Living Healthier in the Philippines; Part 2 of 3

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  1. Yah.. that’s one of my t-shirts I originally brought with me. They do just hang off me now, ha! I’ve gotten some better fitting shirts since I been dropping the weight. Some of my old shirts.. wow, I can fold about a foot of fabric over on me now.. it’s like a tent. haha! As for indoor-exercises, those require the cooperation of a willing and attractive exercise partner.. of which the Philippines has several readily available. 🙂

  2. Yep.. the income thing prior to retirement, pension or SS is the first hurdle. Then comes making the decision to live so far away from all the people and places that are so familiar. Once a person makes it past that.. sky’s the limit. 🙂

  3. ha!.. thanks. How I got an A+ from Geometry to Trig, I’ll never know. Geez.. 60 pounds, no wonder my old shirts seem so damn big now. Feeling better though.

  4. I lost just over 30 kilos or 65 pound in your scale in my first 8 months in the Pines. I reall did not take to the food at all, simply hated it. Still do. After a while I ate like a local did and I could feel it was doing me no good. After my two heart attacks recently my diet has changed completely. Have lost even more weight now. Never ever will I touch the local food ever again.

  5. Just remembered one thing, after I came out of hospital after one month, my mother in law had prepared humba and adobo pork for my home coming. Now I knew why Pinoy did not live a long time.

  6. As I mentioned, it’s not just the food.. it’s the climate and often more walking than we did back home. I would venture that your heart attacks had much more to do with your decades of pre-Philippines diet and lifestyle which had lots of salt, sugar and fat. Stress is also a known factor. If you hate Filipino food, moving to the Philippines doesn’t make much sense. They aren’t known for their burgers, tacos or pizzas here y’know.

  7. I agree with you. Back in Australia I was regularly training 3 hours a day four times a week. That stopped when I came here and I agree, the past western diet did not help either.

  8. Well then.. there you have it, mystery solved. Your MIL is out to poison you when you didn’t croak in the hospital. ha!

  9. I totally agree with you on this Henry, Stress, lifestyle and also heredity plays an important part in one’s health. There is nothing wrong with eating vegetables, fruits and lean meat but the addition of preservatives/salt/sodium definitely will ruin it in the long run. Too bad the island’s food culture is getting a bad rap as being unhealthy, which i thought was totally subjective.

  10. In the US, the ‘food pyramid’ has been revised about 3 times already. First cheese is great, then cheese is bad. First pork is bad, then it’s suddenly “the other white meat”. All I know is that natural foods, cooked with spices rather than chemicals is in the long run going to give the body what it needs. Here in the PH, I cook and choose food that is 90% of the time simple and healthy. The other 10% of the time, I’ll treat myself to some grilled chorizo or a Halo-Halo. haha!

  11. I hear ya’, and I love the simplified wardrobe. No looking for matching socks, throw on some shorts and whatever loose shirt is lying around and I’m out the door. ha! In the US, I only ate steak about six times a year. I like it, but I monitor that fairly well. I do miss some good cheese and the PH just doesn’t have it other than imported. And zero good Mexican food after 9 months. The one thing that does get used too often here is MSG, aka ‘Magic Sarap’. That’s no-muy-bueno.

  12. I can hardly believe it myself. And I been eating good. I don’t shy away from some good pizza at Shakey’s every so often. Yellow Cab has pretty good pizza too. Most of the other pizzas.. not so good. ha!

  13. I’ve never been a big fish-eater in my life. My idea of ‘fish’ is H. Salt Fish ‘n Sticks. haha! Here I’ve had grilled fish about five times. I can kinda handle the fish Sinigang if there’s no head or scales in it. But bones in fish drive me absolutely INSANE. Plus fish never fills me up, no matter how much I eat. I prefer chicken here and some pork every now and then. Love that Lechon! hahaha!

  14. But there are more factors at play, can’t lay it all at the lap of your MIL’s bad cooking. For instance, the availability of health care. One reason people don’t live so long is they can’t afford daily vitamins or life-saving surgeries or even out-patient care. With no money, people die here of things that are preventable. I really think it’s misplaced to say that vegetables, rice and lean meats are killing off Filipinos so early. Look at lack of health care, unsafe building codes and roads.

  15. Blaming the local food for a bad and failing health is such a lame excuse. People in the Philippines die early because of extreme hardship due to poverty. Too bad you think that way.

  16. I agree. Things like heart issues can’t be blamed on a few years of Filipino food. Genetics, stress, previous lifelong diet outside the PH are factors that can’t be ignored. Kinda begs the question; Why move to a country if a person thinks the food is killing them? Maybe it’s not about food, but a dislike for the culture here as a whole. (?) If so, there’s a fix for that.. leave. ha!

  17. nice vid. first one i saw of yours and got me interested. i’m from Cebu by the way, grew up in the provinces and went to the city for college and work… since your in bohol (i think) you might want to try the “corn rice”. i think you know what i mean. or if you don’t, ask around for “bugas maiz”. its corn ground down finely and is used as substitute for rice. they say it is why visayans, especially from the provinces have iron stomachs and can eat anything.

  18. Hmm, interesting. I just ran out of rice this morning and am at the mall (here on Bohol).. so I’ll ask around for it. I wonder if I can use it for fried chicken or making tortillas. (??) Thanks for the suggestion.

  19. I got half a kilo of the maiz/maize/grits and cooked it up last night. Kinda tastes like rice. I made it plain with just salt to see what the taste was like. Next time I might make it with peas/corn, or with chicken broth. Also found some recipes online for making it same as Southern Style Grits. I got the #14 granule size.

  20. Henry, glad to see you are not there just chasing the ladies. Makes me know your a good guy. Anyway do you find you just gotta have rice most all the time? My wife eats rice I mean every day and her fam back there eats rice three times a day and a lot of it. Is that bad or good? She was raised on Rice , fish (lot of dried fish) stinky pork, yuck, and chicken. Seldom could afford much beef . When she first got here she gained 5 lbs but the last 2 years has maintained about 98 lbs and eats a lot.

  21. Henry, Is that rice bad for people , I read it was not good for them but Asians as a rule love it and live longer that we here in USA. But think, there is a serious food shortage and without rice there would be starving kids in Asia.

  22. Daily rice, I found, pushed my blood sugar levels way up.. and I’m not even diabetic or overweight. I try to just eat ‘red rice’ which has more fiber and slows down the carb consumption.. plus i limit to maybe one small serving a day. It’s hard to avoid rice here, it’s like avoiding french fries in the US. ha!

  23. I think a lot of Asian people stay ‘fit’ longer due to the forced exercise.. walking everywhere even when elderly. The ‘poor’ diet of rice and dried fish is very high in carbs and salt, not good for any body. Here the obesity rate is under 5% while it’s over 30% in the USA, so I think that accounts for a lot. But lack of vitamin supplements in people budget or preventative care has an effect also.

  24. Guy, i dont know how to cook!, can u imagine that?, well that will not be a problem i guess. There are 101 girls and guys who will b willing to give me the know how, right?

  25. Once you get the basics down of frying, baking, broiling, boiling, sauteeing.. you can cook just about anything. But yah, there’s plenty of girls here willing to be hired as a cook/cleaner/helper either full or part-time.

  26. You’re right. With our money, the fruits and veggies, fresh meat is very affordable compared to back home. But for the Filipino family barely squeaking by, the dried fish and rice is not a good repeat diet.

  27. What you haven’t mentioned is what I think the biggest factor is: portions are a lot smaller in the Philippines compared to the Untied States. When you go to the mall and go to any fast food place what you get served would be considered a snack in the United States. In the city there is U.S. fast food everywhere and always busy so a big part of their diet seems to be junk, they stay thinner by eating less and exercising more. They only eat when they are hungry, not when they are “suppose” to.

  28. That’s a very good point. I’ve gotten accustomed to the smaller portions. In fact, I really can’t eat as much food in one sitting as I used to. I also noticed that while many mall employees take the jeepney if they live a distance away, all the one living within a half mile seem to be walking home after work to the nearby boarding houses. Lots of people walk here and even I did far more walking here than when I was in California.

  29. A lot of the time it is just faster to walk. In Manila or even a smaller town like Alabang or Las Pinas, traffic is always so bad it is just easier to walk. Just like you can get use to eating more, you can get use to eating less. Coming back from PI this summer I have stuck to eating less and am losing weight little by little. Eating whatever I want though. Just less and not repetitively of anything. But like you said, being hotter than hell and walking all time is a big factor lol.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Considering almost all restaurants also served unlimited ice tea, making them think, not all of their meal is going to be fattening. Kinda like at the movies, order a large popcorn and a diet coke instead of regular.

    2. @David Pike yep.. between md’donald’s, jollibee, chow king, etc.. more processed food.  mang inasal is about the only big franchise with healthy grilled chicken.  they offer unlimited rice though and some families really go for that, which is not good to take in so many carbs at once.

  30. LifeBeyondTheSea, is it hard to find organic and locally grown veggies and fruit?  I’m vegan and eat lots of grains, legumes (lentils, beans, peas), veggies and fruits.  

    Also, would about jobs?  I’m in college.  Carbs aren’t the problems.  Its the source of the carbs.  Eat whole grains like brown rice and you will be fine.  

  31. I went through the same thing in my late forties. But at 68 I am 5 lbs above my wt. when got out of high school. I just got serious about eating less substantially less and walking 3-5 mles every day, yes without missing one. But no gym. You got to stuff that you can do the rest of your life…consistently…being latino you have to watch out for T2…

    1. i decided to get a motorbike instead. i would have gotten the minitruck if i’d gotten married to the g/f i had at the time. but since that didn’t work out, i got a Honda Beat instead.

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