(Livestream) Open Discussion – April 6th, 2020

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  1. 2 cats caught the virus in US but scientist say as far as they know they cannot infect people. Also they claim the virus is in the ocean on California beaches, when waves crash the beach the virus can blow up in the air and people can breeath it in, with the wind could blow it quite far.

  2. I’m hearing maybe 12 to 18months before international travel is back. I sure hope not tho I’m stuck away from my fiance we were a week away from being together to get married when they shut down the airports

    1. thats the work of trolls!….they pretend to be pro-truth but if you attack their zombie leader……trump, putin or xi or modi…..then they get bezerko!
      they attack science…..attack the moonlanding…….some even claim the earth is flat……environmental issues are all lies to them……some even say covid-19 is a hoax and that being forced to stay at home is dictatorial…..they attack regular media and praise fox’s lies……..attack history and historical facts…anti EU and pro-brexit!…they want britain to leave the EU but they want Russia to be a western “white” ally……they even have their own vocabulary with terms like “controlled opposition” etc….alex jones is their hero and limbaugh etc.
      its all to sow confusion among the masses with low education levels and its working!

  3. GIO rub me wrong when he was critical of age gaps so i don’t watch him anymore . I like CNN it live in Philippines at same time while i’m back in states. GIO need to stay off that subject he never lived it. I’m trying to over look his ignorant comments on that subject.

    1. not sure why, since he’s always been in favor of age-gap relationships. maybe just misunderstood. ?? he himself does have a younger filipina g/f, so he’s not against it at all.

  4. Reekay in your photo, redshirt photo with g/f you look like your losing weight – and I seem to recall you mentioned before your changing your diet eating differently and exercising more. If you are having positive results I would be interested to know what is working what is not working. I am attempting to change my habits too and we are in the same age group. You look thinner there in that photo. Keep up the good work.

  5. No shortage of KNOW IT ALL’S and people spreading their propaganda, but I really appreciate how you keep people in check.. keeping rumors at bay and keeping topics fact based. Curt in San Diego..

  6. Another great vlog. With all the rumors I don’t know what a lot of us Ex-pats would do without you & your vlogs. I do have a question about a catch 22. I am one of the old guys 65 that is not allowed out of the house, to go to the bank but, if I don’t go to the bank to get the money to pay the rent, I will not have a house to go out of. In my case, I have a Ne (good G/F) but not every Ex-pat has a Ne.
    I also have Filipino women coming out of the woodwork asking me for money or falling in love with me immediately ( it must be my animal magnetism ). Of course, I have the Anti-Filipino Female Defense Program that self activates & goes after them. It is called the Ne Attack Defence Program AKA (NADP) but then again not everyone has one. It really getting bad. Ron.

  7. Philippine Quarantine Essentials Map


    Type “PHI” for “PHILIPPINES”

    This will help you locate the nearest wet & dry market, supermarket, grocery store, pharmacy (drugstore), 7-11 store, remittance center, bank, hospital, police station, fire station, and all (especially if you’re a total stranger & stranded during the lockdown).


  8. shout out to you during this lockdown, bato! (hahahaaha….that’s what call my chicano buddy used to call me….) always enjoy postings! lots of news, but none of it is good. boris johnson UK PM was confined today, one step away from being intubated. poor bloke. wisconsin democratic primary 2020 held today. ( sorry…no results yet…) keep up the great work! love your channel & insights shared. looks like my filipina girl loves me, now that i am the new owner of her house, her 85 yrs old mother, & 2 teens kids will live. met her whole family, & i feels like GOD put all these together. love everyone!

  9. Been to all the countries in SE Asia except Brunei, Philippines is my fav place. I agree with u Reekay about thinking that the Philippines is a good long term.

  10. Hi Reekay enjoying your vlogs, man you are living the dream, I need to tell you a sad story, supporting your comments about ex pats that get taken for a ride in the Philippnes, a friend of mine had visited the Philippnes and was shown a house that was for sale, some time later back in NZ his so called g/f contacted him to say the owner of the property ( a lady who had shown him the house ), wanted to sell for a great price as she was desperate to sell, due to a so called illness she had ! he was stupid he did not do due diligence ! and a year after seeing the property, believed his g/f, re this offer, and negotiated to start paying towards the house, he went to the Philippnes last year, but due to a problem with health insurance returned to NZ , he realised that his age ( over 65 ) prevented him from extending his policy, he was not told this when he bought in NZ, that you need to buy for the time you are overseas, ( he could have bought a year at 100nzd a month ), but while travellling , his ins co, ( and any other ) will NOT extend !( if over 65), he found he did not have the reserves to buy health insurance, phil health was of no good if he had eg a stroke/ heart attack, so he returned to NZ , but since home he realised the truth, a so called lawyer, who spoke to him in NZ well his e mail, would NOT receive e mails ! it is a phoney! the lady who owned the house would not reply to his tex, at least her phone no is valid, his so call g/f tells him no no not a scam! as he told his g/f ( when he returned to NZ) he could not spend anymore on the property, and wants out of the deal ,due to realising the need to have at least 10k nzd ( 300k pesos ) as backup re any health problems, so his g/f tells him, after a few months , a buyer has been found but the lady needs anothe 22k, to get out of hospital ! he had stopped paying after arriving back in NZ, stating that due to needing at least 10knzd as backup re ins, so the guy believes this so called lawyer, when he said send the 22k and after settlement ( which was in a week), all his money would be returned ( that he had put in the property ), ha ha never happened, the guy tealises all a scam, the agent who introduced him to the owner is legit, but he should have done due diligence as the agent was not involved, and the negotiation was now between the owner and him! ( and his so called g/f ) so Reekay I feel sad for the guy, but please tell this as a warning to any ex pat guy, and do due diligence !!

  11. Reekay, great photo, you all look great together, and I am very happy you found your true forever love! I really appreciate the livestreams, I really look forward to them, great work as always.

  12. Hi Reekay, hope all is going well on your end. Still hunkered down here too with no realistic end in site. Just gotta keep grinding. We all make the best of it. Take great care of yourselves there.

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