Lower West Kalayaan, Subic Bay, Philippines.

Lower West Kalayaan, Subic Bay, Philippines.

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  1. I have given up on the whole living in PH if you can’t own the land it’s just cheaper to rent. Beautiful houses built on the old US Naval base. Sad the Chinese will own it all soon.
    Subic was smart to protect the base instead of allowing the place to be stripped. G

  2. Some of those homes are just beautiful but as you’ve said many times, they want top dollar. If you compare that to Thailand, they’d be 1/2 the price and in gorgeous areas.
    I just saw one in hua hin for 100k 3B, 3B with pool…absolutely gorgeous but you cant own the land unless Thai owned.

  3. I can buy better houses in Eastern Europe, that are near real amenities, for cheaper.
    Philippines is way overpriced for what is a 4th world shithole with bad internet, garbage sewn all over the streets, etc. I’ve been to countries with a lower per capita income than Philippines and at least they keep things clean outside and the internet is fast.

  4. Peter, according to CDC guidance, in the open outside area, you may not wear a face mask. But in the public house such as super market, you should wear at least a qualified surgery mask.

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