(Livestream) “If not the Philippines, then where?” – & Open Discussion

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  2. I’m looking into travel to Cabo San Lucas and La Paz in Mexico and looks stunning. The requirements for entry even if the Philippines opens soon will be ridiculous and I’m not going to bend over for out of control government regulations so I have given up for travel this winter. to Phils.

  3. The problem with the SRRV is you have to be in the Philippines to apply for it. I have looked and looked to find a way to get there. The only way I have found is Webwed and only being with a woman for 3 weeks I do not think it is smart to go that route.

  4. Reekay, one does not need God to tell him what is right or wrong, you seem to be hung up on that point. You seem to think that with out God how will one know what is right or wrong ? You don’t need God to tell you right from wrong, there are many, many ways to decide right and wrong without God, that somehow excapes you. I can’t understand why that seems so hard for you to understand.
    I’ll give you one way a person could decide to be good without help from God. If you wanted to run a bussiness and make good money for yourself, have a nice car, take vacations around the world, have a nice house, do you think cheating costumers, lieing to costumers would help make you successful ? Do you think stealing a nieghbors lawn mower and getting caught going to prison even for a small time or having your name in the news for stealing would help make you successful ?
    Do you think you’d be as successful with youtube if you called people names who disagreed with you, told people to go f#ck themselves, you don’t need God to tell you that is wrong , at least I’d hope you wouldn’t, it’s common sense. Would you be as successful if you were to get arrested for stealing, have multiple cases against you ? If you were caught repeatedly lieing to people ?
    The fact you want to run a successful bussiness sets the guidelines for you to know right from wrong.. One would not need God to do that. That is only 1 way Reekay, many others as well.

  5. I disagree with, if you don’t believe in God that the concept of right and wrong does not exist. For some people yes, but those are generally self-centered people who only want their way, but not for everyone who does not believe in God. Having a concept of right and wrong and being respectful to others makes the world a better place for everyone, if everyone were to do that the world would be a much better place for everyone to live regardless whether you believe in God or not.

  6. Anywhere I don’t have to wear a mask, a face shield and go through military checkpoints to make sure I’m wearing a mask and a face shield on my way to the store! I’ll let the Filipinos fight for freedom in their country and I’ll do the same here.

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