(Livestream) Travel, Gym Bag, Martial Arts, Food & Polar Bears

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  1. 9 belts? Ahhhhh something’s wrong with that according to which a particular martial arts you were supposedly studying the number of belts and color of belts vary from one martial art to another

  2. Yes there maybe more polar bears but we all have to be aware of melting icecaps and rising sea temperatures, depleting coral reefs, deforestation, plastic in our oceans and so many other factors that cannot be ignored

  3. Why do a small percentage of Americans pursue Filipinas?
    Average income 2018:  USA  ~$63k,   Philippines  ~$6k US dollars.
    Percentage of population that is female:  USA 50.8,   Philippines 49.76.
    Should Americans give money to their Filipina girlfriend:  see above.

  4. Hi Reeka, my wife teaches 6th grade on Camiguin, and yes the teachers have to print “modules” constantly, and on their own time, teachers work so hard in the province.

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