Local Bangkok Market or 5 Star Luxury Mall?

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I went exploring in a new to me part of Bangkok Thailand. I found a local market and I visited IconSiam, Thailand new luxury mall, for the first time.

Guest Appearances by:

Tim K

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  1. again you missed some neat stuff. in the Icon there is a ball that’s neat to look at. plus on the other side is the old customs building. You need to go to boba area to see the cloth sells area. There is a great way to see the sunset.

    1. @CB Media you going to MaeKlong Train station? Next week I am thinking about going to Kaeha to go to The Ancient City of Siam | Muangboran Park in Bangkok‎. can show you how to get there. But if you look at the old building across fro Icon, you will see the old customs building.

    2. Lots of times I don’t put everything in the videos otherwise they’d be like 739399311 minutes long Hahha YouTube likes to see people watching a majority of your video. So if the video is too long most people won’t watch over 50% of the video. Then YouTubes algorithm doesn’t recommend my videos to people. So I leave stuff out sometimes to keep the videos 10-15 minutes

    1. The Scarlet Hanged King In Yellow wrong , in this case the ticket for foreigners is double price , not 10 times price….

    1. Ye P definitely! I’ll make a dedicated video about the new website and all that soon I hope! Been soooo much work that’s why I have only been posting 1-2 vids a week instead of 3-4 and haven’t posted on IG in like a week plus. Almost done though!

    2. Sorry bro I haven’t been on IG lately. Been busting ass trying to get website, merch line and a ton of work done. I’ll get caught up soon.

  2. First of all, you need to learn more thai if your gonna live in Thailand and also be a little more respectful in Thailand your stupid comments you wrote about what the barista, you tubers like you give us a bad name in Thailand or you will end up like some of those youtubers in Pattaya that get knocked out on the street

    1. @CB Media If I see you in bkk you will know why and you obviously haven’t lived in Thailand long but I have, just be respectful when you write comments like that its disrespectful. you wrote white guy has a big penis that not what she said I speak thai !!!!~!! I understand your ugly and a dork and need to pay for it in bkk but thats because your an idiot

  3. Enjoy your video but for the 3:00 there are totally wrong translation . You guy are so bad even you want this translate to be a joke , that culture doesn’t feel great about that . She is selling her coffee not a whore.

  4. Oh man…giving her a 1000 baht note for a 20 baht coffee is bad form….break it at 7-11 next time …vendors hate making change for anything over a 100 baht note

  5. My new favorite youtube channel great content … excellent editing too. I’m gonna have to come up with a progressive character name for my memes ….Harald is Lance …. Tim K is Shannon …. WonderboyJeremy is Trinity …. I’m thinking Chad kinda looks like a Martha …. Chad what do you think about your new progressive identity ?

  6. LOL 😆 11:00.min
    Where do u live at in America 🇺🇸 you sound a little country sometimes. And how long a year do u live here versus over there?

  7. We were amazed by that mall on our first visit to it. The river is so cool to just wander around and take the boats around the klongs. Before the sky train Bangkok was miserable to get around in. It took us 4 hours to get from near the old airport into Sukamvet on a Friday night. So much better.

  8. Don’t u know she said “ I bet his dick is smaller than this straw I gave, and fuck it JJaa he gave me this like, I should lie ??!“ lol

  9. you just put icon square on my list to visit this week! I just can’t get over that the dealerships are in the mall like that. very cool.

  10. I was a student at a thai uni last year, I went on a trip with my girlfriend work. They all needed to pay the thai entry price and I got in for free haha

  11. Mate, I travel to Bangkok a lot and you perfectly capture the Bangkok “feel” in your videos.

    Thanks for the work you put in to these and for the humor 🤣

  12. Love your videos and commentary. That multistory mall scene was my favorite. If I ever get back to Bangkok, I would definitely want to stop at that balcony for a cold one (or two) after a long day of shopping. I’m subscribing…

  13. 2:30 i’m from Thailand and those dirty crush ice made in dirty unhygienic factory is a recipe for diarrhea or stomach flu, and the funny things is without you only get 1/3 of a drink in the cup. so it is actually not that cheap you need to buy 3 cups to get 1 full coffee.

  14. “dude your not gonna look good in whatever your buying” ahhaha I just said that to my friend the other day, holyshit he was pissed… Ahahha that’s what you get for letting your body go!!

  15. I don’t see myself entering such an IMPOVERISHED 3rd world country as Thailand! Those poor poor people! It almost makes me want to cry … almost.

  16. 7:20
    They do that where I live in the US, they do it for State Parks, beach parking, and toll prices.
    But I also live in a tourist & military town.

  17. It always shits me when they charge me more than my Thai missus when we visit national parks, waterfalls etc, but……welcome to Thailand…

  18. I love this market. Though I cannot afford most of the things but it a beautiful market. I will definitely buy a beer for you when I come to Bangkok next year.

  19. Yep, you nailed it again CB,.those malls are amazing , that place make T21 look poor,.plus a couple of nice euro beers and a view of the city, plus some good company, and the bonus coffee girl,..perfect, cheers.

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