Living Healthier in the Philippines; Part 3 of 3

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  1. Yah.. it’s kinda sad because dried fish is super cheap, and it’s all that a lot of Filipinos can afford. But in the long run, very bad to have such a high sodium intake. Plus they add MSG (aka ‘Magic Sarap’) to a lot of their foods. Well, at least they don’t fry everything in lard like back in Mexico. They eat more vegetables than most Mexicans as well.

  2. For years I’ve loved to cook.. I’d say now that I’m in the province, about 85% of my meals I cook myself. I only eat out when ‘in town’. 🙂

  3. Mr ‘GreenCoffe’ promo-guy.. (a) I know about pork, it’s a choice each person makes. If you want to be full vegan, knock yourself out. Not a vegan? I could say the same thing about you eating red meat. To me, life without some bacon sucks. (b) I know I could have gotten mugged in my own home town because a 65 year old friend of mine was mugged in our home-town parking lot. He fought back and kept his car.

  4. GreenCoffee (contd.).. (c) Odds are just that.. odds. Just because the last 45 roulette spins were all RED doesn’t mean the next spin will likely be Red.. or Black. The chances are the same each spin. Same with crime. It’s higher in some areas of town, but exists and happens in every part of town.

  5. GreenCoffee (condt.) (d) As for Adsense and a Piggy farm; Adsense chooses the ads shown, not me. Got a problem with the free market? Get over it. As for having a piggy-farm, I’m supply a legal market and in fact feeding the pigs ONLY virgin grain and they all get monthly Vet care so.. I’m putting better pork out there than those giving them leftovers. Excuse me for doing a better job than the locals.

  6. GreenCoffee (contd) And finally, (e).. you can hide behind your little icon, but I know what’s up. You want to troll?.. you came to the wrong place. Do it again and just expect to see your comments disappear.

  7. Mr. GreenCoffee.. the more I think about it, if being an obnoxious troll is how you hope to get traffic to your crappy product. I’ll just delete your inane comments right now.

  8. Running online accounts and keeping track of them sometimes is a pain. This day and age trolls are in abundance especially online were anyone can just post away their ignorance and limited understanding anytime, anywhere. I enjoy your post and videos Henry, it obviously will help a lot of people in their decision-making if contemplating of moving to the islands in the future.

  9. There’s a guy who has a beef with me, an expat with his own website who uses about 30 aliases because he’s been banned so many times from different forums and websites (including mine). He’s even threatened people’s family with physical harm.. total nutjob. I have no time for toxic people like that. I would much rather do something productive and helpful for others. 🙂

  10. Well said. 🙂 I am having SUCH a blast here. I don’t ever want to leave. Definitely it’s my new home from now on.

  11. Dude where are you? Are you in the southern islands? I’m from bohol.. miss the coconuts and white sand.. unlike here in arizona and texas..xc

  12. Yep! I’m in a province just to the east of Tagbilaran city, on Bohol. As you know, with Panglao just a jeepney ride away. 🙂 I’m loving it. I’m originally from Arizona with my Dad’s family from Corpus Christi, TX (clap-clap-clap). You gotta get yourself back out here, man. That 105+F dry heat is gonna dry you up! haha!

  13. Hi Henry

    Check out this video, which I saw on PBS, regarding High Intensity Training. It’s counter-intuitive, but great for “activating” your natural insulin: it’s on /64046221

  14. you are such a good guy…don’t post the troll comment in here…this video is not for the troll people…good luck and be safe always

  15. that’s right…you’re doing a good job..i subscribe to your channel bcoz I listen to what you say..but I felt concern on you when you post that video of you walking in the dark..i think it’s very dangerous to do that…especially that you are a newbie in this country I know in every country there’s a bad and good people..i hope you’ll be careful every time…bcoz I hate to hear if a foreigner died in my country and all that bcoz I know it brings a bad image to my country..

  16. and guess what I also share some of your video on my facebook…and 1 Canadian living in Cebu commented in one of your video’s and I told him about you..

  17. There’s hardly ever anyone along the jungle, but just to be safe I take along a baton (club) with me at night. Nothing out there in the jungle but ghosts. ha!

  18. ohh.. are you staying there for good?
    im going home there next year in the have some friends there dont you? locals in bohol are pretty friendly than anywhere else in the world..

  19. I’m slowly starting to meet and know some of the locals and two expats that live here permanent also. I plan to travel around the PH as I can, but Bohol is my base of operations. I love it here.

  20. I’m watching my six more often now. I hope to have a vehicle in August, that will cut down my late night walks though I’ll still walk the merkados for exercise.

  21. By the way I’m Flip just using ang american name. My real name is Jonathan, 44 and still single. Hahaha. Anyways, I’m stuck here in Manila busy with work and I wish to save money to visit, Bohol, Cebu, Palawan, Boracay you name it…

  22. It’s good you choose to live here! We Flips appreciate it. With ur dollars spend it here, wow u will really enjoy cause its affordable. But ur right, it’s hard to trust anyone right away where ever we go…

  23. Cool. Back before I left the US, I knew I wanted to get here to the PH but wasn’t really sure ‘how’ I was going to do it. I spent a year putting it all together with research, money, etc. online. The first part of any new idea is simply making the decision what you want to do. See you in Bohol! 🙂

  24. it is so wonderful here, i love it! 🙂 feel free to share my ‘advice to filipinas’ videos with your friends on facebook. 🙂

  25. Yeah Henry the locals always laugh at me because I don’t touch the stuff! I eat fruits, veggies, fish and chicken, drink gallons of water and walk about 5 miles a day. By the end of the first week, I have to take my belt in one notch.

    The reason us allergy sufferers do better in PH is because of the humidity. Same with joint injuries. The heat and humidity are much better for bent and broken bodies.

  26. Thanks, I enjoy sharing both the positives and warning of some of the negatives of life here. Hopefully that way when people make the effort to get here they are better prepared in what to expect.

  27. I eat white rice 3 times a day but use only 1/3 cup of dry rice for each meal and only 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil along with a wide variety of very high fiber vegetables and mung beans for protein. I lost 13 pounds in a few months and my acid reflux is under control. I feel a lot better. Rice is good but too much (like I used to eat) would make me gain weight really quickly. 🙂

    1. I cut down rice to once a day due to the high amount of sugar it introduces to your body as converted carbs.  We Westerners aren’t accustomed to eating so much rice.

  28. Like you, I repaired computers.. I am done in the USA.. The income I have from the VA is untouchable by the IRS which I am in trouble with because of trucking because of my x-wife… I so want to live in the Philippines! Can we be neighbors? LMAO! Seriously. 

  29. Congratulations for your considerable weight loss and the arrival of your grandkid. Other expats might wonder why you seem to know so much about Filipino people and culture after spending less than three years over there. You obviously immerse yourself in the culture, not a fish-out-of-water creature who isolate himself from the vast ocean of new experiences and lifestyle choices, and happily learning so much in the process. Acculturation is truly a long and difficult process, and yet within a short span of time, you’ve managed to imbibe so much, with unfeigned enthusiasm, empathy, and so much generosity. I hope it’s something contagious so that other expats who are not faring so well would take heart from your blogs and videos. Sometimes it takes a seemingly random chance for someone to find his or her vocation or special calling in life: your chance meeting with the lovely Filipina who stole your heart in California and who, despite her lack of enthusiasm for it, unknowingly got you down the road to your “jungle” over there in Central Philippines. Now, without you even knowing or wanting it, you’ve become a touchstone, a mentor, a bulwark of wisdom and strength for your fellow expats, even balikbayans like myself who are contemplating on retiring there for good. You just can’t know or imagine how you’re strengthening my resolve to return there. If the  “lone” Latino could wing it in a foreign country and undergo an eventful trajectory of self-discovery and self-reinvention, why can’t I do the same? I was born there, wouldn’t be out of place anywhere, would certainly need the same healthy regimen you had to stay sane and hale in the twilight of my years, why should I feel intimidated?   A few needy and sometimes opportunistic relatives, noise, traffic, smog, facets of grinding poverty, etc. — things I grew up with, but for decades had become somehow distant tidbits of sense memory while immersed in the rat race here in the States — why should I fear them now? So, to fellow balikbayans here in the USA and Canada, let’s join the Reekay brigade! Let’s all be courageous and super-flexible, and embrace his attitude and unbridled enthusiasm for life and novel experiences, no matter how tedious, frightening, strange, or vapid. He did not only shed so much pounds, he shed–and that’s for us to emulate–his self-doubts and materialism, which his minimalistic frame of mind might have found, over the years, too alien and self-defeating at best.

  30. You have the best videos on YouTube, about the Philippines. Your positive attitude and detailed information on the culture and daily living, is very refreshing. Thanks for putting so much information out here for us. I hope to be moving there in another year.

    1. @David Pike yes, i’ve seen brown rice here.. red and pink as well.  i like them, a bit chewier but it’s tough getting a pinay to switch over to it.  i’ve even mixed the two (white/brown) in a bag before cooking but you have to make sure the brown rice cooks fully since it takes longer than the white rice to cook.

  31. Well said and true, I never had allergies before i lived there and come home i now have to take allergy meds.
    I think it is the lack of pine and oak trees, the fresh ocean air as well may play i factor.
    But for sure i was healthier living there.
    They soups there are also very good tasting,a hot bowl of soup is more refreshing after being in the hot sun.
    Looking  and feeling good,great job Heny

  32. I cut down to 140lbs in 3 weeks in the Philippines. It was hard to always find a gym. I enjoyed taking boxing lessons. I own the domain name and hope in my travels I can visit some of the better fitness centers in the country. I’d really like to train Martial Arts with Team Lakay in Baguio.

  33. Majority reason why there is not a lot of fat people in the philippines because it costs more money for them, since they are earning pesos not dollars.

  34. I’m born in USA and we visited my grandparents in Duma and its true my sinus cleared up and had no allergies too..there is more oxygen in the air because of wonderful nature and less pollution especially by the beach near Bacong where they live.

  35. In the Philippines, we don’t worry about the FLU it will just go away by itself by just taking antipyretics. Here in the US, people are scared of the flu. I work in the ER and I don’t put a mask on when I have a patient diagnosed with the flu.

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