Living like a Filipino

Well I can now say I have almost become a Filipino as I do most things their way. When it comes to using the CR which is what the Filipinos call a bathroom and is short for comfort room I do it their way and have become used to it.  You know I haven’t used a roll of toilet paper in months as I use water to clean myself.  Filipinos use a sprayer or a bucket of water and wash their buts with it, The bucket has a Tabo or kind of a cup ot poor the water on you (see photo below) I do the same and I think it is a much better and cleaner way to do it. I usually go ahead and take a shower while I’m at it. Which is often just a large bucket full of water and poor it over me. When the water pressure is high enough I use the shower head and take a conventional shower however that is not always possible. When it comes to driving,  I drive like a Filipino also. my new car, well it is my wife’s car a small 3 cylinder Suzuki Celerio in pink and it  has tinted glass all around which I hate because it makes it hard to see at night, but they also can’t see me either so I look to them like I must be a Filipino because I drive like one.  At night I make my wife drive as I have trouble seeing with the tinted front window and she says she can see fine. It is really great during the daytime as the bright sunlight is no problem and at night the bright headlights are not a problem either.

Tabo and Tub for bathing



  1. hello charles and family
    hope your christmas was good .we had a wonderful holiday and will be heading to cebu soon.
    question for you. our house in baybay is allmost finished and we have been looking on the internet for websites that sell furniture and appliances .
    i love your wifes new car
    your friends dale and chuchi

    1. Dale, Where are you? I noticed you canceled your membership on the social network was worried something might have happened. I look forward to seeing you guys when you arrive here. What is your email now?

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