Lock down Crisis Day 2 March 23, 2020

Baby Mae makes an announcement and I just sort of ramble on about this and that

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  1. Hi Paul. I think you and Baby Mae make a great couple. You look very compatible together. Great to see !
    Your in lock down there, and I am lock down here in Australia. Being in isolation isn’t fun at all. Even the cults have stopped visiting me here. Lol

    God bless From Chris in Australia <><

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Thats awesome! Love you channel! Your vib and attitude always makes me laugh! I planned on coming to Phillipines about a month ago but chose to wait things out a bit.

  2. 🏆here is your trophy paul. Another great video. Thank you for sharing with us. The chicken 🐓 could be a pat like the snl skit. No one new the gender. Congratulations to baby mae. She is doing a great job. My wife and I enjoy her channel. Ingat lagi kaibigan. God bless.

  3. The governor here in Florida left the beaches open so all the Spring Breakers can spread the virus and take it back to their communities all over the country. RaRa Trump and his ilk.

  4. Should get a trophy for being under review for five months.
    Must have won someone over only two thumbs down at time of writing this.
    How about Baby Mae’s Philippines

    1. But let’s start a whole new conversation of about men buns in general.Go
      back to our rock and roll days when we had long hair we would sometimes wear it in ponytails but nowadays men wear their hair short and pretend to have rock and roll hair

  5. I did want to suggest that Mae do more of the simple chores around your place while wearing a bikini. I did not because of the possibility of disrespecting you or Mae. But now she has a bikini cleaning of the pool episode… my concerns seems irrelevant at the present time. On another note, my suggestion for your channel is simply 2 make videos of I was there and this is what happened. I am not concerned with the subject matter, just as long as it wraps around the notion of “I was there and this is what happened”. Apologies for me rambling on incoherently. Here in Los Angeles, we are on a shutdown mode. Without the checkpoints at this time. I may be suffering from a little Cabin Fever. Thank you sir and keep up the good work.

  6. you should look at the latest… 24 hr curfew 65 or older… no going anywhere for anything as they are checkpointing looking for us

    1. @V MPNP says it will be enforced on a case by case situation. If you want to go out to eat,grocery,meds etc is fine as long as you explain this to the cops when you get stopped.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on passing the magic 1,000 subscriber milestone Baby Mae. I knew it wouldn’t take long. As I recall it, I was approximately the 50th subscriber so I missed out on the big prize but the consolation prize of meeting you and Sir Paul was even better. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia!

  8. Hi Paul. I been living in Cebu for 8 months. I don’t have any account in a Philippines bank . But I get all my money on my debit card here from Charles Schwab .Never had a problem. And I don’t pay any ATM fees.

  9. Hey Paul,Baby Mae is a delightful young lady .I have just subscribed to her Chanel .Can Mae come to Angeles and wash my car.Its black,which is the perfect colour for the tropics..haha..Ignore all the PC rubbish.No PC in the PI.Im stuck in Luzon and my wife is in lockdown in Leyte.Hard times but the locals are really doing it tough and the true spirit of the people will always shine through.Keep up the great videos..And you to Paul..

  10. Paul are you able to keep up with the medical news in the New York area? DO you keep an extra like 60 days supply of your meds? In New York they are trying a med that has been successful for others…its a malaria medication….10,000 doses going to New York…they start that test today (Monday) Okay I’m enjoying your station…and Maes cooking channel 😎

  11. Finally someone who is not crying and making self pity videos coz of the virus situation we are in at the moment. You are an old dog but at least you are strong and happy that’s a good image both for baby Mae and your YouTube followers. Take care

  12. So apparently it’s fine if she goes out and picks up the virus and comes home and infects you. You just aren’t supposed to go out and get infected directly. Yeah, that’s more of that government logic that we love paying our taxes to support.

    Name the chicken after the number 1000 subscriber.

  13. Hey, Paul. Why don’t YOU clean the pool and make a video of it. I think it would might make an interesting comparison of views and comments.

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Don’t get your hopes up, Mae will wipe the floor with you in the comparison. (But I suspect you already know that.)

  14. Paul you do realize that if Baby Mae changes the name of her channel she has to start all over again. That means zero subscribers zero time that her videos are watched.

  15. Paul, I couldn’t help but notice that you used a sexy picture of Baby Mae in a bikini as the thumbnail for this video. It’s called “clickbait”. Using a female body to attract viewers is, well, sexist and exploiting women. I suggest you use a picture of your body in a swimsuit laying poolside as a thumbnail.

  16. I was coming back next month, then I got an email from Korea Air saying my flight from Seoul to Cebu has been canceled. Also I have heard that the Philippines are not allowing any more foreigners into the Philippines at this time, except under special circumstances .Fact or Fiction?? I don’t know??But it looks like I will be here for much longer than expected……(.just FYI … might pass it on )

  17. On my phone YouTube says Babymae has 222 subscribers. But subscribed anyway. Actually thought I was subscribe don’t know what happened. So I can see I’m 223, I know it’s wrong so I could be the thousand 😂, but I most certainly wouldn’t want anything just hoping I go her to 1000. 🇮🇪

  18. Paul, tell Baby Mae that her video images continue to come reversed, labels cannot be read, because they’re backwards. Please help her correct the video issue, I mentioned to her, but I think that she doesn’t read the comments; other than that, is a welcomed relief to watch your videos and those of Baby Mae. Be well, stay busy in your confinement, take care.

    1. Ok. Perhaps it’ll help nite to be in selfie mode, yours and hers will be shaper and better resolution. Just give it s try, you’ll see a world of difference. Take care.

    1. Is it not the same channel name?, hope I have alerted you to it, I said earlier Babymae had only 222 subs, that was the one I was on, so I’m totally confused as to who I’m watching, no wonder I thought I was subbed to Babymae, more like me probably subbing to wrong channel 😱🤭

  19. Paul, you have your trophy! …. The Chicken! .. Buster is he name, because he can bust your chops… even if he is gay. As for the channel… Baby Mae’s Filapina Cooking Life. Look forward to her being able to live stream so we can “super chat” her.

  20. Glad to see Baby Mae blew past the 1000 mark. Curious to see if and how long it will take her channel to by monetized. Keep up the smiles and laughter!!!

  21. Paul remember you were frustrated with the philippines and thinking of leaving? remember how i said you’d be back this is the best place to be. where would you meet a beautiful and warm lady like baby mae

  22. I would like to see a picture of the infamous “Super Gay Scooter”. Every time I hear you mention that it puts a smile on my face. I have a brand new Harley Street Glide Special. Funny story: last year on my birthday I got a gift card from my local Harley Shop (Visalia, California) … I thought I would just roll in there and get a free t-shirt and call it a day…but then I saw it and have to have it. That free T-Shirt cost me 30k bwahahaha! Anyhow, I’ve got a fiancé that lives in Surigao, PI. I was supposed to come your way but now know San Francisco International is locked down due to Corona Virus situation. It really sucks because I was looking forward to buying you a cup of coffee and telling you some interesting stories. Long story longer (insert trade mark “Paul Couch Laugh” here) it turns out that this humble Marine might have to wait a little longer… boooo! I love your channel, Paul. You rock! See you soon. Semper Fidelis. 💪🌍🤘

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