(Livestream) Open Discussion – Expats in Southeast Asia

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    1. i’m not in that area, but i highly doubt it. here in cebu city we can’t even go over to mandaue, which is only a few miles away.

      maybe someone currently in manila or olangapo can say for sure. but that’s about a 155km distance you’re talking about. almost for sure they have those areas quarantined from each other.

  1. I stayed at the casino Hotel across from IT Park. Love Cebu.. had a great time and dream about buying a retirement condo though not really in the core location. I’m 40 now. I would only plan to stay for 4 months out of the year (Jan-april). Would you recommend renting out the remainder of the year? Or better to just secure a 4 month lease?

    1. there’s been a trend for condo buildings to discourage or even ban short-stay Airbnb’s. no telling yet how that will progress. so keep that in mind. for now, i’d either just rent the 4-months you’re here or buy a condo knowing you ‘may’ not be able to lease it out if the building votes against it,.

    1. it is already a problem in smaller islands and cities here in the ph. so far, in cebu city the stores are well stocked. the pier is only a mile or two away and ships are still delivering supplies.

  2. Hey Henry, I won’t add to any miss-statements or propaganda, BUT many people see a true Vaccine and effective medicines to be available BY DECEMBER.. just because this is a worldwide effort, unlike any search for vaccines before. So being optimistic.. not spreading rumors. Curt in San Diego..

  3. I have absolutely no idea why I’m subscribed to you? I’m not a guy that dates Asian women πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I appreciate people’s different world views and lifestyles πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Hi Henry,i don’t usually give out comments even though I am a long time subscriber to your channel but you mentioned someone is asking about Baguio City for which i am from. So here’s some good info. Baguio City being the summer capital of the Philippines and a major tourist destination has the amenities of big cities. Fast internet,lots of universities and easy accesibility of fresh produce. Lots of hotels to stay and among those higher end ones is inside Camp John Hay. Of course,the downside is since it is located in the mountains, you cannot easily get out if you wanted to go back to Manila or to other places. The mode of transportation is still by land(bus/private vehicle). But at least the travel time now if you wanted to go back to Manila was cut down to 4 hours if you take the joybus (used to be 7-8 hours). Hopefully,the planned reopening of the Loakan airport will push thru soonest. With the quarantine still going on,grocery stores are still opened,public market too but from 5 am to 5 pm. And you have to wear mask if you go out. Good thing is,the city mayor is really doing a good job managing Baguio City. Hope this info helps.

  5. Hi, I normally have been staying at the Bella Vista over in Lapu Lapu city, so I am close to my dentist. I am back and forth from Nevada to PI. Spending time up north as well in Luzon areas. We are in lockdown in Fernley NV as well, just able to go to the store etc. So I am just working on my sales online https://www.ronclaussentees.com

  6. Looking to retire and move to Cebu in the next year and 7 months… also moving there for a sweet Christian lady and settle down…I’m happy and excited about our future… hope to connect with other ex pats upon my retirement…

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