LIVESTREAM: Life During Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines

Let’s talk about what the day-to-day has turned into in the Philippines. First World Problems will probably surface more than once.
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at

Most of the music is from Thanks Bensound!!

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  1. Nice ring and hair ChiChay . Also good job Ned finding someone amazing . I found someone super amazing so I know how it feels . The grammar police is going to get you for ending sentences with at , you’re lucky you didn’t have my English teacher . I would get an F for any spelling mistakes or ending sentences with prepositions. Enjoy your time together. You correcting the at thing later by saying “ where we are “ . The grammar police thanks you and so do I , lol 😂

  2. Every government should have stockpiled masks. It’s basic infection control! You can make your own from online patterns–Gotta protect the little squash! You guys look great… Stay well and be safe.

  3. The whole Wuhan flu begins to look like a complete HOAX worldwide …
    The actual percentage that die of it
    is 0,1 %…even less than the seasonal Flu we had since past decades….this while most are the elder people who already had complicated health issues..
    Even the medical expert of pres Trump, Dr. Anton Fauci now also confirmed that the
    Cov/Corona…can be regarded as a MILD FLU ! ! !
    It is all projected by world governments to distract the population…Goal to usher in the NWO/5G/MARSHALL LAW/MANDATORY VACCINS…and DEPOPULATION
    Bill and Melinda Gates have the patent on the Civid19, and Bill launched the new
    ID2020 vaccination (vaccinate people and include marking people with a code )
    His goal with a worldwide mandatory vaccin is to further depopulate the world, as Bill G. himself repeatedly openly said, dozens of times when speaking to audiences of politicians etc …he referred to a FURTHER DECREASING POPULATION ((with these mandat. VACCINS)
    Please do some research on it…
    The 5G Testing in Holland, (where I used to to live before I moved to the Phil’s )
    These testings caused at least the death of 400 birds…also simular results of these tests in Germany…
    Hopefully Duterte will not allow 5G here in the Phils, even though the internet gets so slow, now many are quarantained, and use the net unlike ever before..
    During the lockdowns in the US, the 5G us now be installed in mass …now with lesser people’s protests against it

  4. Yes imm oi luzon and its under lockdown till 14th off april 1 pass per house and only allowed out to get food and medical we have been under lockdown fir 3 weeks alreadt and yust over another week to go no news on an extention on the lockdown so no real idea

  5. Update is 57 PUM or PUIs has gone off the radar, the bacolod vice mayor el cid familliaran is p*ssed, he recently posted and many already shared his post that they have until this sunday to report to the city health, if they fail to do so their names will be posted. Whoever they are, better be responsible, you are not the only ones having hard times…so you both stay safe, stay clean, and stay healthy

    By the way you should contact your barangay for passes, they have already passed them last week

  6. Good job. I like to hear what’s going on there. As a person considered at high risk I’m glad I’m here in the Philippines and not back in the states where people seem to be taking COVID 19 with less seriousness. VPN is a life saver, all the movies, entertainment, and news a PWD could ever need. Stay safe and healthy!

  7. Hope you guys are doing well, congratulations on your wedding and the new edition coming soon you two look very happy. Stay safe guys

  8. i had my normal Flu vax already always diabetics get it early and our solar battery’s and set up works good now already 5 yrs going strong its a 300w panel and 100amp hrs battery we can use anything we need its a 1500w inverter and Chickay’s hair looks beautiful

  9. 3k+ cases in the Philippines??? I hope you don’t believe that? Maybe 300k+ It’s going to get ugly. The health care system here can not handle any kind of pandemic. Good luck and say your prayers.

  10. Live in Digos City supposed to be enhanced quarenteen. On my street no masks being worn, groups of people and kids running around, 2 up bike riding no masks no helmets. No one cares here

  11. haha father-in-law is an elected Barangay something and has had his pass for 2 wks–1 of the perks of being a ‘politician’? Walmart here has announced no more than 5 ppl/1000 square feet! they have ppl at the door counting how many ppl in/out. Walmart and Kroger are starting to get TP(for my bunghole) and paper towels–only about a 1/3 or less than they used to stock. yeah, Ned, I have similar problems w/asawa ko–can’t hear English while she’s txting in Bisaya, can’t watch movies when her phone is around(and her phone has permanently melded into her palm)

  12. great live and what a beautiful wife and your looking happy and not stressed and im happy for you and im glad you are back to doing great videos as well , stay healthy and safe you two

  13. A combination of Malaria Medicine called Chloroquine, known there in Philippines as Quinine, and coupled with Azethromycin antibiotics, cures the ccpvirus in less than 4 days,

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