LiveStream 001: Duma, Motorcycles, Bikini Bars and Starry Nights

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  1. Google Hangouts you can have guests.
    Ned does his live streams around 10 am Philippine time. (10 pm East Coast)
    he has a list of topics he follows. and question or comments from the live stream
    it is good for viewers to chat directly with you. keep it up

  2. Show Notes: (The actual livestream gets going at the 2:50 mark.)

    Here are the links to the sites that awarded my blog with “Best Philippines Blogger” and “Top Bloggers in Southeast Asia”.

    The Youtube Channel here just last week passed 8 MILLION Views! πŸ™‚

    My article on the circus elephants;

    1. i’ve tried that before. people who have never been to the PH have zero idea what the conversion is and ask for it in dollars.

  3. Bud seems to be a great guy. Ned, we love his live videos. You on the other hand are a mystery. That being the case we will visit Duma just to chill and meet. Will let you know in advance.

  4. Congratulations on your awards. Obvious you like doing videos on YouTube. It shows also by your enthusiasm, dedication and love of life there.

    1. between writing, podcast, video, consulting and a few other things i got going i was finally able to squeeze it into my schedule. πŸ™‚

  5. My budget would be a little high. Diving is expensive, I love air con, and eating out. Also I would fly business class a couple of times a year to the US.

    1. about 90% of them are ‘regulars’, local girls, and roughly 10% are freelancers passing through from bacolod or cebu. but we’re talking about a sum total of maybe 30-40 girls total who are there either wed, fri or saturday (the big nights) and sometimes on sunday it gets kicking. or so i heard… from a friend of a guy who knows a guy. ha! πŸ™‚

  6. Great Podcast. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for all the videos you posted. I agreed with your outlook in life. Maybe one of these days I can live in the Philippines. I know not all can do it. But your views on relationships applies to everywhere. Thanks, Henry.

  7. Listening to you here on Australia’s Gold Coast. I’ve been following your videos for over a year now and I’ve learned so much about the Philippines. The streaming is obviously going to be even more interesting. Take care mate.

  8. great job here Henry! here is some very small points that may help us a wee bit ! …maybe have a live pic of you talking so we can see you , with a little picture of you in the corner – thats cool . With some of these small towns and places you talk about , maybe explain where they are a little more in relation to Duma, Cebu city and so forth – go over that well, as for some of us that have never been there the city geography is lost on us I think .Basically I stop the Video , look at google maps , then restart . If you say this city/bar or whatever is “…south Being by 5 km’s ” I would know where you talking about . I think your on the right track here for sure !!! Excellent job overall – especially for your first attempt ! A+ . I hope you dont mind the viewing tips … just small points .

  9. Hello Sir i know this question has nothing to do with video, but can you tell me what is the story of the american expat who was killed about 7 days ago in valencia dumaguete, He was married just built a house in valencia & the incident from what i hear is under investigation through a friend who ssadi they heard it on radio news there. Despite my effort cant find any articles on the internet concerning this incident. Can you shre some light on the matter???

  10. Hey Henry, new subscriber here, although I’ve been following you off and on since you came to Cebu. As a female American expat, I can’t relate to everything that you post, but you have some great content overall! Queenie

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