Longboard Races at Valencia, Philippines – Negros Oriental

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  1. Chills and Spills, I am wondering if there is a prize structure for this event, or is it a Philippine version of soap bow derby racing ? Nice video henry, thanks.

  2. Thankyou LBTS, I really enjoyed this and have often thought some kind of gravity karting would make a great Philippines sport, but this is as good as. I used to like to watch the acrobatic tumbling displays outside Cebu Minglanilla branch of McDos of an evening or when I was in Cagayan de Oro the talent contests at the night cafe. Philippines has so much to enjoy and the people there are very friendly

    1. @brandywell44 a sport that is particular to dumaguete are the wooden cart races.  much like soap box derby but the racing carts are all wood.  i’m hoping to find out when the next race is and be there.

  3. Fun to watch Henry!! Definitely a sport for a younger person but what fun! Good to see your camera rig too. I can definitely see the difference with that pole attached to your camera. Gives the viewer a much better perspective and view of your surroundings. Keep up the good work and thanks for the video.

  4. Henry! There`s no more a country named Czechoslovakia. They divided after Sovjet Union (CCCP. now named Russia) collapsed and there is now 2 neighbor countries Czech Republic and Slovakia in Europe. Nice video and nice boards ..even not for me this kind of a race!

  5. Great video as always. Love all your writing and videos you’re doing out there. By the way, it seems we have a bit in common…I also used to live in Mexico and my Mum celebrates her 80th birthday this year too:) I’m 50 in a few months and going back to the Philippines shortly to check it out again. I was first there 25 years ago and want to compare and contrast. Currently writing up my old adventures from years ago, never a dull moment in that beautiful country! Hope to relocate there in the next year. Keep up the great work!

  6. Jay Adams a founding member of the Zephyr Skate Team, a group of surfers turned skateboarders who came together in a rundown, neighborhood known as Dogtown that straddles Los Angeles’ Venice Beach and the city of Santa Monica. died of a heart attack Aug 16th  during a surfing vacation in Mexico 

    1. @Ed Farlinger april and i have remained good friends since our breakup.  we care about each other and have kept it platonic to avoid complications.  we like being near each other, and for now.. we’re cool with that.  

    1. @blue53861 don’t be sad, it wasn’t about that.  jinky lives in a province with extremely poor net access.  i am online every day, much of the day.  jinky last went online almost a month ago and doesn’t have enough bandwidth to get through youtube much.  so, no… april attending was simply the result of the fact that she and i have remained good friends ever since our breakup.  and once jinky walked away from the beginning of our relationship, i’m free to spend my time as i please again.  but even so, just for the record, because april and i do care about each other.. we both agreed it’s best we only hang out as friends, nothing more.  things could change in the future, but for now we’re content to just be near each other.

  7. I assume the street has a down ward slope to it?  does it?   How did you find out about the event Henry?   do they have postings of events etc?   i mean for a foreigner to know whats going on in the city etc,,,,,,

    1. @BenFern kay yes, the whole course is much longer than where i was, about a km i think.  i heard about it from Rex, over in Bayawan.. who happens to be friends with some guys I know in Dumaguete who are into skateboarding and wooden cart racing.  You can see Rex at the beginning of the video after my intro.  He came about 3 hours from Bayawan for the event.

  8. Unrelated topic:
    How is the electricity brownouts compared to mactan vs. bohol vs. dumaguete?
    (at present i live in mactan…hardly any brownouts here..but plans to check out dumaguete)

    1. @David H on mactan it seemed we had a ‘brownout’ (which would last a few hours, not seconds.. but they call it a brownout).. about every ten days as i remember.  on bohol it wasn’t bad, maybe once every 3 weeks.  but after Yolanda came through, and then the earthquake, brownouts were about every few days back in 2013.  it may be much better now.  as for dumaguete, brownouts last maybe 20 minutes due to the fact that there is a geothermal electrical plant in nearby valencia.  so, not an issue here in duma.

  9. Thanks for sharing. It looks fun and  action packed! It was going seeing April again too. She is pretty. Could you please tell me how much video did you take to get this edited video?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hi Henry, This was an awesome post.  Quite frankly I never was much into skateboarding but this even is something I’d like to see someday. Pretty wild.  
        BTW You might call your relationship with April,  “platonic”, but I can see it clearly, You’re in love with that gal and I don’t blame you.  She is very nice looking and according to you, very sweet.   I just get this feeling that after some more time, you’re going to end up married to her.  Of course I could be wrong LOL,

    2. @thienmiller btw.. i was there maybe 3 hours, but since my gopro only has one battery, i try to anticipate best i can and shoot then.  i did miss some awesome wipeouts though.  even so, tried to give an idea of what it was like being there.  🙂

    3. @thienmiller I took about 30 minutes of video, edited it down to 8 minutes. You never know when something interesting is going to happen so, some footage is just kinda, “meh” and you rip it out.  🙂

  10. Well coming from a 58 year old conservative fellow, those kids are crazy!!! Well, I mean in an adventurous kind of way. You’d never catch me going 50-60 miles an hour on a skateboard but I suppose it’s just fun to them.   Anyways this video is awesome. 

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