Lost in Tokyo | Asakusabashi

In this video…. I planned on starting from Kuramae station and head up to Asakusa. Well, in thinking I was heading the right way I ended up getting LOST IN TOKYO and walking in circles. I trolled the chat and ended up trolling myself! lol Only I can do these things and have fun doing it.
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Keep it real ya’ll
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  1. 🔵As always I missed it. This time I woke up literally as stream was ending 🔵
    Watched yesterday’s quiz on replay and it was still fairly fun ☺️
    Stay safe fella!

    Further edit, you misspelled my YouTube name in description 😂😂😂

  2. Ha h! You pulled a Drew! You went off the rails right at the start. After you threw out the empty beer can in front of Lawson’s, you walked to the big intersection at Kokusai-Dori. You turned left heading south. You should have turned right. The whole time you were walking the wrong way. You’re such a tourist! Good to know we all have done this only yours is on camera. If I don’t get my bearings coming up out of the subway, I’m effd.

    1. I hear ya bro. It is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have done this….I truly can’t believe I did get lost. I really thought I knew where I was…but hitting Asakusabashi station…I knew I was F****ed lol

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