(Livecast) Dating Advice & Expat Budgets – 10/29/2019

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    The Hot/Crazy Index Video 🙂 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_USJCTIgs4
    Visa Assistance in Cebu.. http://bit.ly/K1visa4you
    Gio In The Philippines.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClMlXTxpTNMZRE4AEjlc5RA
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  2. Useful, positive content based on years and years of direct, personal experience….Reekay really has his act TOGETHER! THANK YOU for all you do!!👍👍

  3. Was a Good show and Test of the new hardware/software Henry.
    The whole live steam with mods suits you well (just my opinion) and a much more relaxing format with the subs interaction.
    And as usual, great info 👍

  4. I get to work second shift.. so I have missed all except the first live stream. Food for thought: Can you set up a pre-question ebox you can read n answer during the live stream? ✌️as always, thanks for all you do and help

  5. I have an SRRV and I have 12 years to retire. Is the SRRV worth it for me to have, now? And if not, how do I get rid of it for later, when I do retire?

  6. Hi Reekay just a comment on your green screen cropping ,,, the flickering is little distracting as it constantly refreshes ,, you could use a poster size print as the same background for a few dollars,,, love your live cast . best vlogger info on Asia 🙂

  7. Reekay U mentioned the senior & it brought memories. My GF and I had a sari X2 store and bought a lot of are supplies at the mall. She thought it was great that I was 65 when I first came here and we could go through the shorter senior line. I said to here honey some old people can be really slow. So one day we get behind this old Filipino woman and she picks up every item she had in her half-filled cart and reads it on both sides before putting it on the line. I load two very full carts after she was done in half the time. Needless to say from then on I never used one again. lol. I loved the video as always. Keep them coming.

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