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  2. Great channel but you seem to have a disrespect for sage scientific advice. Do you think Dr. Fauci for example doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Have you had more experience and training than him dealing with infectious diseases?

  3. I had covid last March, down hard for 2 days only. I just got the 2nd does of the vaccine, no issues with it. I work in the medicine field so it was offered for free, i figured why not. It may come in handy for travel purposes.

  4. GREAT VLOG. The Philippines doesn’t have to open to American tourists or would be ex-pats to survive. The numbers are not that large. I hate it that guys that want to come here can’t, but we need to be honest about it. They ask you when it will be open & right now your guess is as good as the next guys,

  5. THERE IS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talk about tourism opening. NOTHING. March 30 is one year…and then August 1.5 years…Dec 1.8 years…Mar 2022 2.0 years…MAY 2022 Election of New President….assuming we respect elections, 2nd year in 2021 starts to have its own momentum…and it leads to May 2022.

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