Locked out of my house

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  1. Hang in there Brother! You did the right thing IMO. It’s all about your son now and you will be there for him. No one knows what the future holds so just take it a day at a time. This was a shot across the bow so plan accordingly. I got blindsided by not seeing the warning signs. I’ll never leave my children, they are my blood. She is just a girl I met in a Bar!!

  2. be calm and have patience, thing like this happen with new mothers. Maybe you can have Grab or another delivery service bring up her favorite meal from a restaurant, give her a break from cooking one night. She could be overwhelmed and it is manifesting as anger towards you. you two have too much invested together… Lil man is worth you two looking beyond petty disagreements and realizing this is partly normal (postpartum) and partly due to the quarantine. Give it time, it will all iron out.

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