many questions and talk too much considering that, in some parts of Asia like Thailand and Philippines, they do not like to speak so often. Your woman is not going to complain about it, but you are stressing her with so many questions.

    I know you are vlogging but still…

  30. Hi guys how are you ? I found your channel by chance last night close to midnight and now I am watching this episode ! and you got a NEW SUBS …. and we are sending you GREETINGS from Nevada … we , my wife and I , like your channel keep bringing more and more … and how much was that Scooter Tim ?

  31. I need a camera like you……
    I wish one day i will start vlog…..
    You are such a nice person…. ❀️
    All the best for both

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    Keep smiling and all the best πŸ‘πŸΌ

  33. omg tim this bring me lots of memory watching your video,,,,,you care her soo much,soo much love to her wooww amazing love best couple i have ever seen in my entire life,though u r westerner but you are kind n love with the asian,its honour to watch your life style vlog bro,,,thank you soo much for this video love from india………

  34. You should buy a little steady boat with a small engine, that way you know you will not sink even if you run it onto rocks or if its filled with water or if you flip it.

  35. Leyte is so beautiful especially on the beach but not nearly as beautiful as Christin. You are very lucky Tim to share Christin’s life. So nice to see you so happy together. Wow, 1 Kg on the MONEY with that fish. That dude represents! πŸ™‚ I assume the weed wacker fans are to keep flies away. Christin looks cool in the moto helmet. πŸ™‚ Really nice moto that you guys have!

  36. she is showing, congrats tim i love you guys, i have a girl in the Philippines too i want to visit so badly. its hard to save money.

  37. Tim you guys need to try “pagpag” it’s a popular dish the Philippines amongst those w very little money but would make epic video.

  38. Way to go with the tuna Tim, bit of lemon and parsley in that butter would of gone a long way, plus some rock salt and black pepper πŸ‘

  39. Tim, I never see you guys BBQ anything. Do you even own a charcoal grill? If not itΒ΄s time to buy/build one. Grilled tuna is the best!

  40. Next video we want to see you cook while Christy holds the camera. My filipina wife said she was ready to put that fish in your ass Tim! It’s getting violent over here. For the love of God cook something man!!!

  41. Hahaha,, Semi typical lunch? very few people in this village could afford a chunk of tuna like that,,, they buy fish from the street vendor for P120 a kg ,, not P 300 plus for Tuna,,

  42. What a cute beautiful and lovely girl . You lucky dog πŸ˜‰
    And thats your front yard ?
    Now im jealous haha oh yeah , there is bun in the oven !

  43. tim you look so great couple she’s humble sweet smile perfect plss take care of her always.. count me as your avid fan >>From pampanga philippines god bless

  44. Tim after watching your videos for awhile now and your time with Harald too I realize with Christin and baby on the way your blessed bro.
    I was in Philippines for 8 years, love it there. Your videos make me miss my life there. I return someday to visit. Much love too you all.

  45. I think I missed the part where you said what kind of fish that was. Looks like Wahoo which is basically a giant mackerel. So you guys like Cholula, eh? Me too. And of course Tapatio. Thanks for the vid, keep β€˜em comin!

  46. Bro be nice to her she don’t act like this tots in the usa also you need to marry her do you know how manny dudes would want you place

  47. hello to the lovely couple, where are you in Leyte,? My hometown is on Matalom Southern Leyte, was born there but grown up in Manila, I love Southern Leyte


  49. I hope the rice cooker and hot water pot have cool bottoms so they don’t melt the table cloth! Back in the “old days” we had to put those kinds of things on insulated plates or trivets.

  50. Yeah, we were told to use the Cebuana LH– place for a large money transfer (usually we use Western Union) and found out each office is different and there is no standard for how much cash each office is able to deliver. A real screw up if you have to specify the pickup point at the time you write the transfer only to find later they have much less cash on hand.

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  52. Bro. you’re blessed to have her so take good care of her & congratulations for having a baby soon! You’re in the right place at the right time. May God bless your lives with abiding love.

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  54. Paradise. Love your place right on the beach and that magic looking water. That fish looked outstanding, and the price, damn! Where I’m from (Australia) a fresh 1kg tuna steak would set you back about AUD$40 (USD$30) per kg, and we’re also a fishing nation right on the water.

  55. Christine, she a pregnant if YES, CONGRATULATION I and my wife is happy also because every you upload your VIDEO we are glad to see you.

  56. Everybody saying Tim should change it to Chrissy’s channel is crazy. I have a similar girlfriend that is kinda shy and reserved. These girls do better with a boyfriend that is more outgoing. Tim’s personality brings out Chrissy’s personality. Although sometimes I see Chrissy struggling to deal with Tim’s inability to adapt to some of the harder realities of the Philippines. The same guys wanting to see Chrissy on her own channel are the same guys that would try to break these two apart. Help your woman go back to school if she wants but keep her away from these thirsty men.

  57. Also .. If you want to buy ANY American foods take the boat ferry Bogo City across the ocean from where you are short trip, and go to Metro Stores, they carry everything from Olive oil to Taco Bell mix and tacos .. Hill or Flogers coffee all kinds of hot sauce everything really and you can ride your bike on and off as far as I know.

  58. Glad to see you back home Tim, your calmer, and more fun with your lovely girl. Small piece of advice, things are slower in the Phil, more laid back, go with it, you will live longer, less stress on the heart. LOL It took me a while also after I got out of the mil and came to the Phil. I was frustrated over everything, but now, no worries at all. Peace.

  59. Would solar be a cost effective energy source in the provinces? perhaps to run a full sized range in your kitchen and power LED lighting at night?

  60. Buy half a kilo of the cheapest rice and half a kilo of the premium rice, cook them up and see what the difference is, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad rice

  61. The contrast between Tim’s American kick ass, get on with it style to Chrissy’s more relaxed outlook is incredible. Makes me laugh so much when Tim wants everything perfect and Chrissy clearly doesnt give a shit, she just gets on with it. Reminds me of me and my wife. Her smile is beautiful.

  62. There is a soap opera in England called ” coronation street”. At the moment there is a storyline where there is a dark skinned schoolgirl been told that she is ugly by other classmates. She went and ordered dangerous skin whitening creams from the internet. Her body came out in blisters but she continued to use. thing is , she is very beautiful but thought her dark skin was making her ugly. The only thing ugly were her classmates telling her she was. love from Ireland.

  63. cant help but wonder how you keep from crushing the poor girl in the bedroom and sweating all over her eyes and stuff!Β  she is a cutie!

  64. Gr8 vid…surprised to see cooking fish inside, all my pilipino peeps fry stuff (lumpia,fish…etc. outside or in the garage) Beachfront HouseπŸ‘πŸΌ, life looks πŸ€™πŸΌ, keep up the vids….I’m sure A/C is a must

  65. Congratulations on the baby Tim and Chrissy. Would love to send a gift. Find me on FB or Twitter Erik Mullis. Pm info on how to sendπŸ‘πŸ»

  66. My first comment on your channel! Well brother I had my elbows in the sand too! Been to the sandbox and the Stan! When you went off on the cop at the airport! That was too funny! My wife said that’s something I would do. Love the content! Stay safe!!!!

  67. Hi Tim your girlfriend is pregnant. She should not eat tuna because its is high in mercury. Lapu-Lapu is safe to eat. We love to watch your video.

  68. Wife / girlfriend to be a mother of your child who cares who pays Tim and who care who comments on this, also Baby bellie? Tim must speak out! People who have the least in da world appreciate more!! Tim get a boat and do tours?? from home ! Home sweet home wow so beautiful Tim and Christen x so happy to see ya all happy xx Cold cough warm water whiskey lemon anaseed and sugar (Called hot toddy) I PHONE 7 ? press and holdΒ downΒ the Sleep/Wake button and the VolumeΒ DownΒ button at the sameΒ time should help Tim. beautiful vlog xx

  69. Hey Tim Chrissie. Love your videos. My wife Kat, this is her old youtube and old phone. Mine broke. My wife works in a care home here in the Uk,Norfolf, east anglia. She works with Phillipino people. We both love them. Our friend Aya is a lovely young lady and we look after her when we go to the local pub. She doesnt drink much but we have a good time. Would love having a holiday there and hanging out with you guys. Maybe one day πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž


  71. Congratulations Chrissy. Let your fan base know what you need for the baby and we all will help out. Just say the word. We can ship anything to Leyte.

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    10/04/2019 Uploads:
    Becoming Filipino’s upload from today has 23K views.
    Tim K’s upload from today has 34k views.
    Becoming Filipino has a massive amount of Subscribers (545K).
    Tom K has 48.4K Subscribers.
    Becoming Filipino’s video from today is about riding a carabao.
    Tim K’s video from today is just about a portion of everyday life.
    So, if you are getting this many views over an established PHL YouTuber, that means you are doing something right!

  73. The red rice is almost as Beneficial as the brown rice, the white rice will give you rice belly… The brown and red rice is a much better choice much lower on the glycemic level than white rice

  74. Nice video, I am not sure that I can give up everything I have to do what you do but I guess when you have such an angel beside you everything else is secondary. She is a keeper my friend.

  75. Yeah baby, got the trump ball rolling !!!!!!!! Love it to see everyone on board!!!!! Awesome tim!!!! And thank you for taking care of our country!!!! Extremely proud of people like you

  76. Tim & Tin a Timtin team… I love all your videos get the Jasmine rice it taste good the cheap one doesn’t smell good doesn’t taste good.. love u both take care..

  77. The tuna steak is a steal. Less than $ 6 for a kilo. Not to mention that it fresh from the sea. Nicer with fried garlic on top. Traditional dipping sauce is soy sauce with red birds eye chilis.

  78. Hey Tim/Christy, always enjoy you guys. Didn’t think Chrsty could look cuter but the baby bump fits her well. Good health to you and your family

  79. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. A baby? Oh boy things are gonna change! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒπŸ™πŸ»

  80. Hey Tim interesting vlog it’s great to see how ppl live that view you have of the water very inviting to swim.. Your crissy is very beautiful she has an amazing smile light up a room congratulations on gonna be parents x did you see harald aka phuc flair πŸ˜‚ he was smoking the herb and having a progressive time πŸ˜‚

  81. Women from them parts of the world never pay for anything when they are with a white man but they always have their own money. I experienced it one day when I didn’t have my wallet an the girl I’d been with a month that never paid for a thing when I was with her pulled out her purse an it had more money in it than mine usually did..she really didn’t want to pull it out in front of me but she really wanted food so had too. We argued an I fucked her off that night. The cheaky bitch. I met a few like that..

  82. Let Christy buy what she wants to eat, looks like you are in control buying grocery, am sure she knows what to buy if she is doing the cooking, also kind of learn to eat what she cook since you are in the Philippines.

  83. Tim, I just love watching your vlogs. Keep uploading. It’s so nice to see both of you together. Possibly a wedding in near future. Chrissy is such a sweetheart. Keep it up! Good luck, to both of you. πŸ’• looking forward to your next vlog πŸ˜ƒ

  84. Tim. I can’t remember if this is the place you are renting for $200 a month.
    Can you do a breakdown on how much you spend every month.
    That’s a beautiful place. Beach front property.
    I could retire there.

  85. Hey a little advice to you Timmy, don’t tell your girlfriend how to cook , she won’t tell you how to eat. It’s a recipe for a long relationship.

  86. What beautiful beach. The water is clear and Tin in so happy. Wow perfect one kilo. Your voice sounds better Tim. Great blog Tim, than you.

  87. I suggest Tim if u want u can add kalamansi and chilli to your kikoman sauce.. and believe me your tuna will become more yummy 😊

  88. Sorry to say but your girlfriend doesn’t know how to cook or even anything related to being a housewife..she shouldn’t be eating butter and crap mostly that she’s pregnant!!how she will manage being a mom..and buying that small stove wasnt smart move..house is not a camping site u r staring a family it’s not a doll house game..

  89. Another good vlog, please take good care of Christin. In the previous vlog you went storming off leaving her to follow you quickly, she’s pregnant now take better care of this precious girl, she’s good for you

  90. “My voice is almost back to normal” and the moment you said that, your voice goes rough like on a old Dr. Hook album, pure whiskey and cigar voice πŸ˜€ I do still wish you will get entirely over that soon my friend.

  91. Get an android TV box or android TV and install an app “Mobdro”. You can watch all American and international channels free of cost. You just need and unlimited WiFi though. Try installing it on your Android phone or tablet first and don’t worry it’s a thirst party app so don’t worry about anything.

  92. again a hearthwarming vlog, i like to see u guys alot, but i miss hannah so so much, i still dont know what ugly things people said about her, and in matter fact, i even don’t wanna know, all i can say is , i miss her alot, she was a joy to watch, just like u guys, i wish i could be there on the island with u both, i would never leave again, anyway enough ribbish from me, sana ikw lagi ingats huh, SANA !!

  93. Holy crap Tim I had to turn the volume off heard you say Chrisy 371 times in 18 1/2 minutes. Red Horse, Chrisy”s nameΒ and talking about stuffing your face are theΒ 3 things you seem to be sounding like a broken record. I have watched many of your video’s. You eitherΒ already wereΒ an alcoholicΒ or trying to become one. Good luck with that in a foreign country. Try carrying your wallet in yourΒ side pocket maybe even a chain. Its harder to pick yourΒ pocket andΒ I was told once It can cause curvature of the spine from sitting cock eyed.

  94. Timbo! Can we have a wedding vlog set on the beach with the setting sun, Red horse flowing, tuna fillets, calamari and good old Leyte music in the background? When when when???

  95. Love seeing vlogs you and Christin together. Everytime you travel alone its still interesting but I miss Christin and your interactions together. That Tuna looked so delicious I feel hungry now

  96. Home sweet home brother, You are living the dream my friend. Of all the places I pick to be will always be the Philippines, Beautiful Faces and Places. Once you get thru the white man tax your good to go lol

  97. Love Chrissy’s little “belly” you both are a magic story…You both had a hard road to travel before you found each other…cant wait until 2 becomes the 3 ….good luck always Tim , Chrissy.. and your next Gen..

  98. Congrats to both of you brother! And Chrissy’s smile is so genuine and nice to see. Reminds me of my asawa and Im sure you feel like the luckiest man alive just as I do. Amping bro!

  99. Omg..am so happy see christines is pregnant now..be careful always ..God bless.from dubai .am from philippines

  100. good to see you home big fella, that tuna looks farquen yummy, lovely scenery, Chrissy looks so happy all good – happy partner happy life.

  101. Lunch looked delicious.. if you had found the marlin in the same market where you bought the tuna.. what would be the normal price you pay for 1kg?

  102. FYI bro, the rainy season for ALL of the Phils offically started in June. Could be your part of Leyte is experiencing drought, like Bohol & Samar.

  103. You gotta agree Tim, its better how they use their money rather than massive bank corps being in control. They wont be around much longer too, corporate America will be no more!

  104. I really like Your video’s with Christy,she is alway’s smiling,you must be happy that you are back at Your home. 200 dollars a month and that view ? Its unbelieveble ,its paradise over there.

  105. Oooh NO TinTin is pregnant WOW Congratulations U2…I hope the baby has that Beautiful brown skin tone that Christy has, when you 2 getting married.

  106. Chrissy reminds me of my Japanese wife at that age…I’m guessing late teens early twenties. I married her when she was 19. She’s 70 now.

  107. She is very Beautiful but not to be negative she shows you know affection on camera? I am well aware these girls are very Happy to be in the position they are in with a foreigner guy and real love will come with time but she never hugs or kissed you?

  108. Hey tim & chrissy. Seahawks won. Over la rams.thurday night football….Im a pats fan from new england. But live in vegas. My wife is in manila. We will both be going to cebu, oct 12th

  109. I understand about indecision
    But I don’t care if I get behind
    People livin’ in competition
    All I want is to have my peace of mind

  110. Like anywhere else in the world, if it costs more, it must be better. Heheee Teach her, buy different rice, and decide what you guys prefer, I bet it’s not the special grade rice. All those types of rice are different, some more so than others, try them all.

  111. Hello to you one lucky son of a gun living the life I wish I could I would truly like to know what you do for a living I knew you were a veteran but also do YouTube that your only source of income just wondering what type of job that you have that you can travel and live abroad the country very curious I do have quite a bit of savings but eventually I will have to supplemental savings somehow

  112. Interesting video, I like how your telling your daily life story. I learn so much from your videos for my upcoming trip to Philippines in 2020 to meet my future girl. I like the way you are living the life of freedom away from hustle and bustle here in the States. I also a vivid about the sea front you are showing me I could dive in that now myself. Where I live the beach is like 20 mins away but yet I don’t even go because they make it so hard to park for free. LOL.

    Tim you and Christin are both living the life it’s basic but effective you are so happy with her you love with her really stands out I can feel that love from here. I have the same with my Filipino girl friend as well we talk daily and more. Cooking tuna by kilo sliced and cooked by Christin for you is a treat for all of us here. I can cook as well but never the same where you have your girl who wants to do it for her man like you.

    Just a special treat to see you two so happy , smiling at each other so much love there with you too. Positive in the now life.. Keep the video coming Tim… Thank you for sharing…

  113. Broccoli and dark, green vegetables, such as kale and spinach, contain many of the nutrients pregnant women need. These include fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, iron, folate and potassium

  114. Pure dried fish is a completely natural product that retains the antioxidant and omega-3 benefits of fresh fish. Fish helps to mitigate the occurrence of heart attacks and keeps the body’s circulation functioning well.

  115. Nice to see you back home and happy after your last video which was like planes trains and automobiles with added stress. The fish looked tasty.

  116. How sweet to see your domestic bliss, especially with the goddess and her wonderful baby bump on display. Wishing you guys both happiness in uncountable helpings everyday. Genuine love on the beach. πŸ™‚

  117. Tim, thanks for the videos man, congrats on the new addition to the family! Will you be living on the island and raising your family there fulltime then?

  118. Christen is starting to show. It won’t be long Tim you will be doing everything around the house. hehe Red tomato’s? Haven’t you ever eaten fried green tomato’s? Very good.

  119. WOW that tuna steak looked amazing! Like me some soy sauce (Kikkoman not the Filipino stuff with all the msg in it) and some lemon juice. And that view of the ocean man….just incredible! I can dream about pulling up a chair and sitting there for hours!

  120. Hoping to travel from Wisconsin to Lyte next year to see my wifes family. Hopefully we can swing by and have a beer with you. Showed my wife your channel. She’s hooked.

  121. Someday, when Chrissy is more comfortable with being married, she will suggest that he loses a little weight. There are vids and pics of when he was in the military, where he looked good and was at a very healthy weight. Overweight people sweat a lot in that type of climate, and she has a very nice BMI.

  122. Can’t get fish much fresher then that place at the edge of the ocean . For a small town it looks like there’s plenty of fresh food and vegs but I’d stay away from the caned meat loaf lol

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  124. More expensive rice cooks better. Meaning the grains are bigger and cleaner(no tiny rocks etc). When you cook the better quality rice,it grows more after the cooking prΓ²cess. Meaning you get to eat more for the same kilo of rice.

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  128. Btw a simple tip for picking a good quality rice is when you bite one it breaks right away and doesn’t have water in it. Which means its good for cooking and doesn’t dry up real fast after its cooked.

  129. Skip Fox News (they’ve gone downhill) hours watch X22 report on YouTube for full news 2x daily + redpill78 (thegatewaypundit.com should keep you up-to-date )

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  137. Hope all is well! Tim, you might want to cut Christen a break, she is pregnant. I know from experience, they crave different foods than we do. Don’t try to make sense of it, just go with it! Take care! Dave H.

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