Living with COVID-19 in Thailand 01 | TIMyT 102

Living in Thailand with the COVID-19 hasn’t changed life much here yet. But I have no doubt it will. I questions whether Thailand will be the retirement destination for more or less after this pandemic subsides.

For some retirees Thailand will be a better option than before COVID-19. For others maybe the dream of retirement in Thailand will no longer be within their grasp. In this video I talk about the present situation and what the future might hold for retirement in Thailand after COVID-19

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  1. Great video JC, i have a ticket for early May and was coming to pick out rental with moving in July but im sure that will be delayed now. A lot of experimental drugs to attack this are being tried i think we are weeks away ftom something that will either prevent getting it or to help your system once you do get it

  2. The restrictions in the Philippines change daily with new 24-hour curfew for seniors over 62 starting today. I do believe this will go on for several months. Take care JC.

  3. I’ve had Corona already a couple of years ago. It was miserable but just the flu. I’m getting sick now hearing about it all the time. 2 people die every second around the world. Have a nice day. Thailand Paul

    1. @cloudtoground okay. Thanks for sharing. Also, Yes I believe it’s going to get much worse here. And I believe theres more behind this then we all understand or know or are being lead to believe.

    2. @cloudtoground idk like I said what country your in but I believe this has more to it than just a virus. The U.S. has bigger plans. Already troops here on site in many states and make shift tents. I know that theres something more sinister behind this. Gov of New york says they could be on lock down for 9 months. Stay safe as well. Thank you god bless. 🙏✝️🌍

  4. Social distancing is imperative to prevent spreading this virus. A farm in Issan seems a great place to keep a proper distance. Looking at the growth charts it seems obvious to me that large crowded events are a major contributor to the numbers of infected and each infected person is spreading the virus to close contacts (family especially.) I am in the high risk group and live in Bangkok so staying home is the only thing to do.

  5. Here in Chiangmai. Things are quiet. People are practicing social distancing. Supermarkets are well stocked. Close down of non-essential services commencing at 6 PM tomorrow. Stay safe out there!

    1. @Anthony Dowling yes, they blame everything on the farmers, but it’s also the emissions by automobiles and factories that cause the Lion’s share of the pollution problems in Thailand.

    2. I sensed from some of the locals a different vibe when I went out for a few minutes in CNX. They seem concerned and gave me(A foreigner) a look like “why are you here”? I wonder if some are blaming foreigners for this pandemic and economic disaster that it will bring. Most Thai’s live day to day and hand to mouth. The concept of hoarding is not financially possible for them. They just don’t have the money to buy more than anything they need for a daily basis. I keep a very low profile and go out only for necessities. I stopped asking questions of Locals a long time ago. I just buy what i need, pay and politely walk away.

  6. Currently there are no restrictions on returning to the US from Thailand. The Level 4 Travel Advisory does not forbid international travel; it advises Americans not to travel internationally. I have a flight scheduled for April 1, and barring the cancellation of the flight I fully expect to be able to return.

    There also is no scant evidence that those inflicted with Covid-19 will develop immunity The common cold, which many experience yearly, is largely caused by Corona virus. Reinfection may be very likely, which is why health experts advise frequent hand washing, strict social distancing and sheltering in place.

    1. That’s a bad idea. Younger people get it and spread it and that’s the problem. How many people does a person infect that get sick or die. I think much of the infections are from people coughing or sneezing in the vicinity of others despite what some people are saying.

  7. Hi JC, vitamin C is also a good prevention measure, 2000/3000mg. morning and night and if you do contract the virus get 30,000mg. intravenously.

  8. I’m something of a Prepper. While my family laughed at me I started prepping back in 2006. I could smell the stink of the 2008 recession coming so I loaded up on silver, freeze dried foods and buckets of wheat beans and rice. Got an SG6 colloidal silver generator and a nebulizer as well. Vaporizing an antibiotic and breathing it really helps knock down a chest cold. It may or may not effect virus infections but it’s awesome at knocking down the bacteria side. Basically viruses partner with bacteria and if it gets bad enough they call it pneumonia. That’s when your lungs start filling up with fluid. I profoundly hope that this is enough to save me if I get this thing. I got a mask for my 85 year old father as well. He’s a great guy so I was happy to invite him to live with me.
    He seems to be less suseptable to colds or flu than I tend to be but he is old so this is a very dangerous situation for him. So we’re taking the situation seriously.
    One interesting thing is that I haven’t gotten a single cold since I got diagnosed with this cancer problem a year ago. First time I can remember that I didn’t get even one cold. I’m taking a ton of suppliments along with fasting and low carb in order to starve out the cancer. I dug into the survival statistics with chemo and radiation and they’re practically the same as with no treatment at all so I figured I had nothing to lose if I go with the alternative methods of dealing with this. That includes a ton of suppliments as well as the 100 gram mega doses of vitamin C (delivered by I.V) once or twice a week. It’s possible that the combination of these things grants additional resistance to virus infections. If so I hope it helps with this corona thing.
    The changes I’ve made in my life have paid for themselves already. I’m 90 pounds lighter and I feel amazing. I have stage 4 colon cancer (it’s in my liver too) but I almost never bleed out of my a$$ anymore. Leaving a bunch of blood in the toilet is a real downer to a guy’s morale but when you have colon cancer that’s going to happen.

    Here’s my list.

    fenbendazole, 500mg, 4 days on and 4 off.
    Vitamin C by I.V. 100grams, twice a week
    Vitamin C, Liposomal, 2000mg 4 times a day
    MetFromin, 500mg 2/day
    Berberine, 500mg, twice a day
    QuerciSorb (quercetin) 800mg, 2/day
    Curcumin, (not walmart! that sht’s brutal!), 1600mg, 2/day (walmart curcumin makes me barf)
    Aspirin, 325mg, 1/day
    Melatonin, 20mg, 1/day (evening)
    MSM: (Methylsulfonylmethane) 3000mg, 4/day
    Green tea extract, 500mg, 2/day
    Vitamin D3, 5000iu, 1/day (also has K2)
    Low dose Naltrexone, 3mg, 1/day (evening)
    NovoDALIN (vitamin B17), 500mg, 1/day)
    ProButyrate, 600mg, 2/day (helps decrease a$$ bleeding)

  9. With the closing of the “entertainment” areas in Pattaya for two month on a sign I saw on another channel the girls will just go home like they do in the low season and take the virus with them? That sounds not so good to me

  10. If every country had shut their borders like Russia did back in January, they would have been far better off. Russia did such an effective job in closing their border with China, that the only outbreak in Russia came from Travelers returning from Italy.

    1. @Robert Burnett I have a feeling soon it will be so bad everywhere they are going to go underground and try to wait it out. We need to trust in jesus.

    2. @Robert Burnett and Bill Gates supposedly retired or something like that and Walmart ceo taking alot of money into a trust. We are being deceived.

    3. @Amy Lou I have said that the ruling class would destroy half the world if they could survive and make a profit. Crazy! Four of our senators dumped there stocks just before the crisis started. They had inside info from the CIA.They made millions. And now our Congress is debating on how to protect the billionaires. our people need cash now. “Dr. Strangelove”.

    4. @MrMeldarionx I think we all should have done this right away. Just to contain this. It wasnt about racism but it always goes to that. Divided we are weak. But believing in each other and helping each other we can be strong. 🙏🌍

  11. Your mention of “flattening the curve” and not overwhelming the health care system sounds like it came straight from the Peak Prosperity youtube channel which I highly recommend. I’m doing fine at our house in Rayong and will have no problem if I can’t return to the US in mid-May.

  12. They did not say don’t come home People are told to go to the US embassy. That is from the State Department. Also there is no wave in the curve, OMG. The mask does not protect you unless you get a N95 mask. Those mask 😷 people wear there are useless. Go to don’t just get info off the internet

    1. I am American in Thailand. The US Embassy or Consulate in Chiang Mai never told Americans to go to the Embassy. The Level 4 Travel Advisory said in short return to the US if you can or do not travel from where you are. In essence return of Stay in Place. Those useless masks, hand sanitizers and staying away from people are the only things we can do.

    2. About the cloth mask or medical mask, I think it’s up to which source of information you trust. Here in LOS they say better than bare face. For me, I’m good with my 3M gas mask.

  13. Hello JC.
    I’m a big follower of your channel.
    Like you I am living in Thailand. Im married to a thai woman (at least I hope it’s a woman) 😂 joking.
    I’ve sold up everything back in Ireland to move here permanently.
    I’ve built a nice house for myself and my wife and I have roughly 60,000 dollars in thai bath in the bank here. My wife has a government job and her family are big farm producers.
    My question is.
    How safe going into the future do you think my money is in a thai bank?
    You’re probably not an expert in this but what is your opinion?
    Cheers David

    1. Better to keep larger amounts invested back home, especially now with the attractive discounts. But if you must, go with larger banks like Bangkok Bank, and deposit insurance in Thailand covers THB 5m or €137k currently.

    2. @EIRE LAND I certainly wish you luck ,and hope that you have better luck than me .I did enjoy my time in Thailand very much even though it ended badly .I do hope to get back for a holiday in the future .I was mostly living in Chiang mai .Good luck .

    3. @Anthony Dowling
      That’s unfortunate to haer mate.
      Who knows what the future holds.
      But her father has just given me 10 rai to farm and I’ve an option to expand based on how I get on.
      I reckon along with her wage well be able to make a living with the farm.
      The house is totally in my name and she borrowed a third of the building cost. I don’t expect any issues but again? Who knows what the future will hold.
      Wish me look anyway 👍

    4. >’ve built a nice house for myself and my wife and I have roughly 60,000 dollars in thai bath in the bank here.< The $60 k will not last long and the Thai wife may throw you out when it does .Your house in her name ? My Thai wife dished me after 10 years ,and took 3/4 of the house sale price .I am also Irish .Back in Dublin now ,on the state pension ,and have a small Council flat after a year of being homeless.Like others i though my Thai wife different as she had a small business and a profession.

  14. …How other countries are dealing with things is valuable to hear. There is some talk about it being “latitude specific” with more cases being clustered ..Wuhan, Korea, Seattle….etc…while I don’t hear much out of hot, dry Egypt….Since 2008 I was out of stocks and not even in debt of any kind, so I’m sitting fine. The USD to Baht is going well and has even pushed me to “retirement” level of baht income….But weird disruptions are happening in the states. The local store was out of potatoes, eggs, bread and tp….They are talking 2- 3 million unemployment claims this week as millions of businesses are shutdown…The U.S. State Dept. is not issuing passports, blocking anyone from leaving……It’s looking like a global reset of prices is coming. For instance, will there be a cruise industry ??…How can anyone take a cruise, and not have someone, on some deck not come down with the virus and clog- up the whole cruise ??…..

  15. I fear that Thailand is going to lose the segment of the population that raises the children. The grand parents.There is small chance for the healthcare system to cope with the tsunami of covid patients that are coming. Asian “face” has not served Thais well in this time. Not testing means not finding = not ploblem. Heartbreaking times are coming fast. ps JC. Stop shopping for coffee yen. Protect your family. Make your own. Lead by example!

  16. You can add Iodine to your list… I take nascent Iodine (Organic) plus I am consuming more Sea Vegetables (Kelp, Seaweed, Nori) and I am making Miso Soup, a Japanese food. Like Vitamin D, people are generally very deficient in Iodine. Oh! a little thing a bit off topic… Sunlight converts the Cholesterol, in your skin to Vitamin D, so if someone is taking Statin Drugs to control Cholesterol, they’ll have problems getting Vitamin D from the Sun. They will have to take, Organic, Vitamin D Supplements. I’m not a Doctor either… So, consult your physician… And there are a lot of foods like Garlic that boost the immune system… I’ll shut-up now 🙂 Great talk 🙂 Oh! Zink is another good one…

    1. You’re on top of it we think the same I’m taking most of the stuff you’re taking I can’t do zinc it makes me feel dizzy even if I take it on a full stomach. Stay safe nothing wrong with sharing this information with others I am taking cold and flu bomb tonic to prevent getting the virus don’t know if you looked into that that’s a great tonic easy to make.

  17. Thanks JC, I pretty much had the same thoughts about something is missing in all of this. Hoping to see it go away fast as the visa extensions could become problematic here in Vietnam. Would have been nice if governments around the globe could at least try to coordinate some efforts together and protect the citizens of the world. I have lots of questions these days in my head as where we stand as humans. Hope all embassies and ambassadors could do more to stabilize this situation until/maybe we ride this out.

  18. The heat is a definite factor. It looks like, from the tracing the government has been doing, infection has mostly happened inside in air conditioned places, or possibly inside in traditional houses. In cars and in venues. In the beginning, little or no infection from areosols or droplets outside.

  19. Shutting things down is OK if you’re retired but those who are still working and need the money to pay bills (which is probably most people out there) it’s no good. Too much of that will cause civil unrest and worse.

  20. Some thai have a strange opinion on who they think have the virus.
    If you are rich or have a good work in Bangkok, you will be welcomed home in rural areas.
    If you have a foreign husband or friend, you will often be seen as a walking dead.
    a woman that have worked with “farang” in Pattaya or Bangkok will be expected to stay in indefinite quarrantine, and he gossipers will gather in tight social groups that might be a dream for a virus.
    Families in Isaan will not have their girls back, but still expect weekly big money.
    The day the rich and greedy power seekers get the virus will probably be a turning point, money can not pay their way out of it, karma.

  21. Trying to control the spread so health services can cope is the best we can hope for right now . You’ve only got to look at certain regions of Italy to see how devastating this virus can be . It’s the knock effect , they couldn’t treat anything other than virus cases , an Italian doctor admitted that , so how many deaths were there due to this virus but not attributed to it ? The Thai health minister deserves a mention for his rant against westerners for not wearing masks . He’d have been far more productive trying to inform the Thai people how to wear one properly , because don’t think many are .

  22. Hopefully this will blow by in few months, or the medication to treat this virus will be available,hope everyone stays safe and healthy 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  23. So JC l like you thought a big overreaction for a flue…. so can you recommend a reputable yet site for the real deal on what this illness is cheers mate from Aussie….

  24. Nice to see you JC…I’m back in Australia now in my nice town in S/W of Perth not returning to Thailand for now. Lost one-thirds of my retirement fund in the last 2 weeks the same for all others that’s life…The supermarket in our town open from 7 am to 7 pm. Seniors only are given exclusive access to them from 7am to 8am you have to have a seniors card to get in (Govt. issue) police hanging around (laughing a bit) this just means that the punch ups about toilet paper between old “ladies and gentlemen?” are earlier in the day.
    A farmer friend who lives not far away who has a contract with a very large chicken processing factory. Each week the factory they deliver 10,000 days old chicks. He grows these chicks to 14 weeks, each week, he transfers the chicks to the next compound each week, he has 14 compounds. At the end of 14 weeks after 1000 of the chicks die the big processing factory picks up about 9,000 1.4 kilograms chickens ready for processing. Each chick consumes about 2kg of food. He has been doing this for 40 years as have another 50 or a 100 other chicken farmers have been doing the same in our state. There is no way he cries that he can turn a 10-week old chick into 14-week old chicks. The customers will just have to wait. Western Australia has about 2.7 million people in our state, they consume about one and a half a million chicken each week. Lots of people have run to supermarkets and bought up 3 or 4 weeks supply. They have bought up all available chickens, in a few weeks we may have a glut as the next weeks and the next week supply arrive at the processing factory and no customers. There is no shortage of chickens my friend keeps telling people there are only “stupid people”. Blind Freddy knows that!
    The same situation I believe exists all over the world. Pig, beef, lamb farmers USA, UK, Europe etc. they plan to produce food to get to market at even intervals so there is no glut. In Australia food production is not affected we actually have too much as two-thirds of food produced in Australia go overseas anyway and buying is reduced for overseas customers especially beef. We may have a glut of food if people lose their jobs and cut back. It’s already happening.,,,23 Mar 2020.

    1. “New York moved to begin trials Tuesday, procuring 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine and 750,000 doses of chloroquine, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. In addition Bayer, the drug maker, has donated 3 million doses of Resochin, its brand name for chloroquine, to the federal government.” Is that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gut feelings that it is going to work?

    2. @Martin P I took anti malarials for a while, during my 12 years in Papua New Guinea, but I stopped thinking the side effects might end up worse than malaria. I didn’t get it, but plenty did.

  25. Sobering video JC. Hope you and Nat stay safe. Isan seems like a good place for now. Things are ok in my little piece of the USA. I live in a city of 750k and we only have 8 reported cases. Plenty of food on the shelves for now. What is hard to find is toilet paper. That seems to be a national phenomenon. Thailand is in poop heaven with the ubiquitous bum guns. I might have to get one. This is a serious curve ball to the whole world. I hope something good is waiting on the other side of this. Stay safe and upbeat and keep letting us know what some of our options might be.

  26. To put things in perspective, some WHO stats. Between the beginning of October, 2019 and March 7, 2020, 250,000 to 500,000 people died of influenza worldwide, whereas 8,246 died of COVID-19.

    1. @Marcus Findlay Isn’t that 3.5 per cent of cases involving older people – over 70, I seem to remember?

      Overall, I’m assuming, then, that more people get seasonal flu.

    2. @Marcus Findlay Interesting and thanks, but what about 10 times the death rate?

      Edit: Just read that link and the one just above it. The death rate isn’t 10 times the rate. But as the article says, COVID-19 is a ”wild card”.

    3. @1990 Virus transmission

      The measure scientists use to determine how easily a virus spreads is known as the “basic reproduction number,” or R0 (pronounced R-nought). This is an estimate of the average number of people who catch the virus from a single infected person, Live science previously reported. The flu has an R0 value of about 1.3, according to The New York Times.

      Researchers are still working to determine the R0 for COVID-19.  Preliminary studies have estimated an R0 value for the new coronavirus to be between 2 and 3, according to the JAMA review study published Feb. 28. This means each infected person has spread the virus to an average of 2 to 3 people.


  27. In Australia almost everything is shutdown except for essential stuff like supermarkets and other services for at least 6 months or longer and the Government is spending big to support the people due to huge job loss, As an emergency worker still lucky to have a steady paying job no matter how bad it gets. And like JC have pointed out have a stock of food and supplies because working for the Government have seen drought, floods, blackouts, fires and now virus it is a sad lesson many people have not learned so no need for panic buying only people being caught out at the last minute.

  28. We had no cases in my town Busselton (35,000 people) in Aus. Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship came into our port on a short trip from Fremantle West Aus and WA Govt and allowed passengers off to have a break for 12 hours. 2 weeks later we have 4 cases of coronavirus. hmmm. We have a cruise ship headed to Perth today with no Australians on board and wish to dock tonight. Of 1700 passengers all Dutch Germans and other Europian nationalities 250 have reported having upper chest breathing problems. Our borders are now closed. Things are moving fast. There are about 40-holiday cruise ships in Australian waters after abandoning Asian cruses, many very big (QE2) and wanting to dock in Australia the Aus Government has refused them…see what happens next?… 23 Mar 2020.

  29. i arrived in BKK 4 days ago, just before they introduced the cert/insurance requirements. I’m a little concerned about what happens when my visa expires and if i cannot get a flight out of the country. I got visa on arrival which cannot be extended as I understand it.

  30. Ed Sweeney is in Pattaya. He was going back to the UK. But locked up there. Like here in Nevada. So I would stay there. Sun and beach. Thailand Rob said no virus cases in Kamala. I also mentioned Isaan. Chickens, pigs, rice. Chopped critters from the forest. And friendly people who could use some help. I would be there. Rather than isolated in my house and bad weather. They closed my gyms.

  31. These last 2 videos are really informative. Thanks for all of the information. I am 75 yrs old with COPD. I know the 4 walls of my house look mighty close. Sure, people have lost a lot of money in the market. I just hope they are working on plan B. Spend less, look for ways to pay off debt, and when this is all over with this life style change will be productive. If you can help your neighbor. And your neighbor exceeds that person next door. This will end, and we will survive this. Please be careful JC, because I really enjoy your videos.

  32. I’ll go to the doctors for medical advice and the economists for advice on the economy thank you very much. It’s so funny how these expats give information on subjects they know nothing about

  33. Sorry , but it’s not very responsible, and just alarmist, to trail ‘information I have from people with credentials’ , ‘information that governments won’t give out ‘ etc. There are enouigh false news and theories out there already

  34. Still living south of CM. Stocked up, staying in Thailand for the foreseeable future. Good video.
    It is not overkill. It is a highly transmittable agent that can show little or zero symptoms while present in the body.
    Good luck to you and Nat.

  35. I read in the Bangkok Post the Chinese are ready to breakout in April to Thailand, and Northern Italy is bad true but the main reason is there Hospital system is in a terrible state plus they have the biggest Chinese community in Europe working there in there own Factory´s Legal and not Legal! stay save

  36. Hi JC ! Oh how I Miss Thailand coffee they’re so delicious and sweet! I want to take this moment to say thank you for all your videos they really helped me for when I moved to Thailand I lived there for a total of 17 months I miss it so much I’ve been gone for 3 years but your videos hold an excellent wealth of knowledge not to mention you’re super Pleasant to watch.❤ from Atlanta

  37. Thanx for taking the time to post and share what you have re Covid19 and to do it in a calm, clear manner JC. Phuket is getting very quiet, all restaurants in my area (haad Surin) have been told to sell takeaway only no sit-down food from today. I go out little … mostly for groceries early morning before others get out and about. Many businesses closed. When I do go out on targeted trips I see Europeans everywhere totally disregarding the suggested behavioural changes, few masks, proximity protocols, people coming and going as before the government and health authority warnings.

  38. China, where it began, is over the curve now. Total dead in China since COVID started is 3277 as of today. Only 7 deaths over the last day. China is about one-quarter of all humanity. The curve in Italy has begun to slow the last few days. This year and every year, tens of thousands of people die from the flu just in the USA. 50, 000 or so die in traffic accidents just in the USA every year. Are we to shut down the world economy because there is another new virus? The new media (social and MSM) seems to make us believe that an asteroid impact extinction event has happened. Let’s see what we say four months from now. Sure, wash your hands several times a day, get a flu vaccine every year, and don’t eat bats.

  39. So you say to all go out and stock pile 1 or 2 months of food,so by the time you go shopping everything is gone?
    Sadly we can do nothing but wait,in Thailand people live day to day so money will be a big issue

  40. Put 2020 on hold at this point if you can,buckle up and stay close to home wherever that may be,what we do know is that we dont know what is ahead.For anyone in panic mode just remember if you self isolate and stay at home as much as possible you should be ok.

    1. Now the Baht is relatively low, when campared to US ( 33/ usd ann 35/ Euro) due to foreign sellings off stocks and bonds for fear of big economic slowdown.

  41. Just announced today (March 24, around 3 pm) that emergency measures powers for the PM will come into effect on Thursday. Not confirmed but there was talk of a 7pm to 6am kurfu. Yesterday at 6pm they shut down the Malls and non-essential shops. Groceries, Banks, Immigration are about all that’s left open.

    I got stuck here in Chiang Mai, and I’m not complaining …. I’m staying with my finance and she has a place in Chiang Mai and up in the mountains … I’m able to work remotely, so I’m in no more danger than I would be back home in Canada (Thailand seems to be doing better than Canada, and certainly the USA right now … not sure how long that will remain the case, but what will be will be.)

    Stay safe everyone, and good luck!!

  42. Hi JC, staying in Buriram shall be a good option, I am living in Surin province next to Buriram with my Thai wife in a small village, we have a house and around 500 KG of family rice ☺, my wife receive a full salary as a teacher working for the gouvernment, yes the stock market is pretty bad, I withdraw emergency money just before the storm to survive 3 years, long term market will recover as it did for each crisis. Be safe. Pierre.

  43. Hey JB, I know your goal is to get us where we need to be in our Thailand retirement dreams. But how is corvin virus affecting all that? Should I retire in Laos instead?

  44. hi jc..been a fan for awhile ..glad ur ..not panicing ..and mass hysteria..the last time we had mass hysteria was bak in the 40s ..hitler I think had a hand in it…anyway u should check out Stephen molyneux..on utube..he brings to light a lot of things that for some reason were covered up..and traded for media government misinformation..remember the farm..abook by g orwell..1984..winnipeg Canada is my also home to the health scieces research center..a vaccine for aids was dicoverd a friend of miene dr ian a scientist..the cure became corona for otherpurposes sold to us russa china..hmm..arrest by rcmp..hmm..did Thailand vote on the 24..oh so keep up the good work..ur the goto guy in Thailand ..anyone considering thailandor nam..should use u as a resorce ..every one copies uuuu..haha..resident of chcchcchaam..andnow..prachuapkhiri hkhan..magical kingdomof Thailand..capt and love..were bak..jah love

  45. Thanks for all your help JC, My flight today from CM was cancelled yesterday so I’m not going back home. All my friends say I would be coming to pure insanity. Well I’m happy to be stuck here. Give you family my best.

  46. Thank you for the information updates and sharing your opinions. However in my opinion, I find your stated opinion on the wearing of masks in this case, stated as fact, to be irresponsible and misinformation. Yes, there are some organizations that minimize the effectiveness BUT, to say it’s worse to wear them is blatant misinformation that borders on criminal. With so many silent carriers of the virus, unknowingly contaminating others, it’s important to take ALL precautions available when and where appropriate. Having said my opinion on this, thank you for everything you do to inform and educate.

  47. Thanx J.C., glad you & family are safe for the moment. Yes the problem will get much worse there as it will globally. Expect it and prepare for a 16-week crisis, no joke. Our domestic air travel plans with AirAsia are already cancelled for mid-June, so that speaks volumes about how long this going to last. I started preparing our family on March 3rd, so we are in good shape and stocked up. Everyone stay informed with your local and national and global news outlets.
    I would also like to add a simple request for those that read this, Be a responsible internet user, do not waste bandwidth playing online, play offline games and if you use Skype, just do the chat and not a video call always. Social distancing is important but also internet distancing too !!
    Right now the internet is so important for people around the world to keep in contact and read important virus news, so Please, do not waste bandwidth and think about other people in this enormous time of need, Do not be a greedy person..

  48. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF FACE MASKS IN THE WORLD TODAY…MY father joined the Australian 8th Light horse regiment and served extensively during WW1. (he married a much younger woman late, “my mother”). Being a farm boy and being orphaned at 9 y/o he was fostered by the next-door farm neighbors and his job was looking after the horses a job he became very good at and made him particularly useful in The 8th Light Horse Regiment later (they were not cavalry but mounted infantry). Upon arriving at Gallipoli in Turkey there were no horses and mostly hills and mountains, no good for horses. He was transferred to the 3rd Light Horse Regiment temporally which was the medical regiment, he was in the front line often. He spent a lot of time in the trenches bathing soldiers rotten feet with Condy’s Crystals. His extensive medical experience at treating horses made him a very good ambulance officer. I asked once as a child did he ever do stitches for injured men and use horse tail hair to stitch them up, he nearly fell off the chair laughing saying he had done thousands of stitches with horsetail hair…my point of this is that at that time most bandages, as well as face masks were reused, he told me it was that or no bandages at all. The patients did not suffer (many were dead) and boiling and washing bandages and masks was common practice. With a much better understanding of sterilizing face masks today, it is ridiculous that they cannot be just washed and sterilised after being used once or twice or 3/4/5/6/7/8/ times. There is no shortage of face masks today.

  49. Just got home back to Arizona. It took me over 50 hours due to flights being cancelled while I was traveling. My wife who is Thai is stuck in Vietnam. The only reason I came home from Vietnam is because I appear to have skin cancer on my lip. I could not get back to Thailand for treatments so I came back to the USA. We were waiting in Vietnam while my wife gets here USA visa which has now passed 8 months. All of the airports were pretty much empty. So if I get sick after the trip I will post here. If you got any questions Chief send me a email. Mel

  50. Is the tourist visa effected during this time? My visa ends on the 14 of April. Am I stuck ? Can I extend due to circumstances? I have so many questions and don’t know who to turn to for help.

    Ps: this is the ending of my 60 visa with a 30 extension already.

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