Living Healthier in the Philippines; Part 1 of 3

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  1. Henry,i knew you lost some lb’s.good for you.i have been enjoying your videos really have a talent for sharing your life with bring a much welcomed ray of light to the world.peace an good health to you my friend.thumbs up from brooklyn ny.

  2. Tha’s definitely the safe thing to do. Although along the roadside, they just kinda cook it til it seems ‘done’. ha! I do get a little concerned that they dip the meat into the same bbq sauce both before and after it’s cooked. But I’ve been eating street food for years in Mexico and now here.. never had any problems. yet. ha!

  3. You ain’t kidding! I go to my home in Negros Islands and I always lose 10lbs in a month. And I’m drinking my little cokes and Vasayan lechon manok (Jos Inato) like a pig. I can’t wait to live there permanently.

  4. Hi Henry. My wife and I hit the jackpot last night by encountering your insightful, candid, and eloquent video blog / channel. We had¬† watched a good number before we dozed off, and I’m not kidding you, I had a very pleasant and engaging dream about our native country, the Philippines. We’re medical professionals here in Florida, and have¬†lived¬†here for decades, but frankly, your honest and riveting take on our beloved country, our culture, our many cultural “hues”, quirks, foibles, our essential Filipino-ness, is so right on the spot, in a pleasant, cordial, and amusing way. You’re very eloquent, very incisive, extremely well-spoken, and we can discern a public intellectual, a budding anthropologist, and, yes, an artist¬†seeping out through your musings, keen observations, etc. I want my loved ones, those who were born and grew up here, to watch your youtube video clips, and read your website’s blogs so they¬†would learn more¬†about their grandparents’ native land, as seen through the unfiltered eyes of an¬† astute and frank observer who, hopefully, ¬†must be gradually¬†falling in love with our beloved Philippines. You’ve conveyed a lot of things and ideas so much¬†clearly and insightfully, and so much better,¬†¬†than we could ever manage.¬† I would love to buy your future books about your adopted country as soon as they come off the press.

    1. Thank you for your kind review. ¬†ūüôā ¬† I try to be fair, but I must admit I have fallen in love with the Philippines since my arrival almost 2 years ago. ¬†I have many more projects and videos in the works, including a set of fiction novels. ¬†All in due time, I hope you’ll enjoy them when they are ready. ¬†In the meanwhile I will continue with the main site and videos as I tour around the Visayas.

  5. Native Pinoy diets are basically healthy: greens, fish, veggies, vinegar, rice, noodles, some meat, bread etc. Problem is many eat too much processed food nowadays and convenience stores are proliferating along with fast food in malls and so amidst want there is lots of mild obesity and diabetes. 

    1. Two other factors come into play.  Many Filipinos can only afford white rice and dried fish.  Those two staples are high in carbohydrates and sodium (the salted fish).  Vegetables and fruits, while abundant here, are still a luxury for many poor people here.  Add to that a desire to drink soda over water and urinary tract infections tend to be very common as well.

  6. That’s what kill us, and also gives us cancer. Food that cooking in cooking oil, the transfat stay in our big intestine. All tha Mcdonald and fast food. Grill barbecue is the best, chicken, pork or beef is the way to go. Fats that is coming from animal is safe , we need fats also in our food. Stop eating wheat and bread with Gluten it sick to your belly. Also I eat now a lot of raw vegetable, you know what, by eating vegetable . I may not need Viagra at all, my manhood is strenghten

    1. @David Pike¬†i’ve never been much of a beer drinker. ¬†maybe one or two a month. ¬†(apple san miguel, usually) ¬†sometimes i’ll get a bottle of sparkling wine that lasts me a month. ¬†ha!

  7. Wait a minute. I am a member of LA Fitness. I spend most of my time in the Jacuzzi and the swimming pool and sauna. So I am thinking, going from hot to cold is the best way to do it. I am also gaining weight. Why am I following the same road you went down? Everything you have done, I have done, and doing now. Oh my God!!!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea РPhilippines Good deal. My military buddy who just came back from the PH and lived there for 8 years said that filipinos look down on adopted kids. He said that they are big in having blood relatives. Any kid whether it be a girl or boy will not be taken in by a family if it is not of same blood. He recommends you adopt maybe her sisters kid or something like that. I notice we both play racquetball too. Losing weight and staying active is the best way to be in life. Looks like you are doing a good job and having fun. Oh, I do not have facebook, so I will try to join the forum later on.  

    2. @Ebony Man the good news is that i lost just shy of 50 pounds my first 6 months here, and kept it off.¬† the local smaller portions, more walking and heat helped trim me down just a bit.¬† ūüôā

    1. @MrGeary08 yes, and depending on where you eat (fast food aside), it’s sometimes cheaper to eat out. especially if you’re eating filipino food.

    1. @Will Hart in the ph, it depends on where you shop. if you go to the merkados for basic staples (meat, rice, bread, veggies, fruits).. you can save a ton of money. but if you shop at the mall grocery store or the sam’s-club type warehouses, prices are about the same as the usa, even higher for stuff like real chocolate, name-brand peanut butter, maple syrup, etc. in the ph, 2 (yes ‘two’) large potatoes can cost around $2 usd. in the usa, you can get a bag of potatoes for that price. they don’t even sell bags of potatoes in the ph.. you buy them a few at a time. so.. it’s all about where you shop. in addition, it can actually be cheaper to dine-out than to buy groceries and cook at home.

  8. Your heart for sure is thankful you have done this.
    What you eat and how you exercise,plays as big a part of how long you may live as genetics.
    Have really got more into this healthy eating, for about 5 years now,even took a personal training course.
    Processed white sugar is just not really meant for humans to eat and is far different than the sugars in fruits.
    I do not advise any one to drink calories,Most people could easily drink Two large glasses of orange juice but could not eat the 8 to 12 oranges it took to make the OJ..
    Looks like you have lost 40 plus pounds,, I am sure you feel like a new man

  9. I actually think you went to the wrong place, the visayas region can be tough for foreigners. I would suggest that you move to Manila, there you won’t have a hard time due to everybody being very good in english and there are still some people who can still speak spanish. My grandmother was a spanish teacher back in Manila and the tagalog language has allot of words similar to that of spanish. There is more diversity as well over there…

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines That is where I was raised before migrating to the U.S. at sge 7. So I love Makati but yes, more expensive.

    2. +FJ CD manila’s traffic, pollution, crime and congestion is much tougher on new expats than cebu or bohol, or most anywhere else is an easier transition than manila. it would be like tossing a new immigrant to the usa into New York on their first day.

  10. Hi Henry…. My mother is a Canadain/PH “Snow bird”, meaning that she flys back and forth. Ever time when she comes back the family notices that she’s lost a significant amount of weight. The only one who doesn’t notice is her?!?!? When she’s in Ph she makes no effort to lose lbs, quite the opposite actually sheds them (lbs). So my family investigated by making the trip ourselves with the exact same results. My whole family came back unknowingly having lost lbs too!?!?!? We think that it must be the food in the Ph. There we know that more of the foods are what we call here, “organic” (as natural as humanly possible). The animals there have never seen a scientist or “Veterinarian” and they eat the also natural food that has fallen to the ground or the natural vegetation. And…. the Ph people also eat the same way.

  11. After being there for 21 days, I had lost 6 pounds. Even with my Fiancee’s attempt to over feed me. I just could not eat enough to keep the weight on. But I didn’t want for anything. And I do not miss the weight.

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