Live show from our store.


  1. Hello BRIAN, from Abilene tx, I missed ur live feed from store. Was at lake getting some fresh air. Ur commentary and lot crew working hard to make sure people get what they need is amazing. Hats off to u guys for being safe and essential. Here in Abilene the positive count is slowly rising. Not practicing safe distance I guess. Anyway, shout out to you and your family, be safe and catch u next time. Bye

  2. hoping you guys are all good…you guys take care and stay healthy. here in california the virus situation is bad but so far we’ve managed…your posts are a connection to the philippines and i thank you for all you post.

  3. Those bars you were referring to are normally described as the perimeter bars or the bars on perimeter road. Those bars make a lot of money. The peak hours are before 5pm so by early evenings it looks like no customers. Just about no Korean, Chinese or Malaysians go there which is a draw for some expats. Similar to the Subic Bay scene. Many of the expats that go there are returning customers from years ago, the ones that live here, the ones that prefer old school bars, lower cost, low volume establishments and there are far less Koreans, first time tourist and lookie loos! Some are owned by the larger club owners or groups. Just my personal observation from conversations with two owners and several Australian, New Zealand, British friends/businessmen.

  4. Hi Philly, going to be honest with you, the audio and video are both horrible from the store. Go watch it from home. I appreciate the updates and content but I can’t stand to listen and watch with the bad quality. I know you will fix it.

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