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    1. It was long ago for me but the only brands available in the Philippines were Japanese ,, and as you might expect ,, high quality but SMALL … definitely bring your own.

  1. Yeah, cutting down on credit card spending will be on my list, as well as debit card with all the fees. And are many expats who retired in the PH rich? That is, do many expats have $400k+ in total assets?

  2. for health insurance, i use Pacific Cross. $1,200 per year for $500,000 worth of coverage.ive used it at Makati Med, St Luke’s and Asian Hospital

  3. Henry, is there any way to have a “Balikbayon box” sent over BEFORE you go to the Philippines It seems that it would be great to have some of your stuff there, before, or, as you arrive. With no permanent address set up, it seems impossible. I cant imagine there is a company there that will accept “Boxes” as it could contain illegal stuff that the company could get in trouble with. Or are we stuck with moving there, then getting an address setup for a shipment to be sent. Thanks, Rob.

    1. if you don’t know someone to receive your box, it’s possible to have it shipped to the LBC office (at the mall preferably) to the city you will be living at. you could then pick it up there when it arrives as it takes about a month balikbayan to arrive. i do this when i order stuff from Lazada and pick it up at LBC shipping offices, which are in just about every mall in the PH. in fact, i have 2 laptop keyboards on order right now that i will pick up this way.

    1. yah, i hear ya’. wow. CChristi sits out on that peninsula south, surrounded by water. evenings the bedsheet would stick to me like saran-wrap. daytime, it’d burn your skin if out in direct sunlight too long. and after the rain.. geez, the place was just swarming with mosquitoes. the PH is lightweight compared to CChristi, TX.

  4. 2 Chung Hua hospitals in Cebu – one near Fuente Circle and a new one just opened in Mandaue City. Doctors Hospital in Cebu is equal caliber. Have cash or credit card ready – it’s pay as you go.

  5. I haven’t noticed a lot of heat stress in the Philippines either. I get a kick out of guys in the bar here in Montana who have never been in the Philippines. They will argue with me even though I have spent eight visits of over a month in Cebu. They tell me the heat is unbearable even though they have never been to the Philippines. There are afternoons when it is hot for long walks, but it is never unbearable. In Montana there are many days when it is so hot that it is physically impossible to pick up hand tools that lay in the sun. The temperature does stay a little warmer at night in the Philippines though. I remember looking at the temperatures predicted for the next ten days in Cebu in January. The predicted lows in each of the next 10 nights was 78F. The predicted high was 88 on nine of the next 10 days and 89F on the other day. The temperatures are often very consistent from day to day where I stayed. Of course it depends on which of the hundreds of islands you are on, which side of the mountain you are on, the altitude, and the time of year among other things.

    1. i love the weather in the PH, especially the evenings. in california the weather was only this nice from maybe june to end of august. but here in the PH the evenings are always warm and even rainy days it doesn’t get cold. i’ve gone swimming in the rain several times.

    1. a few years ago i did a video on this. the basic process is still the same. however in late 2016 the LTO (similar to the DMV) changed rules on who can get a license. an SRRV visa status became a requirement is what i keep hearing. you are fine to drive with your home country license during your first 90 days though.

  6. hi i am going there in may can i ask you with getting money there from the atm i have a checking account how can i get money because there the atm say saving and current if you can help thanks

    1. there are a variety of options for getting your money. using an ATM will cost you about $4 per transaction (charged by the PH bank ATM), plus any fees charged by your own bank for overseas withdrawals. if you have a checking or savings account at a bank in the PH, just select ‘savings’ for savings account and ‘checking’ for checking account. i recommend a savings account since checks take forever to process here and few place want to deal with them. more info on accessing your money here;

  7. lol Iam not going to ask why the condoms are flavored ,lol, question, what type of a visa do you have ?, do you have a work visa ?, or torist or what, just wondering because you earn income , thanks.

    1. i have a tourist visa, which i can extend for up to 36 months consecutively. (then just leave for 24 hours and repeat.) any income is online, aside from my rental income.

  8. sometimes I can get good cheese for about 4 bucks, in Gingoog city,or butuan city, but somtimes they run out of chetter US imported, but usually can get mozerolla, and I ANT EATING VELVEDA, NO WAY

  9. I would like to participate as I am coming to PHilippines in July for 4-6 months. When exactly philippine day, date and time are you scheduling these live talks?

    1. the ticket will de-activate before you get a chance to use it. long before the actual flight on the onward-ticket, someone else will have rented it by then.

  10. May bill in Chung Hua hospitalization during 2014 was around 180 thousand pesos. or around 3.5k dollar. 20% or 36k was covered by philhealth, and 150k was covered by my company insurance (Intellicare).

  11. Thank you for uploading videos with helpful advice. I had a stroke last year and returned home for surgery. Phil health barely covered any costs. I want to go back to the Philippines next year, but need reliable health insurance. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

  12. good your back on line – WII trouble no doubt . Im off to work ! …. I’ll review tonight . Best to you and Lyn !!! I wish you guys the every both !

  13. Hi,

    I have a friend who is an adult going to school in Makati for Resturant and Hotel Management. I was wondering How can she get Scholarships and Grants for schools in the Philippines?

    Thank you, :).

  14. Reekay, just a suggestion, I think you must have a fixed time and schedule of your livecast so that your subscribers will know when to catch you up on here. I think, it’s high time for you to do the livecast as you’ve travelled a lot in the Philippines although, you’ve just covered the Visayas part of the country basically, you can hold up topics that pertains to questions like the places to see, things to do, immigration matters things like that. Do this like you’re on AIR. Call it REEKAY YOU TUBE RADIO.

  15. One more thing though, don’t make your kitchen cabinet as your background when you’re doing livecast. If you have a blank wall in your apartment that you can put a tarpaulin up with a picture of Dumaguete or let’s say… Livecast with Reekay… just a suggestion. Congrats on your livecast.

    1. even though livecasts are the “in” thing right now, i won’t be making it a regular thing on my channel. i’d rather do something more focused. but it was a fun experiment.

  16. Hi.Often I have a problem picking up place names .so no doubt I will become a nuisance ? but there really is no other way than ask….Was the island you mentioned Comotes Island ? I have fun finding these places on Google Earth or even on Google …Are you in Thailand? back in 1980 I was in Pattaya and the shoreline was just floating plastic bags …I am sure the Philippines would never subject their sea water to that Cheers Ron

  17. Hi..I wonder if bicycles can be rented ..Probably make more sense to buy one… Cycling/swimming is great for diabetes which I have.. ..Cheers Ron

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