Lord Byron’s BackRibs, in Dumaguete – Awesome Food!!

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      You can get San Miguel in the states but I haven’t found it yet where it wasn’t stale and skunky … it reminds me of Corona also … Beer-na-Beer is my fave Philippine beer..

    1. @Makoy Unggoy absolutely. i may do some work there this week just to enjoy the music, shade outdoors and.. a cheeseburger. 🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines LOL!  Brother Henry, the one small Barangay of “sin” does NOT extend out onto the whole city.  You will be just fine bringing you old lady.  LOL!

    1. @Tom H i enjoy seeing a good business thrive. they serve as models for more good businesses.. a good service at a fair price deserves success.

    1. @TokTokCali Vlogs duma rocks for good burgers. 🙂 but if in Cebu, check out the Army/Navy at the Ayala mall.. good burgers and a great breakfast burrito there.

    1. @Jason Dent we eat out maybe half the time, rest of the time cook at home. mostly healthy stir fry or lean meats. blend our own veggie juices.

  1. Henry I love your food video’s you take time and detail to explain everything your eating ,the cost and how it taste in the pallet, the ambiance your surroundings the lighting and so on. You should also have a separate food channel “Eating in the Phils”hehehe Everything looked so delicious …………..yummy

  2. Omg Henry you find the best places now im really hungry all i had for my meal was a ham samwich well was a hot dog roll with chese and butter and ham very thin that was all i had ohhh hungry now

  3. It does look pretty good! Do the ribs have that Pilipino sweet and tender baked ham thing going on that’s so good you just can’t stop eating it?  

    1. @Shemp Howard the ribs at the Kamailig are the sugary-sweet sauce. the ones at Lord Byron’s are more of a hickory, semi-sweet sauce.

  4. Very Romantic Henry. Wow, I hope you are not going to try to eat all of that in one sitting. That is a lot of food. And you ate it all. WOW!!! I have to go there, soon. I Love a great burger. I am over here in Cebu now. Thinking of making a trip over there to see you and one of those burgers. Maybe some ribs too. Yummy.

    1. @Reynaldo Nacion anywhere i’ve eaten outside, it varies depending on the weather and if we’ve had recent rains or not. i’d say about 50% of the place i go to eat is outdoor dining.

    1. @Brad S for me, as a single guy, about $1,100/month. but as has been discussed many times in various forums, it all depends on each person’s ‘luxury level’ of amenities. some people date, party or dine out more than others. or perhaps travel more, which kicks up the lodging expenses.

  5. Henry,  you know what, you say that alot,  ”  Reasonably Priced”  but thats for us, the ones from the western society, even so , it can be expensive for us, if you eat that way daily,   it could get costly, no matter where in the world you are unless you have an unlimited source of funds or easy money ( SS or pensions, thats easy money)  So those places i bet are expensive for them , the true filipinos,  even though i understand your talking to us,  the expats etc….Just an observation buddy,, no bashing is intended. .. i see someone else made a similar comment,  hehehe,,   No wonder you dont see filipinos there,  hahahahah

    1. @BenFern kay 149 pesos isn’t much, as you said, to a westerner. but even on a local scale here in dumaguete, it’s cheaper than say a 300p steak over at Mooon’s Cafe or 350p sushi at Mifune’s Japanese Resto. now, compared to 30p for a bbq skewer or 10p of rice along the side of the road, it’s another story. it’s all relative. so when i say ‘reasonably priced’.. this is the ‘reasoning’ behind it.

  6. Thanks Reekay.  Lord Byron…must be an expat…we…my wife my kid and me ..are watching and learning…..and always loving your love of the country.

  7. henry people complaining bout the burger is expensive.. (i honestly laugh at that price when you know how it costs here).where i live a good burger is 7.50 euro. thats  lets say 8.75 doller thats  aquitaine  beef. 

    I gladly pay  some for quality myself ,you dont see me at mc or bk.. Or  I make burgers myself.

    1. @p tm i agree. when i’m in calif, a good, steakhouse burger w/blue cheese, fries and a drink is about $5. but i really don’t want the greasy fries and sugary drink. i’m glad to just get a really great, beefy burger and an iced tea for a nice sized lunch. 🙂

  8. I enjoy your articles. 3 weeks ago, I was just in Dumaguete, and I must have missed that restaurant. I also visit Dauan) I believe that is the correct spelling)
    Dumaguete is a nice place, and I am trying to decide between there and Cebu.
    Keep up the good work!!

  9. Here in Florida, we call those Nipa Huts,  “Tiki Huts” ,,,   Many people have them in their backyard,  with a Bar, etc as part of the structure,    Only they are not made with Bamboo,,,,,,,,,,,Really Cool,,,  Just out of curiosity,    can you order your Burger with any sides?  do they carry any sides available ?? any garnishing,  Ketchup etcc?? Next time, take a pic or slow scan of the Menu,  to check it out, , thanks

  10. how far is this from the dumagete airport and pier? is it on the way? what time are they open if i land in dumagete in route to oslob can I pick ypa few racks of ribs to go on the way to pier?

    1. ok cool  do they got a website lord byron how far is robinson from airport, also the taco place , I may want to really load up before heading on ferry to oslob, hey if you really like rbs/bbq and your every in subic try texas joes i min pampanga san fernando

    2. @DAFFY DUCK it’s not located between the airport and pier. you’d have to go to the Robinson’s mall, then go south about 1km and it’s on the left-hand side.

  11. That’s nice.  I haven’t had a REAL hamburger since I’ve been in the Philippines.  Can’t wait to try that place.  We’ve made the decision to come to Dumaguete to see if it’s a place we’d like to live.  Mindanao is where my wife lived, and the reason I ended up here, but as an American I think I’d like a place like Dumaguete better.  Hope to see you there.  

  12. Did they put you on a 1 hour waiting list for a table? Now that’s what I call “Eating like a King” we all know you ate everything and sucked down another beer or two…you’re not fooling anyone…lol    

  13. The food looks great. Very neat, clean, and love the nippa hut seating areas. The Chain restaurants in USA charge around $10 for burger/w fries easily, ie Chilli’s, Applebee’s…..so thats a great value for the money!!

  14. “I normally wouldn’t order that much” hehehehe, looks like you enjoyed it 🙂 I see the iced tea turned into a San Mig (thumbs up) I can’t wait to live in the Philippines aaahhhhhh

  15. Place looks amazing Henry! Great food and atmosphere. Like you mentioned, I could imagine that being a cool spot to bring your laptop and get work done while enjoying a tasty meal… and of course an ice cold San Mig light 😉

  16. take home my ass!!  u ate that rib.,…like their aint no TOMORROW……thanks for the vid on this Rib joint……I really do enjoy ur awesome vids! I wish ANTHONY BOURDAIN will notice your adventures and take u on his tour of Dumaguette……oh yeah!!

  17. Really nice looking dish. San Miguel light is the only beer I drink there. My wife also enjoys a good burger once in a while. If we get a chance to be in the area we’ll try it out. Great video. Can you show us more good places to dine?

    1. +Dan Selby yeah back in the u.s. that is about a 15 dollar plate of ribs. the lemonade with cucumber slices was good. and the meat on the bones. omg lots of meat.

  18. easy tip to find this place. if you are going from the main boulevard by the sea. go to robinsons mall. then keep going. it will be on the left. google maps has the place located at the ceres bus terminal. it is way wrong, so every one gets lost looking for it. it is a great place for a small party. they did not charge any thing extra. i got to meet the girl in this video, she likes it when you tell her that you saw her on youtube.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines cool I keep watching on your video thanks for sharing, nice and peaceful place. And the food looks so yummy.

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