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  2. What mystifies me is why the government has not considered or developed a coronavirus testing protocol and temporary quarantine and entry procedure for expats who want to seek retirement status in the philippines. Expats spend loads of money in their local economies which turns over and creates demand which creates jobs. The philippine people need expat money to survive.

  3. My wife is a citizen of the Philippines but has been living here in the states for the past 20 years. She has her visa here and just renews it. Do you think we as a couple would be admitted into the Ph.?

  4. Soro has bad intentions world wide i agree Biden reported he giving 500.000$ not much for a billionaire Koch brothers much bigger in U.S politics Republican Tea party. Rumor Koch brothers are not supporting Trump ha ha My guess that money will go to U.S senate races Trump means nothing if Democrat control senate. Democrats will pull a Obama on Trump shut him down as much as possible. . . Supreme court pick Moscow Mitch was wrong to deny Obama pick pay back are hell . Politics is rabbit hole on U tube unless that your nitch it divides people my opinion. That not why i’m here i lost blood family over that arrogant ass hole

  5. President of Philippines not going to allow tourist this year without a vaccine . My mind set early 2021 maybe get flight My last two yrs i was in Philippines sept thru Christmas That bummer. LDR are difficult but not impossible webcam. . No offence but who cares what grown children think except love them if they allow. My step daughter 14 not a issue took a couple of years to win her maybe money can buy love im not rich but this girls worth investing in she has a goal. Top 1 % of her class . A loyal women will take the side of her husband over adult children she better or it will fail. i’m not married prenup yes or no? Do you trust her? or do you plan a split on paper that how serious marriage is. Most expat advise get prenup i not sure about that i’m not rich.

  6. Reekay, no offense , i am a friend not a troll, but i see many ripping you online,,,,, some guy put your picture with a green look,
    i might say it was funny the picture,,

  7. There’s a big difference between motorcycle accidents, dengue fever and othe causes of death and Covid-19. Motorcycle accidents do not spread from person to person so why would we lockdown for something does not spread. In this case what we do is make things like helmets mandatory, we pass laws that protect the people from their own foolishness if we so choose to intervene. But their foolishness does not spread to another person.
    Dengue fever does not spread from person to person either, big, big difference from covid-19.
    It is not about the mortality rate , it is about the combination of spread rate plus mortality rate. If it were only about mortality rate as Reekay says then ebola had a 50% mortality rate then this should of been the most feared disease but it was not because it had a very, very low spread rate. So mortality rate is not the most important indicator of how to approach a disease, the combonation of spread rate with mortality rate is.
    Spread rate determines how hospital will get overloaded to capacity, motorcycle accidents do not in anyway do this, nor does dengue fever because they do not spread. There are so many differences between motorcycle accidents, dengue fever and othe diseases and covid-19 and that is why we deal with each of these differently.
    Cornavirus has a very, very high spread rate but a much lower mortality rate but because it spreads so damn easily the number of deaths will be very high without a high mortality rate. Much much higher then a 50% mortality rate like ebola. Which should tell us mortality rate is not the lone consideration.

  8. I live in Cambodia now. My perception of Cambodia is completely different than No Joke Howard. That said, I listened to him & I completely respected his honesty. I think you have to respect people who go all out to make the most of their life, no matter how hard or controversial that might be. That takes a strong person.

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  10. omg…..It is a shame that this “No Joke Howard” person is no longer with us. I just listened to some of his material. He really is raw and unfiltered and tells it like he saw it.

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